Start An Online Home Business With Site Build It! – And I’ll Mentor You

Start An Online Home Business With Site Build It! – And I’ll Mentor You

Posted by on Oct 20, 2011 in Site Build It

Start An Online Home Business With Site Build It! – And I’ll Mentor You

If you’re thinking about starting an online business – meaning working from home – then consider my offer if you choose Site Build It! (SBI!).

My offer to you regarding Site Build It is the same as I give it to my friends when I show them how I live and work with my home based online business.

I offer to help them out if they buy through my link.

If you decide to buy SBI through my affiliate link, I will:

1. Help you out especially in the beginning phase when you have to decide for the right niche and keywords.

I believe I now have enough experience (I’ve made some mistakes and made some things right) to judge with good probability whether your niche will bring you more than 1000 visitors per day.

This of course depends on assessing the competition which is almost impossible to do if you don’t have the experience of building 5 or 6 sites.

I bought SBI! through Tomaz – he answers all my questions in full detail. No question is stupid.

If you want to learn from an SBI! master, get Site Build It! through Tomaz. The free coaching is a no brainer.

Marie from

2. Answer your questions later if you get stuck somewhere.

Although 90% of your questions can be answered in Sitesell forums and also on this blog, feel free to email me or chat through Skype or Gmail.

I have made a mistake before where I answered lots of questions to someone who eventually did NOT buy SBI through my link.

Altough I like to help people out and do something good for my karma ;), I do need to protect myself from people who only take and don’t give back.

3. I will link to you.

Once your site has 50 pages, I will put a 1-way in-content link on one of my related websites which will help you a lot with your rankings.

Note that if you have at any point have already been a customer of Sitesell, you cannot sign up under me. You are permanently assigned to your first affiliate.

If you decide to take my offer (and you were never a Sitesell customer), then there’s only one 100% foolproof way to do it: with the Remote Order page where I enter your details when I am logged into my account.

You’ll have to provide me with your credit card details and I’ll complete the whole payment process. This is the only foolproof system that your sale gets credited to me and that now I owe you. 😉

The smartest and most efficient way of moving forward in any learning process, is to surround yourself with people who have had success in whatever it is you are trying to learn.

For learning SBI!, that would be Tomaz.

Jo from

You can of course  clear the cookies from your browser and follow one of the links on this blog (or click on the video) to and head straight to the order page – BUT it is possible that you have a permanent cookie from another affiliate and that my cookie will not override it.

This happens quite often – you have about 50% chance. I leave it up to you.

And if you already own a Site Build It site, then I’ll answer your questions in return for a good, related, in-content link. 😉

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  1. Tomaz! What an amazing offer. I wish I’d bought my SBI site from you. Just reading all your posts in the SBI forums and in your blog, I’ve made so much more money. As of LAST WEEK my SBI site earned as much as the full time job I used to have! It only took 14 months to replace the job I’d lost. It’s amazing to have a whole new business and way of life for $399 (I bought the special–EVERYBODY BUY the special). I’m only now getting “serious” about my second site. I can’t imagine how much more I’ll be earning in just a year. I love it. Anybody reading this ought who is on the fence reading this–JUST DO IT! With Tomaz helping you, you can’t go wrong.

    Thank you, Tomaz, for all your incredible advice, and the great book I won in your comment contest.


  2. Hey Christy,

    Thanks for stopping by!

    Congrats on your success, perhaps it’s time you start your own freedom blog and share some cool tricks and tips you’ve learned so far… 😉


  3. Hello, Tomaz. Before I click your affiliate link, what do you think about my niche site? Will it eventually bring me 1000 visitors a day?This was a website I designed for a class project. I know HTML & CSS, etc, but now I need SBI to complete my internet education! Let me know what you think.



  4. Even I wish i had been lucky to have come across such an offer when I bought my SBI. A offer like this one from a successful SBIer can cut the learning curve to a great degree.
    I have come across quite a few SBI webmasters who charge additional fees for an offer like this one

    Tomaz, I have had enough help from you already, you can ask for your incontext link anytime from me…:-)


  5. Hi Barry,Your main keyword looks like home gym. If you just stick to that one (and all the long tail keywords based on it), you won’t get to 1000 per day. You don’t have enough demand unless you rank #1 for almost all of them. 😉

    Also, the average pagerank of top 10 sites in Google is 4 so it would be very very hard for you to get into top #3 where you would really start getting visitors for that keyword.

