My Site Has Pagerank 3! Do I Still Need To Build Links?

My Site Has Pagerank 3! Do I Still Need To Build Links?

Posted by on Apr 5, 2010 in SEO

I thought this Q&A email conversation would be useful to others when it comes to understanding pagerank and link building – so here we go:


Hi Tomaz,

I just realized that my site is now a PR3! Just wanted to share. 🙂

Earlier this year I made some major changes to my site. Instead of focusing on the “keyword”, I now focus only on the “long tail keyword” (a specific model) and I’ve expanded to include “another keyword”.

Over time I expect my site to be only 20% “keyword” and 80% “another keyword”. I was initially concerned that this might be a problem because Google might have trouble figuring out my site concept.

However this is not the case. I’m receiving lots of searches for “another keyword” related keywords. So this seems to be working well.

However, when I made this transition I had to discard almost a 100 pages–55 of my own and 45 C2 pages. The pages are still there but they are accessible only through Google and not through any links on my home page. I also changed my look and feel to use AJ’s 3 column template and I did not migrate any of the pages that I did not want to carry forward.

As a result I have only about 75 pages now. My traffic is stuck around 200 daily unique visitors. (Although yesterday it was 234 so maybe it will start to climb with the improved PR.)

My plan was to keep adding 5 pages a week and spend the rest of my time trying to build links. But is so much link building still necessary if I have a PR3? Perhaps I should be focusing most of my time on adding more content and reduce my link building.

I’ve attached my site’s profile from SEOmoz Linkscape. The item of concern is still the root domains linking since that is still only 23.

In your opinion, where should I be spending my time going forward for the best results?

As always thank you for your advice.


Hi N.,

The Pagerank is updated almost every day – internally. Google only updates the toolbar version every few months. So your site has had a PR3 for quite some time. 😉

You have lots of links because your site was added to some blogrolls but that’s just one or two domains. You still don’t have links from many domains. (I did a link analysis)

Building links or not building them doesn’t depend on pagerank but on your traffic. If you’re happy with your traffic (and earnings), don’t bother that much.

But if you want more traffic, build more links and content.

Now is especially good time since with PR3 you have some negotiating power – and can get stronger links to your site. Once you get to PR4, you can ask a PR4 site to exchange links with you. The effect will be stronger and stronger.

Realize that it’s quite likely that your Pagerank will drop by the next update and then you’ll lose some negotiating power. So it’s best to “hurry up” now and get into link building before that happens. You need to either secure your PR at 3 or hope to make it to 4.

Build pages too of course but don’t neglect link building. When you have links from 100 domains you’ll have a good authority in the niche but if you saw my post about Struggling With Traffic?, then you know that an average SBI site with lots of traffic gets links from 200 domains.

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  1. Hi Tomaz,

    I did a few things these 2 weeks

    a) I submitted to Yahoo directory and just got approved 2 days ago. My link appear on a PR 4 page.

    b) I successfully made a few reciprocal links exchanges on PR 1 and 2 sites. I think roughly about 7 at least.

    So far I have exchange links with only related sites.

    However, my traffic seems to be stagnant and has in fact dropped a bit. Is this some sort of Google dance at work?


  2. Hi Jerrick,

    You assume I know some magic stuff – but I don’t. 😉 I may have been looking at the numbers a little bit longer but that’s all.

    The bottom line is this – whether it’s a Google dance or some other magic stuff – what can you do about it?

    What is within your control?

    Only two things: build content and build links.

    Let go of the control and the constant desire to understand the Google’s algorithm and the overall traffic stats.

    We’ll never 100% understand. We do KNOW that more content is better than less content and that more quality links are better than less links.

    That’s it – that’s how I look at things. Trying to figure out the whole thing is the greatest waste of time and we can leave that to SEO gurus. 😉

    Just build keyword focused pages and get more quality links and look at the big picture.

    Also, when you look at your traffic patterns, the minimum time frame I’d look for is 3 months. 2 weeks is nothing.


  3. Ha ha 🙂 Thanks for the kind advice.

    I guess I should stop having so much doubts and grit on.


  4. Hi Tomaz, PR updated for my site too. Nice to see it has finally got off the starting blocks and reached PR1 on the homepage. Been slacking for the past few days and need to get on with things.



  5. Hi Tomaz,

    As a SBI member I follow the forum thread ‘Three Ways’ and now I have also submitted to your blog. As for many others, you are my coach by building my first website. Thanks a lot for all the knowlegde you share!

    May I ask you some questions about AJ’s template?
    I consider to go for the AJ’s because of it’s 3 columns. It looks professional, and SBI doesn’t provide this yet. You have built your Vacuum site with AJ’s template, didn’t you?

    Since I’m a newbie in building websites, I wonder what the consequences are by doing so. Am I able to use the SBI facilities then? Ex, What is going to happen with my domain (does it has to be transferred?) am I able to use AnalyzeIt!, Statistics, email, other things to consider?

    Thanks for answering,


    Tomaz Reply:

    Hi Sylvia,

    Yes, I use AJ’s template for the vacuum site. Nothing changes with uploading HTML – all the SBI tools are still available. The domain stays the same, everything is the same.

    The only difference is that you click a different button in Site Central compared to Block-by-block builder. After you upload the HTML page, you follow the exact same process as with BB.


  6. OK Tomaz, Thanks!


  7. I have got a few ezine article links in to my website and it is nearly four months old. I am just waiting for Google give me a PR1 at least.

    On my other websites, PR 1 came pretty quickly. Sometimes I think social bookmarking your homepage with all the big names gets you a PR1 pretty quickly.

    I don’t really understand NO FOLLOW though. Even when I get a link from a site thats NO FOLLOW, alexa still shows it as a backlink. I thought NO FOLLOW meant the search engines didn’t follow the link.


    Tomaz Reply:


    Google assigns PR almost every day. You may have PR 1 already in the internal Google ranking, but the toolbar is updated only every 3 to 4 months.

    No-follow means something to Google and NOT to Alexa. To Google it means not to pass pagerank, that’s all. And Alexa is not a search engine so it sees all links as equal.


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