My Journey To Freedom And Over $9000 Per Month

My Journey To Freedom And Over $9000 Per Month

Posted by on Dec 15, 2007 in Financial Freedom

My Journey To Freedom And Over $9000 Per Month

My online adventure started in May 2005 when I decided to have a personal website. I’ve read many tennis websites and found that, at least in my opinion, lots of instruction online was not that effective.

I wanted to share my ideas with more people than just a few kids on a court (who weren’t even really interested).

It never occurred to me at that time that my online business would help me to achieve financial freedom and freedom from being stuck in a job.

Learning To Walk In The Online World

I asked a friend who worked for an IT company to help me out, and he suggested a website design firm that would create a website for me.

The design, the ability to write text and upload pictures, cost $700. I thought I had a good deal.

The website domain name was (it’s now expired and full of sponsored links; don’t click on any of them), and this is what my first header looked like (made for free by my good friend):

Mentawinner header

I wrote some tennis-related articles for the site and thought that eventually Google and Yahoo would find me. No such miracles happened.

Then I read some Internet marketing tips which told me, that the $money$ is in the list. πŸ˜‰

Okay, so I asked the IT company to give me a newsletter module.

“Sure,” they said, “this will cost you additional $300.”

At that point, I started thinking about other options. If this goes on, they will suck my account dry with all the extra modules that I wanted to add on later (like some forms, RSS, a blog module, complete traffic stats, and so on)

I started researching and asking some questions in IM-related forums.

And then one guy answered my question and told me to email him. He said he would help.

And he did. He sent me lots of tips, ebooks and ideas on how to start a website.

He didn’t want anything in return, which was quite strange. He said he was once at my stage, too (he was, and still is, making a nice living from his online businesses), and he hated seeing people being scammed all over the place.

After 20 or so emails, I asked him if I could build a website myself, so that I didn’t have to pay every time for a new module or something that I wanted to add to my site.

Tim, that’s his name, suggested

Learning From Ken Evoy With SBI

I had come across Sitesell before, but had never really researched it thoroughly. This time, I did.

One weekend, I spent almost 10 hours, split between 2 days, reading everything I could find on the web about Sitesell, Site Build It, and Ken Evoy.

It was unbeleviable (and still is) that I couldn’t find a negative opinion about Site Build It.

The only post I found in one forum was that their Brainstormer (at that time) was sometimes a little buggy. πŸ˜‰

Tim also told me that their Action Guide was the key to building a successful website and that there isn’t anything like it on the web.

The tools and hosting are all very good and probably above-average, compared to other similar products, but it’s the Action Guide and Make Your Site Sell, written by Ken Evoy, that really show you a step-by-step plan to building a successful and profitable website.

The final thing that convinced me of the power of Site Build It and that I could use my tennis expertise to build a high-traffic site was when I checked their results page.

When I saw that even a website based on baby showers could have an Alexa ranking under 100.000 (I knew something about Alexa by then), I knew that I, as a tennis coach, could create a high-traffic website.

So, on November 1st, 2005, I took out my credit card and paid $299 for my first Site Build It package. What a life changing decision!

I’ll write a review of Site Build It (Update: added a link to the review I wrote later) in the next few weeks, but for now, I’ll just share the most important moments from May 2005 until now:

The Journey From $0 To Financial Freedom

May 2005
Bought a website for $700 from a local IT company in Slovenia. Posted around 20 articles in English and Slovenian and realized that this wouldn’t work.

November 2005
On the 1st, I bought my first SBI package and on the 6th, I registered my first domain name

I did my best to create quality content and started to write my first ebook. I also hired a graphics designer Thomas Breher to create header and ebook cover for me.

Tennismindgame header

February 2006

Ebook cover

Completed my first ebook called The Mental Manual for Tennis Winners and earned $51.32 from Clickbank by selling 3 copies.

I also tested some Adsense on my tennis website but was disappointed not only with the average pay per click, but also with the poor quality of tennis products advertised through Adsense.

After a few months, I decided that there would never be Adsense on my tennis site.

July 2006
I started writing my second ebook and bought my second SBI site. The reason for that was that I had subscribed to Andy Williams’ newsletter and he offered a new niche blueprint every month.

I decided to buy one (at that time they cost $50), and it was all about vacuum cleaners.

So I registered and started writing articles and looking to outsource them too, since I wasn’t really an expert on vacuums. πŸ˜‰

I found some writers on and tested about 5 of them. I asked for 10 articles from each one and then decided on the best one afterwards.

August 2006

Ebook graphics

I completed my second ebook, Tennis Strategy Encyclopedia and earned a whopping $441.31 in this month.

My earnings from both ebooks were around $500 during the next 6 months.

It was a nice extra income, but I was still far from being financially free.

