My Definition Of Success

Posted by on Jan 21, 2008 in Blogging advice

I am writing this post on my Caribbean cruise on Freedom Of The Seas ship. Today I met many SBI-ers and Ken Evoy was the first to give an opening speech.

One thing that he asked everyone to do is to define success.

So here’s my version:

You are successful when you have reached the limit of your potential.

This is of course totally independent of everyone else.

And the most important thing to keep in mind is that we are all limited.

We are limited in our IQ, in our communication skills, in our ability to decide, in our ability to stay focused on a certain task and so on.

Some of this abilities or skills can be improved with practice and some cannot.

There is nothing more that you can do that give your best effort. That’s it.

Everyone that demands from you (this includes YOURSELF) to achieve a certain result is not realistic.

Results are not under your control. Nothing in life is. Only your effort and (for the most time) your attitude are under your control.

So that’s what you can do.

You can of course set a goal of achieving something but it’s not under your control. And if you set up this goal too high, you may become frustrated because you’ll never reach it.

So it’s better to set up medium, reachable goals and give 100% effort to reach them. Once you do that, you can set up new, higher goals.

But remember to define your success in your own terms.

Make yourself the best of what you can be and IGNORE all the noise around you. No one can tell you how good you can be in a certain field. No one can know that for sure.

My own choice is to listen to encouraging messages and ignore the negative ones.

What’s your definition of success?

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  1. Tomaz! How exciting! You’re blogging from your SBI cruise! Remember you promised to post photos.

    It’s funny you chose to give blogging advice and have it be about your definition of success. This is a topic that has been on my mind lately and often throughout the last few years. I like your success definition. Having recently discovered that I have a more sensitive temperament than I originally thought (or was able to admit to), I have come to accept and even embrace the limitations and advantages of who I am and factor it in with my life’s decisions. As a result I have gotten out of the “results business” and have really gotten into the “enjoying the process business.”

    Your definition of success speaks volumes to me. Since my previous obsessive tendencies with manic goal setting have been less than positive for me in the past, I find I am hesitant to use any phraseology relating to goals in my personal definition of success. But my idiosyncrasies aside, your definition is one I strongly agree with.

    For me, success is getting up and being excited about what I get to do that day and allowing myself to experience where I am (even if it is uncomfortable) with as little judgment as possible. I succeed to whatever extent I am able in any given moment, and always try to remember that that is enough. Not so strangely, formerly unachievable tasks that left me feeling like a failure have been replaced by some joyous bouts of productivity.

    I appreciate you stating that we are all limited. It feels like so many people think that accepting this fact is “being negative” and just want to “positive think” their way into being some kind of Super Man. But I find that blanket denial and suppression of my limitations that I masked in what I thought was positive thinking and affirmations (effective tools, but many times misused), is really what kept me from feeling any of my former “successes” and kept me from being on the path to reaching my full potential–success.

    I enjoy the way you think. You thoughts are amazingly consistent. (at least from what I can tell online), which for me is always an indicator of a person who really experiences what he is writing about as opposed to just regurgitating the thoughts of others. Do you know what I mean? It’s the difference between understanding something and really knowing it. Well, that may or may not make any sense. But I dig reading your thoughts, because I find your thinking makes sense to me comes across as real.

    I’m long winded. I could have just wrote, I dig your blog and blogging advice. (I know the contest is over, but I do try to put in the right words even if it is a little forced.) It’s the least I can do to say thanks for the cool — blogging advice on success. (hehe)


  2. Hi Tomaz,

    Glad to hear you’re enjoying the cruise. I just knew you could find a way to post while sailing the high seas. Ain’t technology grand?

    My definition of success is simply achieving the goal that I set out to achieve. My approach to achieving success is along the lines of the teachings from “The Secret”, “The Master Key System”, “Think & Grow Rich”, and others. I’m sure you’re aware that each of these has an attaining “financial freedom” aspect to them. But, there is so much more to them than just that.

    I might be by myself on this, but I believe the limits we face are largely self-imposed. I go with having a definite outcome in mind, focusing intently on it, and persisting until it is realized. Having it time-bound seems to be helpful.



  3. Good points, DR.

    I agree that many of the limits are self-imposed and they are very hard to break.


  4. Hi Tomaz.

    100% agree with you that we must define our own success and control our own destiny to achieve what we want in life.

    The choice to be excellent begins with aligning our thoughts and words with the intention to require more from ourselves.

    My definition of success is achieving financial freedom and live fully in life. The moment I can decide and control what, where, when, who and how to live my life, I am successful. That’s when I am financially free and can work, live, play and give freely!

    Great to find another friend who share the same dream and journey.

    Wai Ling


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