    So… I wouldn’t attack the home gym niche since it’s too competitive. But you could try and find a niche around this topic although most of them are quite tough because the equipment sells for a lot of money and there are BIG companies involved…


  6. OK Tomaz, I’m in. Do I need to clear the cache also? or deleting only cookies is enough?


  7. Hi Adi,


    I am pretty sure that clearing your cookies is enough.

    I am actually 99% sure, that even that wouldn’t be necessary since the last cookie counts. (UNLESS you have someone’s permanent cookie which is very unlikely…)


  8. Hey Tomaz,

    I am going to use SBI for my site and with the offer you have made I will definitely buy through you. Things have taken a pretty rough financial turn in my life lately so it may be a few weeks before I am able to do so. Lol pretty tough when you can’t even afford $300.00. I do look forward to some conversations with you in the future and I think I have a pretty solid niche idea for my first site, any help you may be able to provide in making that site profitable quickly would definitely be worth buying SBI through you.


  9. Hey Jeffrey,

    I’d be happy to share my experience. I sent you an email too so you can contact me directly. Of course, you can always check the Skype status (in the right hand column) whether I am online or not…


  10. Tomaz

    I’m almost 60 years old and figure that the only way I’m ever going to retire is to have a successful website to bolster my social security. I’ve been following your success for a number of months and you have been one of the main inspirations for me to purchase SBI. I only wish you had made your SBI offer a little sooner, so that I would have known to buy through you. Once I get my site up and running, I’ll certainly want to link to your sites.

    I’m still trying to research Site Concepts. Reading Barry’s comment and your response above, I’m wondering how you come up with your numbers and what Barry’s numerical goals should actually be.

    Thanks so much for your efforts to help others succeed.


  11. Hi Tomaz,

    Just wanted to compliment you on a great offer!

    I already have an SBI site: and am really happy with it so far. Your story is inspirational.

    Best Regards


  12. Hi Mike,

    Thanks for stopping by! The numbers that I come up with are based on my experience. I can see the demand wordtracker tells me, I can see the demand the SBI brainstormer tells me and I can see the real numbers (real traffic) for 5 of my sites.

    I also know where my sites rank for their main keywords and how hard it is to get those rankings.

    So I can reverse engineer this info and now I can look at demand and competition and have a pretty good idea how many visitors will that give you in the long term…

    I don’t want to share all my secrets here otherwise my offer will have no more value. 😉


  13. Hello Tomaz,

    I just purchased Site Build It from a link on this site. Thank you so much for this special offer! What is the best way to contact you when I have a question? (I actually have one now!)

    Thank you!



  14. Hi Michelle,

    Thanks! You can contact me at mentalwinner (at) or through Skype. My skype nickname is tomymenco.


  15. Tomaz,

    I’ve just signed up for SBI through your link. I’ve been considering SBI for a little while now and your site is such a brilliant example of what SBI seems to be all about I was finally convinced.

    Thanks for your offer and I look forward to speaking to you in the future.



  16. Thanks, Stuart!

    Sent you an email too and am looking forward to your thoughts and questions about SBI and picking the right niche!


  17. Hi Tomaz,
    I just signed up for the affiliate program under your link and I do plan to purchase an SBI site as a birthday gift to myself. I have been saving the money up over the past few weeks and hope to purchase a site by mid september. I am reading through all the affiliate information and getting some ideas together for my site. I am excited to get going and I will be signing up under your link as well!


  18. Hi Jen,

    Thanks. Note that at this moment there is a $100 special at Meaning you get 2 SBI sites for $399 instead of 1 for $299.

    Feel free to contact me through tomaz (at) when you purchase and need some advice.


  19. Hi Tomaz, you’re a special person. I have been reading your help posts on the Site Build It Forum. You did all this for free and helped many of us understand whole new concepts. You have a way with words that not many have. Life Long and Prosper – gee, I sound like Dr Spock.

    Fond regards,
    Patrick. Sydney.