December 2006
The traffic on my vacuum site started to grow really fast, since I targeted some good keywords on my homepage.

vwizard traffic

I started to monetize the site in November and the final earnings for December were $436.68.

I also sold two SBI sites through my affiliate links and earned an additional $150 in that month, so for the first time, I earned more than $1000 in one month from my online business.

That was 13 months after I started my first SBI site. Things were soon going to get much better.

I also bought one more Niche blueprint from Andy Williams, which he claimed was one of the highest-paying niches in Adsense.

I also bought my third SBI package and started to build a website based on conference calls, audio, video and web conferencing, which was the topic of that niche blueprint.

Here are some numbers from the Google Adwords tool:

Conferencing payout

Oh, and I also won the $500 prize from an SBI video contest for this video that I created.

February 2007
I initially monetized my vacuum site with Adsense and Amazon affiliate links, but I was really disappointed with the conversion on Amazon. I was getting a lot of clicks, though, but not much revenue.

That’s when I discovered Chitika. I was accepted and started testing different types of ads.

I earned $2107,94, which was more than I was earning by working in the Tennis Academy of Asia. My salary there was $2000.

March 2007
Chitika was exactly what I was looking for – getting paid per click instead of purchase. I went through the painstaking work of replacing the Amazon affiliate links on over 100 pages with Chitika eMiniMalls.

Result? With traffic growing and Chitika ads, my earnings shot to $3647.97.

April 2007
I started to use more and more for my vacuum articles. Most articles were pretty good, and if they weren’t, I used them for article submissions. πŸ˜‰

I was also always on the lookout for good link partners and got some good links to my internal pages. This helped me rank even better in Google and I started to occasionally get more than 1000 visitors per day on my vacuum site.

vwizard traffic in April

I also completed the How to Play tennis videos, which I sell for $37. Since I had already built a nice list of subscribers on my tennis site, I could promote my videos to them.

tennis videos

The combined earnings from my ebooks and videos through Clickbank reached $1986,30, and my the total income with Chitika, Adsense and a few Amazon links reached $4795,64.

That was more than double my monthly salary.

I realized that if I kept creating quality content and followed my strategies, I could achieve total financial freedom without the need to work for someone else.

June 2007
The traffic and income from both my tennis and vacuum site grew nicely and reached $5602,72.

I still hadn’t monetized my conferencing website, since it was in an extremely competitive niche and it was hard to get good links to it.

July 2007
My average daily income from Adsense surpassed $100 per day.

In the middle of the tennis summer season (lots of traffic and sales), and me getting more experienced with Adsense and Chitika combos, my monthly income reached $7580,17.

I still remember the day at the start of August when I added everything together and stared at this number for a minute or two. Wow.

Maybe I should start another website…

August 2007
The big number inspired me to share my ideas about financial freedom, although I was still in a job.

But I knew that my contract would end on the 30th of November and that the 1st of December would be the day that I achieved financial and personal freedom.

So I started this financial freedom blog to share my ideas and help more people achieve financial freedom through home-based online businesses.

I also came across a nice niche while I was doing some keyword research in Nichebot. It was about water filters and related topics, so I registered my fourth SBI site and started to work on it.

The traffic and income still grew and I surpassed $8000 with $8361,17 total monthly income.

October 2007
My first month earning more than $9000 per month.

Get Chitika eMiniMalls

I was accepted in the Chitika premium publisher program, which allowed me to add Chitika Linx links to my vacuum site.

With some optimization tips from Ryan Travis (great guy!), my Chitika earnings surpassed, for the first time, my Adsense earnings – both over $3000.

I was getting smart-priced in Adsense, too, and I think I managed to get out of that by then. I’ll share my experiences with smart-pricing and how to escape it soon.

Total earnings for October : $9547,20

November 2007
This Financial Freedom Ideas blog started to get some traffic from Google, since it started to rank for the keywords that I am targetting with it: financial freedom, achieve financial freedom, financial freedom online and others.

(Hint; if you ever link to this blog, try to use the above-mentioned keywords in the anchor text. I’ll return the favor! πŸ˜‰ )

As you can see, I promote mostly Site Build It, since I really believe that without the guidance of Ken Evoy, his Action Guide and the complete Site Build It package, you have little chance of really succeeding online.

I came across a few good products in my online journey and a few hundred crappy ones.

My mission on this blog is to earn money from affiliate links, only if I really believe that the products are worth what you pay for them.

So here’s what I used to earn $9302,11 in the month of November, 24 months after I bought my first SBI package:

Internet Marketing Tools I Use

1. Site Build It by Ken Evoy – Here’s a link to review of SBI 2.0 where you’ll also find a link to the first review I did. The best time to buy SBI is around Christmas where offers a special 2-for-1 sale which is only once a year!

