Mike from Gas-Grill-Review.com

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Mike from Gas-Grill-Review.com

Great to see Mike share his story! We’ve been talking for quite some time online and will probably meet on some tennis tournament next time…


I have been building SBI sites since 2001. However, they were mostly support for a consulting business, and not really for making money online.

I got serious about taking what I had learned to the next level about a year ago. I started using my BrainstormIt! credits to find a niche that could generate the traffic I needed to monetize the site and one where the competition was manageable.

I’ve been following Tomaz’s efforts since I stumbled upon his tennis site (I’ve played all my life). I don’t quite remember how, but I stumbled upon his vacuum site last year while I was planning my niche.

This is what prompted me to explore the product review concept in more depth. I could tell with my Compete toolbar that, while not super accurate, he was getting a ton of traffic. Doing a quick search at Google showed me why. LUCKY!

Once again, I somehow found the Freedomideas blog. Don’t ask me how, he must have a link from his tennis site or blog. But, I found it.

It was then I realized that he was putting a lot of thought into his strategies and that I needed to read every post. Which I did. It was eye-opening even though I had read the Action Guide a number of times.

I began my site, The Gas Grill Review, 6 months ago. This past week, it reached the 1000 visits a day mark and it’s growing quickly. I haven’t even ranked for the top two keywords I’ve targeted on this site yet; gas grills and Weber grills.

If that happens, it will be an incredible income generator for me. It’s already starting to do well (about $1000 a month). So, how did I do it?

  • Proper research and planning
  • Motivation to create content
  • Proper interlinking of pages
  • In-bound links – I wrote articles and interviewed BBQ bloggers to get links from high PR blogs.
  • Regular publishing of content – not all at once.
  • Let SBI do the rest

I planned out my site structure in advance based on not just BrainstormIt, but also the suggestions Tomaz has; like the free keyword tracker. Value demand is great, but a high VD may mean low search volume and high Adwords CPC.

The keywords I selected tap into scores of thousands of daily searches. I might have made a mistake in keyword selection if I hadn’t read this blog. I also have literally thousands of lesser searched for keywords and key phases to support my tier 2 pages and will never be short of anything to write about.

After a few months of courting with Google, I went from zero pages indexed to many page one rankings overnight. That was a glorious day.

As Tomaz wrote to me in an email, once you get past 150 pages,good things will start to happen“. That is very true in my case.

I have a mixture of personally written and outsourced content. At the moment, I’m writing most myself. I’ve only had marginal success finding decent writers.

The best service I’ve found was needanarticle.com, but this can get expensive in the early rounds of site building. Once I feel I’m earning enough, I will be more comfortable finding an excellent writer and paying them what they’re worth for bulk content.

I can’t wait for that day because it will mean “auto-pilot” and time to plan my next site.

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  1. Great stuff! My new site recently turned 3 months old and has 160 or so pages. I definitely started seeing more traffic a few days ago when I started getting over 200 uniques per day.

    Good work Mike!


  2. Hi Mike,

    Nice post!
    I was wondering how you approach owners of a a related blog? Which voice do you use? Can you give axample of that kind of proces.


  3. Thanks for that Mike.

    1000 visitors a day afetr 6 months is motivation enough for me!

    I have a some questions:

    “In-bound links – I wrote articles and interviewed BBQ bloggers to get links from high PR blogs.”

    Like Mark I’d like to know the process, techniques, call it what you will, that you used to approach blog owners for interviews.

    ” Regular publishing of content – not all at once.”
    I can see why you’d drip feed the search engines but how much is too much?
    I’ve just started a review site at the start of this month (May) and now have 55 pages up. When do you think is a good time to start drip feeding? How many pages did you load at a time? 1, 2 or more pages a day or what?

    Thanks, John


  4. John and Mark,

    I had a real dilemma about inbound links. Sure, there are some other SBIers with loosely related sites and I contacted them early on. But, I had to find something more. Other product review sites were probably not going to work…I tried 🙂

    One of the great things about SBI is the Forum. An older thread was bumped to the top a number of months ago. I had either missed it, or didn’t pay attention. It was about getting links by asking for interviews. Seek out interviews of well known people who have websites or blogs, or find the person behind a well followed blog with high PR.

    Since my site is about gas grills, I decided to after Barbecue bloggers. Many of them are also competition BBQ’ers so there is alot to ask about. I found out the hard way that asking for a link exchange with them was silly since none of them use “gas” grills. They are charcoal and wood only.

    So, I began asking them for interviews, suggesting that my visitors, gas grillers, could use some education into the “purist” way of doing things. The ones I have contacted so far have all agreed, and I’ve made some friends in the community along the way (we also Twitter).

    Sure enough, once I posted an interview, they would mention it on their blog because most of them are all about promotion. I never even ask for a link. If they link cool, if not, I’ve still got great content.

    As for publishing “not all at once”, the first few weeks I definitely got a lot of content up. I had to get as many Tier 2’s as I could so I could then focus on article writing for inbound links. Now that this is done (with more to come), I can add more content.

    If you add it all at once, it won’t be long before the search engine decides it doesn’t need to come back very often and you can lose some credibility.

    This is for the long haul, so you don’t need to rush. As it stands now, most of the pages I publish are indexed AND in the search rankings within 10-15 minutes. Either that, or I just time my publishing right 😉

    I sometimes do a page a day, but I think Tomaz will tell you he does maybe 1-2 a week. Right now, most of the stuff I see on his vacuum site is being published by his visitors, which is a sweet deal if you can get to that point.


  5. I love to read about and search for the review websites. Tomaz has been extremely helpful in answering all of my questions and now I’ve been researching and planning my product review website. I think information sites are the way to go…customers are looking for something and want to buy what they consider to be the best/affordable product in their price range. Great Job Mike!


  6. Hi Mark,

    Besides getting links through interviews, do you try any other link building activities like paid directories links, blog commenting, articles submissions etc?

    Cool man 1000 visitors in 6 months using SEO. Totally awesome!


  7. Jerrick,

    I submit articles at ezinearticles.com for each Tier 2 page. I also experimented with Unique Article Wizard but while it got me a ton of links, I can’t attribute any traffic or PR to them because I’m still PR 1 and only see occasional referrals.

    Interviews are a great source for this particular site. I don’t think they would be relevant for Vacuum Cleaner competition bloggers 🙂


  8. Yes i normally write articles for all tier 2 pages and than submit to ezine. According to the paid directories i only submit to the famous ones like goguides, gimpsy, joeant and botw. (spread the submissions out over a few months)

    Asking for reciprocal link exchanges is so boring and the succes ratio is dramatically low, even if you have a pr 3 or 4. So it’s pretty demotivating.

    I have really undervalued this way of link building. i will jump into it and keep you informed.


  9. Hi Mike,
    I’m planning to use SBI to build a review site.
    I was wondering, where can i get images for my products from multiple brands? You have a lot of different brands on your site.
    Can I get images fro products from the web without any issues?
    Thank you.



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