  20. Thank you, Patrick!

    Just paying it forward – sharing what I’ve learned. Being selfish and greedy doesn’t lead to happiness, that’s for sure. 😉


  21. Hi

    Thanks for living up to your word of answering questions should one purchase the sbi package through you. I bought my package in October and still havn’t registered my domain name.

    Still getting clarity on lots of issues. You have shown lots of patience and answered my many questions with clarity for the techno challenged like myself. It is said it is more blessed to give than to receive. I am certain that this will be true for.


  22. Hi Tomaz,

    Thanks to your site, I’m finally convinced to purchase SBI ofcourse through your link.


  23. Hi Tomaz, thanks a lot for sharing your experience, tips and success. I wished I had bought my sbi through your link.:( anyways I have been reading your posts and your blog and have found every single comment very valuable, now I even understand the AG much better, I am a newbie going through day 3.
    Once again thanks for your generosity.


  24. Hi Tomaz,
    Once I decide on a website idea, I plan to purchase SBI through you. Funny, I purchased SBI about 2 years but never got started. However, I have always had the interest and have kept up with SBI. Stumbled across your site in one of the forums and was impressed by your posts and blogs.

    I work as an insurance agent so I am thinking I should do something in that area to promote my business. I’m so excited and ready to get started that I can hardly think straight! However, my plan is to find my niche, key words and tiers before I purchase. I can’t afford to not follow through this time.

    Thanks for the inspiration and keep the great posts and blogs coming!


    Tomaz Reply:

    Thanks Jennifer,

    Looking forward to hearing from you. By the way, the SBI Brainstormer will help you decide on a website idea…


  25. Hi Tomaz

    I also just wanted to say thanks for all the tips you have given on the SBI forum. I have 3 sites and am at least in the 1000USD per month category. Wish I had bought through you though for the invaluable help you offer.


  26. hey tomaz, does your offer still stand if i buy the monthly “recession buster” SBI subscription through your link? ($29.99 every month until i can buy the normal $300 package?)


  27. Yes, sure, the offer stills stands!


  28. awesome 🙂


  29. The offer still stands – just updating…


  30. Just wondering but should I actually write my 50 pages before signing up for SBI? I actually came up with a list of ideas but am a little uncertain on the very first step to take–I’m thinking I should write the content, because I don’t know how long it may take. Does SBI charge monthly or is it a one-time package payment for life?


    Tomaz Reply:

    You definitely should not write the content first as you won’t know for which keywords to optimize for. One of the most valuable tools in SBI! is the Brainstormer which helps you find keywords with good demand and low competition for which you should optimize your pages.

    Sitesell charges you monthly or yearly – it’s up to you. Of course the monthly payment plan is slightly more expensive per year than a yearly one paid at once.


  31. Thank you Tomaz.


  32. tomaz…again you give yourself out beyond measure…tomaz is the go to guy everyone…u cant go wrong with him.

    p.s tomaz…i am dying to read your thoughts on the october 14 panda update.


  33. Wow that is awesome Tomaz.

    I wish I knew who I bought my site through, I have no idea.

    Thanks for another great posting.


  34. Wow Tomaz. Great idea.

    So what are your opinions on the SBI problems with Panda, Penguin and now their BB2?

    Before I go forward I’d like to hear more about that.

    There is a lot of info I’ve read and I’d like someone to clarify it.


    Tomaz Reply:

    Hi Audrey,

    Panda and Penguin are not really SBI’s “problem” since only a very small percentage of SBI sites were affected.

    Panda and Penguin are the problem of webmasters who don’t follow guidelines or get tricked into mass directory submissions, buying links, outsourcing articles for $5 and so on.

    That’s not what the SBI Action Guide suggests…

    So again, I don’t think it’s fair saying that SBI has a problem with Panda or Penguin when something like 6.5% of SBI sites lost significant traffic – which means that 93.5% of SBI sites did not lose traffic (with some percentage losing less than 10%). 😉

    I wonder what or stats are…

    As for BB2 problems, yes they are Sitesell’s problems but it’s something that is normal for every complex system. And it’s only a matter of time until this is fixed.

    Ask me in a few weeks how it goes with BB2. 😉

    If you’re in for the long term, then you’ll be building your site a year, two, three and at least five from now. I don’t think a few weeks of glitches with BB2 will have any impact on your success. You won’t even remember that 6 months from now…



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