2. Niche Blueprints by Andy Williams – Andy is the real deal and has my highest recommendation. The niche blueprints give you already-researched niches with keywords, affiliate programs and suggestions on how to structure your website.

And Andy’s newsletter is one of the few that I still subscribe to and read every week. Most other Internet marketers just promote IM products without any really valuable content.

3. Nichebot by Jim Morris – Jim has put together a fantastic suite of keyword tools and I use it often to get more data from Wordtracker or to find good LSI keywords for my niches.

4. Master Plan by Charles Heflin – The Master Plan is that additional 20% of expert knowledge that Ken Evoy’s Action Guide doesn’t contain.

If it did, it would confuse beginners too much. Most of the information from the Master Plan can be found in SBI forums, but you wouldn’t know what to look for, right?

Highly recommended for beginners and experts.

5. Need-an-article by Scott Foster – I would give Need-an-article 4 stars out of 5. The articles can be bought for an affordable price and they are of good quality most of the time.

If NAA implements its promised Choose a Writer program, I would give it 5 out of 5 stars. (Update: The NAA did implement the Choose a Writer program and I use them very often.)

Monetization Programs I Use

1. Google Adsense – The easiest to implement and a solid earner. Has its pros and cons; I’ll share my experiences with Google Adsense in the near future.

2. Chitika – Chitika rocks, and so do all the people behind it. I’ve already shared my top 10 reasons why Chitika rocks and it was the best earner in this month where I made more than $200 per day on a few days.

3. Clickbank – the easiest way to promote digital products from other people, sell your digital products and get affiliates for them.

4. CJ – CJ is slowly becoming a good earner for me since I’m getting ebay sales through my vacuum site and an occasional sale through my conferencing site.

There are thousands of affiliate programs available, and you’ll be getting only one check, which is very convenient.

So that’s about it.

As you can see, it’s not that complicated, and with the above-mentioned Internet marketing tools, you have everything (with extra bonuses!) you need to build a successful website.

Besides the tools, you’ll need motivation and discipline to follow 2 simple steps to achieve financial freedom, working from home.

Thanks for reading my story, and don’t hesitate to ask a question or share your comments on this blog.

If you enjoyed this post, make sure you subscribe to my RSS feed!

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  1. Interesting roadmap, Tomaz. It shows us in a real-life example that the money doesn’t start out very high…but, it will steadily build up as time goes by…if we’re making the right moves (e.g., visualize success, employ the strategies from the successful people, use the tools & resources they use, be creative & persistent, network, etc.)

    Thank you for sharing information on the IM tools you use, as well your preferred monetization programs, too.


    PS. I second your observation on Dr. Andy Williams. I read his newsletter as soon as it arrives.


    Tomaz Reply:


    Yes, it’s quite a slow process and that’s why Ken Evoy often mentions the “tortoise” approach. Of course “tortoise” approach in expecting results, but not “tortoise” approach in working on your site.


    Very insightful.

    There’s not much else to add – you’ve hit it all.

    Love this blog, love you’re views on making money online.
    Keep it up!


  3. Tomaz,

    It appears that you seem to prefer using NicheBOT to harvest keywords over a direct subscription to, say, Wordtracker. If true, is this because of the LSI feature offered by NicheBOT? Or, that NicheBOT, in Jim Morris’ words, fishes “…from more than just one lake of keywords” (e.g., Keyword Discovery, etc.)? Or, the organization of your online NB workspace? Other?

    Regards, DR


    Tomaz Reply:


    First of all, I got into Nichebot membership for free (when it was still in the launch phase) so I don’t have to pay the monthly fee. The monthly fee now is still very low, I believe $19,95.

    Secondly, there are a bunch of useful tools there, from keyword cleanup, to merging keywords, finding LSI keywords and so on.

    I’ll make sure to write a review if Nichebot soon.


  4. This is exactly what I wanted, good stuff! πŸ™‚

    Another request would be a tutorial on how you use NicheBot to find good keywords.

    Also, don’t you think the niche blueprints get “overused” when so many use them? But then again I guess not many will persevere and keep building links and quality content.

    My website (not the blog) is about 3 months old now and it is in the gambling niche as you know, which is extremely competetive.

    In the beginning I got nice traffic from google (record 85 uniques/day) and now I haven’t gotten any traffic from google for 1Β½ months, someone said it was some kind of a spam filter or something.

    I’ll keep going πŸ™‚

    Thanks again!


  5. Henri,

    Ok, Nichebot tutorial coming soon. πŸ˜‰

    And about niche blueprints – I actually came across at least 5 or 6 websites based on Andy’s blueprint but it was REALLY hard to find them through Google.

    Even though Andy sells 100 of those blueprints, I think only about 20 people take action and only a few work hard on the website.

    All the rest are looking for shortcuts and still wonder why they cannot achieve financial freedom with their online business…


  6. Tomaz, I am a big fan. I loved your video, and despite the fact that I do not play tennis, I read your tennis thoughts blog. I was so PSYCHED to find this blog. Your mindset and efficiency plays a HUGE part in your business success. I bought an SBI, and I lurk in the forums and read your posts all the time. This blog gives me so much hope. You provide actual numbers and information. I hope everybody realizes what kind of GOLD you’re doling out here. My first site is doing well, but I could be doing much more regarding monetizing. It is so easy to get overwhelmed by the possibilities of what I can do with my site. My day job was show business (aka very little business), and I LOVE the autonomy of working on the web. However, I do have artistic tendencies that I’m learning to work more effectively manage and use to my benefit. I’ve found your tennis strategies actually apply to life very easily. I particularly loved the article you linked to regarding projection. That is the crux of EVERYTHING. I’ve actually taken workshops to work on these things, and it was cool to read about it from another angle. You manage your time so well and at least appear to have such an even temperament. Do you have any tips regarding the self-employed/business mind game? Particularly dealing with being overwhelmed by the possibilities of what can be done and walking the line between being a perfectionist that can’t let go and being a little too relaxed. I cannot seem to find a balance.


    Tomaz Reply:


    Thanks for the kind words.

    And about tips of the right mindset – not perfectionist and not too relaxed? I learned this approach through tennis.

    If you are a perfectionist in tennis, you destroy yourself with the negative attitude and start missing. So you beat yourself.

    If you are too relaxed, your opponent beats you. πŸ˜‰

    So through playing hundreds of matches I found the right approach.

    But yes, you bring up a good point so I’ll try and share my thoughts on this in one of the future articles.


  7. Tomaz,
    Do you recommend purchasing The Long Tail Cash Report?
    http://www. 0tocash .com/LongTailCash/

    It is recommended by Andy Williams.


  8. John,

    I haven’t used that report but I’ll take some time to read through the sales letter and see what it says.

    Sometimes you can get an idea just from the free stuff posted on the page and start using it without buying the project. πŸ˜‰


  9. Hi Tomaz,

    I used to earn about $10,000 a month with adsense. Now, it’s very difficult because of the way I built sites. It got to where I would only make .01 per click sometimes. I finally gave up.

    What is this “smart-pricing” that adsense uses and how do you get around it?



  10. Hi Steve,

    Smart pricing is automatic adjustment of value per click done by Google to protect the advertisers. This happens when Google “suspects” that the clicks don’t convert into sales. (subscriptions, leads or something like that)

    I am planning to write an article on this topic soon so stay in touch.

    In the mean time you can Google smart pricing adsense and see what comes up.


  11. Hi Tomaz,

    It was nice seeing your November numbers. Just out of curiousity, where are you now? Are you over 10K per month?


  12. Hi Phil,

    Yes, December was a great month of course with all the Christmas late minute shopping so I earned a little more than 12k. January was just below 11k.

    February looks good since Google finally decided to “unsmart-price” (or maybe I figured out how to do that with all the tweaking I did) and Adsense looks much better this month.


  13. I noticed the redo of your vacuum site. Nice job by the way. Did you do this or have someone do it for you? As a fellow SBIer I’d love to figure out a way to enhance the look of my SBI sites.


  14. Phil, I purchased the 3 column template from AJ. He is a fellow SBI-er, you’ll find him in the forums – the link to the template is in his signature.

    I then hired a designer to adapt the template to my original header and colors and then finally spent some time tweaking it to fit my needs.


  15. Hi Tomaz, I got here through a mention of your site on SBI! forum. You have a really great success story, thanks for sharing it and for the inspiration.

    I have a question about the niche blueprint. You mentioned that you outsource many of the articles because you didn’t know much about vacuum. I suppose this is really doable since you are having success. I’m just confused how it works. Did you outsource from the get go, or wrote some before you fully outsource it? Thanks!


  16. Hi Rahmi,

    Yes, I outsourced every single article on that site except the homepage which I wrote myself. Although not all the articles were written by the same person…


  17. Hi Tomaz,

    Congrats on your success. Your making 10K+
    a month with only 2 sites, vacuum and tennis site,
    that’s fantastic, plus they are static, not blogs.

    So many people talk about how you have to use a blog that static sites are dead, plus
    many people talk about making 100’s of sites
    for adsense.



  18. Hi Jeremy and thanks!

    Yes, the “bloggers” keep pushing their theory just get some validation. In the mean time, we “static HTML website” guys enjoy our freedom while getting thousands of visitors every day on our sites without having to keep writing new content every day.

    When are you going to convert? πŸ˜‰


  19. Actually Tomaz your helping me to stay away from blogs and other things and get back on track.

    I’ve been a fool…

    I started with SBI May 2003 before adsense, wrote my own articles, saw no traffic after 5 months and decided to start over with a new topic, wrote my own articles again saw no traffic and started over again.

    2004 I learn about adsense and buy an ebook that advices building content sites that earn 3 to $500 a month. April 2004 using SBI but the ebooks thinking I start a new site again, about snowboards. By Nov. 2004 I’m getting traffic and Dec. 2004 I earn $1000. Plus Aug. 2004 I started a bbq site with frontpage, makes money March 2005.

    Jan 2005 I start a telescope and guitar site, July 2005 a plasma tv site, it is not until 2006 I start earning $1000 a month every month. By this time I research and buy other internet marketing products and don’t invest into more articles as much getting distracting and thinking I need more education.

    Sept. 2006 joined a $800 a month membership in order to automate link building, Nov 2006, $100 a day adsense. Jan 2007 cancel membership, sites dropping in income. 2 of my sites de-indexed by Google.

    Got lost in information buying in 2007 to now, luckily my sites in total, still make some money,
    because I have not done too much, proof that once you make a large static site and get links to it,
    it will keep getting you traffic ex. but this niche is not that profitable.

    I’m writing this to help newbies and to help myself reflect on my 5 years online.

    Building static content sites works everyone,
    just keep adding good content and get relevant links to your sites.

    Keep working on your 1st site long enough for it to reach its full potential, don’t spread yourself too thin by making too many sites at the same time, link building for many sites becomes a big job, unless you want to outsource it.

    Hope this was helpful.
    Never give up.



  20. One more thing guys, focus, focus, focus.

    The IM tools Tomaz uses I know about and have bought and read about and used but haven’t applied them enough or am still distracted by new info.

    I’m an idiot.

    All you need are the tools above to succeed.



  21. Hey Jeremy,

    Thanks for sharing your journey! Yes, stay focused or “keep your blinders” on…

    I unsubscribed from another email list today. So far, I get good info only from Andy Williams and Jonathan Leger.

    All the rest is a bunch of promotional crap where the marketer thinks only of himself and how to make more money. As if that will make him happier…


  22. Hi Tomaz,

    I think if you can share with us about what kind of ebooks or tips that this good guy Tim has given you before, which has given you a big boost with your inspiring online journey, that’d be great!

    What do you think, Tomaz?


  23. Hello Tomaz

    I cannot afford an sbi account.
    Am from africa and its quiet a price.
    Please is there something i could,some kind of work or something to have someone like you assist me with an sbi account.
    I have dreamt of having one for 3 years now and have followed news about it for long.

    Please if there is any way,help me out.
    I will be forever gratefull


  24. Hi Dave,

    Try this: do a Google search for bum marketing. Use that method to earn $300 and then get yourself an SBI site.

    I’ve followed the bum marketing method just for a test, wrote 5 articles for a blog, 5 rewrites which I posted on various article sites and that 5 page blog receives daily 50 visitors. πŸ˜‰


  25. Hi Tomaz,

    My SBI site finally crossed the $1,000.00 / mo. marker and I’m ready to jump into site #2. Considering I have 150+ pages on the other site (and I’m a bit sick of writing pages for it — I write the pages myself by the way). Anyway, I was wondering; you had mentioned back in Feb. that you had hit the 11K mark — any further progress? Either with your vacuum site, tennis site or your new water filter site? Eager to know…your biggest fan — Phil πŸ™‚


  26. Hey Phil,

    Congrats on reaching $1000 per month mark!

    My earnings will drop somewhat this month because my Chitika earnings have dropped more than 50% because of their new system.

    I calculate my earnings on the 2nd of the month when all the affiliate earnings for the month are done. (by CJ, Amazon, …)


  27. Tomaz,

    I really enjoy reading your journey to freedom it really makes sense and shows a light at the end of the tunnel.

    Although I am new to SBI I can see it what a difference it can make by bringing knowledge and experience from others to the table.

    Thank you for everything.


  28. This is an inspiring post! I am just getting started with SBI and was reading your post in the forum on keyword research. I checked out your websites which led me here.

    I am going to look at the Andy Williams niche newsletter. Sounds like that is something I should subscribe to.



  29. Thank you for this. I have kicking around the idea of site sell, it’s expensive, but well worth it. After reading your articles, I am more then ready to invest. To be able to retire in 24-48 months is awesome. Congrats and thank you again for sharing this.


  30. Cool story Tommy,

    I’ve read it about 6 times already since I discovered this site.


  31. I have started the SBI trip since july and just recently discovered that I messed up on the second more important part. “Keywords”. The main topic is great, but I was using it over and over again instead of personalizing each page. I now just recently went through everything and discovered I wasted a lot of time and why I am not doing as well as I should.

    However, I am making sells and don’t have any adsense like things added to my website yet. I am very happy to see improvement from my non-SBI which has no keywords that have traffic website.


    Tomaz Reply:


    The only thing that “bothers” me slightly (well, not any more) is the massive information written in the Action Guide. A beginner cannot possibly comprehend everything and then starts to skip parts of the AG since he doesn’t get it.

    Unfortunately, people then skip the most important parts too. I am planning on writing a simplified version of the AG in the future to help people really know what the critical parts of building a successful site are.


  32. tomaz,
    my goal is to start an online commerce store selling hard goods (nutritional supplements) and i’m at the stage where i’m trying to find the best way to go about. i’ve been researching SBI the last few wks but am not totally convinced its the way to go. I really have no experience with web design, traffic etc..I have no problem writing content i just don’t want to become a f/t blogger/author. Any tips/recommendations?

    Also,have you heard of xsitepro2? If so how do you feel it compares to SBI in terms of what they offer?


    Tomaz Reply:


    SBI is made for people with no previous knowledge of HTML and web design. You’ll have to make your way through the Action Guide though which is massive but as far as building a website goes, it can be very simple. Read my Site Build It review to see how you can build pages with the block-by-block system.

    Xsitepro is only a website building software and it assumes you know how to brainstorm keywords, create site structure, link these pages and effectively build traffic. They don’t teach you how to do it, SBI does.

    If you are starting out, buy one SBI to get access to all the knowledge, help and forums.

    Once you learn how this all works, you don’t have to buy another SBI, you can just build a site with WordPress or Xsitepro. Of course, you’ll be missing on a lot of tools but many sites (which earn through Adsense or affiliate links) don’t need all the tools that SBI provides.


  33. Tomaz,

    Looking back to your earlier days when you started with SBI, is there anything you would have done differently? Any advice, tips to someone considering using SBI as a method to start an online business selling hard goods?


    Tomaz Reply:


    The only thing that I missed with my first site was the domain name where I was convinced that my idea of tennis mind was better than choosing a keyword that will actually bring me more traffic, like tennis tips for example.

    It’s not a big deal now, but that’s where I didn’t follow the Action Guide. My advice to everyone is to follow the Action Guide and ask, ask, ask to make sure you get it. Ask in the forums or someone who has been with the SBI for a while…


  34. Tomaz,

    is the Action Guide free? I just googled it and there it was with all access to the information..
    I’m confuded….. if it’s available for free what is the $300 for?????


    Tomaz Reply:


    Yes, it’s really surprising that the Action Guide is free. Maybe because it keeps referencing to the SBI tools which you should use and of course if you don’t have an SBI site, these instructions can’t really help much.

    But the introduction, how to brainstorm (which you can replicate with Wordtracker), how to get links and so on is definitely very useful.


  35. tomaz,

    When you developed your your site concepts did you do a verical brainstorm on all your tier 2 and tier 3 keywords prior to completing your site “blueprint”?


    Tomaz Reply:


    It depends. If you do a vertical on your main seed word, you automatically do a vertical on all T2 keywords which includes this seed word. Check my post about keyword research from the SBI forums.


  36. Hi Tomaz!
    Regarding your Action Guide comment.

    I totally agree with you. There is soooo Much information I took 4 days off after completing day 3 of the Action guide. It’s like if they could put it in a book or something to make it easier to understand. I mean it is all good info, but like you predicted I know I am skipping over some stuff just because it gets too detailed and My eyes get tired of reading the screen.
    plus the coaching offered on SBI is a bit pricey. Hoping you come out with a much better user friendly e-book for the action guide soon. Any thoughts as to when?
    Thank you


  37. Lisa,

    It’s not my main priority but I’ll try and make the first draft in the next few weeks. πŸ˜‰


  38. Tomaz,
    Does the Tier 1 keyword (s) necessarily have to have high demand??

    What if all my Tier 2 and Tier 3 keyword have good demand but because my tier 1 has 3 words in it i can’t even brainstorm it.

    In your case with the, the words tennis, mind and game probably didn’t bring back any keywords when you brainstormed it but your Tier 2 and Tier 3 keywords all were strong and had good demand, so you went forward…is that correct??


  39. Hi Tomaz,

    I really wanted to thank you again for your great
    help in the forum.

    I changed my domain name,but the change took a few days.I discovered that the two-word domain name I wanted was taken in those days,so I chose one of the 3-word domains that I had on mind (without hyphens,which includes the seed word.

    Now IΒ΄m writing offline my homepage and optimizing it for a 3-5 2tier keywords.

    Well,IΒ΄m your follower now too.
    This site is really awesome and full of rich and useful content!WoW!

    IΒ΄m 100% certain that you will achieve your goal!
    I have the same goal,although IΒ΄m just starting.

    I wish you only the best!


  40. Hi Tomaz,

    Your journey to success is awe-inspiring – and thanks for being kind enough to share it with the world.

    I’ve an SBI site which isn’t doing too well although my pages pass AnalyzeIt 100%. I find this puzzling and haven’t quite deciphered why.

    Any tips?


    Tomaz Reply:

    You’re welcome, Mon.

    You can build a 500 page website with top notch content that passes the Analyzer, but unless you get QUALITY LINKS, and lots of them (with keyword targeted anchor text), your site basically won’t exist on the web. πŸ˜‰


  41. Tomaz,

    This site looks totally different from your vacuum and tennis website. it doesn’t have the typical SBI “feel” to it.
    The guide says to create a catchy headline (containing your site concept keyword) which leads easily into your first paragraph. (also sprinkling your keywords throughout)
    Did you purposely not follow the SBI homepage building format because you found it not to be as successful.



  42. Hi AG,

    I decided to build this site as a blog. There aren’t many keyword focused articles here because I write articles on topics that just come to my mind or people ask me.

    It’s also easier to connect with fellow bloggers and get a few links…


  43. Hi, this is another great article because it contains the kind of information I was looking to find. Thanks to you I clicked on your link to Niche Blueprint and bought the one for wine.

    The blueprint is almost exactly along the lines I discussed with you by email. He lays the whole thing out and I am very happy. Next I’m going to experiment with Need An Article to help get things going. Thank you for all your suggestions.

    One question: Did you write a review-explanation of Nichebot on this blog? I searched but could not find it. One concern I have is how it helps/enhances SBI’s Brainstormer results. I could be mistaken, but it looks to me like the end result of Nichebot is very similar to Brainstormer’s results. Or, am I misunderstanding something?


  44. Hi Doug,

    I haven’t reviewed Nichebot but I can do it in the future. Yes, it does a similar thing as the BI but that’s just one of the tools it offers…


  45. Hi Tomaz,

    How are you able to hide your details in Do you have to pay for the service?

    Thanks again,


    Tomaz Reply:

    Hi Mon,

    In SBI you don’t have to pay, just select that you want them hidden. With other hosting companies you need to pay some small amount; maybe $10 per year…


  46. Phew!

    Thanks Tomaz and have a nice day.



  47. Hi Tomaz,

    You are definitely an inspiration for all of us who are starting in our adventure towards financial freedom!

    You mentioned you have used writers for some of your websites where the topic is not your expertise. Do you mind sharing who they are or how you found them? I would also greatly appreciate it if you could explain the process a bit (negotiating a price, what services are included, etc).



    Tomaz Reply:

    Ok, will share an article in the future…


  48. Hi Tomaz,
    did you pay to be included in the Yahoo! directory (the $299 fee) as a way of increasing traffic to your site? If so, or if not, would you recommend doing so?

    Traffic to my new 4-month old SBI! site is steadily growing as is my content but I am anxious to accelerate it and I have heard that getting listed in the Yahoo! directory can do that.


    Tomaz Reply:

    Hi IJ,

    At first I didn’t pay – I was waiting to earn more money. πŸ™‚ Then I saw (for my tennis site) that I could be getting a PR3+ link so I paid.

    I didn’t see direct traffic increase from the directory but I did seem to me that Yahoo was sending me more traffic.

    I would suggest paying for Yahoo only if your link will be placed on a PR3+ page. Do some research and try to see where your link will be placed.

    Another way of looking is this: will this link in some indirect way earn you more than $1 per day? In that case, it’s worth it.

    Again, if the link is on a PR3+ page, it will definitely help with rankings increase in Google and Yahoo and you’ll get more traffic.


  49. Hi Tomaz,
    thanks for your speedy and helpful response. I don’t know how to find out the PR of where my link will be placed (is this something I find out from the Yahoo! folks?). However, I do get the “will it earn me $1 more per day” assessment, and that helps to put things in perspective.

    Thanks again for responding and for sharing your inspiring story!


  50. IJ, you’ll need to install Google toolbar or Search Status plugin for Firefox. Google will help you find both…


  51. Thanks Tomaz! You’ve been very helpful.


  52. Thanks for all the info Tomaz. Very helpful.
    I am new at this game, finding it fascinating, but a steep learning curve. Your article will flatten that curve somewhat.
    The very best to you.
    Thanks again. Barry


  53. wow great article

    i was wondering what the most you’ve ever made in a single day ?

    just wondering what the possibilities are

    thank you


    Tomaz Reply:

    I think I made over $1,300 once but the possibilities are almost unlimited. Once you know what works, you can just replicate it again and again.

    The key is to find a system that works and then master it – instead of trying to figure out 10 different ways of earning money online.


  54. Hi Tomaz

    I bought an SBI site almost a year ago. I’ve written almost 84 pages. But I often get tired of it, or am unsure of where to expand. Whenever I feel this way, I check out your site or the forum and than I get inspired.

    Right now I am at the hump part, slowly climbing the hill. It is very easy to get discouraged and quit, but I’m giving myself two years of really trying to see what happens.

    So thank you for offering all this valuable information and for encouraging me to go on. I have broken even in my first year, so I guess that’s a sort of success, but I can’t wait to actually make some money. πŸ™‚ Congratulations to your success. I’m glad someone is living the dream.


  55. Hi Tomaz,

    I’ve just discovered this blog and just wanted to say how great it is. I’m an SBI’er too and am still in the process of learning and mastering the on-line world (have only written 30 pages so far).

    Over the last few years I have wasted a lot of money (thousands of dollars!) buying IM products and coaching programs that promise financial freedom …. but the reality is that they only give you a small part of the information that you need to succeed on-line and therefore most people never make it.

    SBI, on the other hand, provides you with ALL the tools you need + ALL the information you need in an easy to follow step-by-step approach.

    And Ken Evoy stands out for his amazing level of integrity.

    I cannot praise SBI enough and I would recommend it to anyone.

    Thanks again Tomas for creating this blog. I am now a subscriber and I look forward to learning lots!


  56. Hi, I am wondering if it is even lucrative to pursue something I like, like yoga or home remedies, because it seems like you just targeted sites that would work even though you were not interested IE. vacuums, the obvious “financial freedom” etc. Now I am wondering if the SBI philosophy of something we are passionate about really pays off. Seems like your way pays off better and faster.
    Also, I love your site, it must be infinite or something with a designer doing your 3-column template?
    I am going to begin to research YOUR techniques specifically even though I am an SBIer because it looks like I can learn from your techniques.
    I am buying a new domain and I was just contemplating last week, what am I doing, maybe I should focus a site on SBI or making money and now I find your blog, very timely.


    Tomaz Reply:


    It depends – your passion may have enough demand or it may not. In my case, the mental side of tennis is my passion and it just doesn’t have enough demand to achieve financial freedom.

    But many people CAN follow their passion and find enough relevant keywords to create a hugely successful website. So it really depends and there is no “black or white” answer – the reality is typically grey…


  57. Hi Tomaz,

    Thank you for your ongoing articles about financial freedom – they are all excellent! Keeps me motivated when I’m feeling burnt.

    You mention Dr. Andy Williams niche blueprints, and Dr. Williams, in high regard. I read his page about his web content studio and article themeing (his spelling), at:

    Have you tried this, or his “Fat Content” product?

    Thanks again for all you’re doing for us!! πŸ™‚



    Tomaz Reply:

    Thanks for the kind words, Rich!

    I read Andy’s Fat Content but I don’t theme articles like he does.

    From my perspective they almost always already include other related keywords and I also think that it’s more efficient to upload another outsourced article than to play with 20 or 50 additional words and trying to figure out how you’re going to include them in the article.

    Sounds very complicated and time consuming to me.


  58. Hi Tomaz,

    Thank you for the reply. I understand what you mean!

    Do you still look at the keywords in GAKT (previous interface, website content) for the top 10 sites, to see the most common KWs on these pages? Or use the G wonder wheel?

    Andy makes some very interesting points in his PDFs, but it’s hard to know how much is really necessary to rank well…



  59. Tomaz,

    Thanks for sharing your journey and success. I am an SBI’er and just started a second site and have plans for 2 e-books. Thanks for the inspiration.



  60. Hi Tomaz,

    I was wondering if you would do a follow up post to this one? I’m sure everyone would love to know how things have moved on since you first posted this. Your original post was inspiring enough, but i’m sure you are doing even better now πŸ˜€


  61. It’s by continually hearing stories like yours that I am able to keep myself motivated in this business. Congratulations on your success.


  62. Tomaz,

    As a fellow SBIer I know it’s the only way to go, your story is so inspiring I’m going to archive it and refer back to it.

    It’s especially informative to see the progression of income and how using one’s own e-products and list adds nicely to the income stream.

    Now I’m off to research Chitika!!!


  63. Ur story has been millions of people online but I thank u personally which let me start this website which in online since last one year and slowly and steadily increasing it traffic.

    Thanks to you


  64. Tomaz,

    What an inspirational story. I really appreciate your generosity in the forums and have learned a lot from your posts. Now to implement it…


  65. Thanks so much for sharing your success story. Ever so often, I find myself doubting that I can do it. But then I continue to plow ahead and always find some additional tool or tip on your blog (or the SBI forum) to help me to the next step. Thanks



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