Never Got Dugg? Then Get Blogging Zoomed!

Never Got Dugg? Then Get Blogging Zoomed!

Posted by on Nov 6, 2007 in Recommended

Never Got Dugg? Then Get Blogging Zoomed!

BloggingZoom is new website aimed at bloggers only. That means only content from blogs can be submitted and voted for.


It works similar to Digg where you can submit and vote for favorite stories. The reason for creating BloggingZoom was to give anyone a chance to get some traffic.

I am sure you have submitted many of your posts to Digg only to find out that they are buried deep on the hundredth page of the upcoming section.

There’s another catch to BloggingZoom. It requires you to fill in at least 350 characters of description for your post which will of course help a lot with indexing and ranking of that page.

So make sure that you submit keyword focused posts and include a description which includes your main keyword and variations of it.

BloggingZoom is not only for internet marketing related blogs but for many other categories.

I’ve submitted a post from my tennis tips blog in the sports section and I’m interested to see if it will get any attention and bring some traffic to the site.

BloggingZoom is only a few days old so it’s hard to say whether it will be the next Digg or not. But it sure looks professional and I’ve found a number of quality posts which I of course “Zoomed”!

I suggest you test it and see what happens. And remember, social networking sites like this give you the most reward if you are not selfish.

So spend a few minutes reading, commenting and Zooming on other articles besides submitting your own.

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  1. I checked it out, and I’ve submitted a story to it.
    I also submitted that same story to Digg a few seconds after I submitted it to BloggingZoom.
    It shall be interesting to see how they compare…

    But I think it’s a good idea.
    I has potential – it just needs some publicity…

    I did some poking around…
    I couldn’t find anything too special though…


  2. I thought about it a little bit…
    And I think someone should come out with a focused ‘digg.’
    Like a digg web site specifically about technology or tennis or photography or something.

    That would do pretty good in that niche.
    Probably a lot better than something like BloggingZoom.


  3. Hmm, sounds like a goo idea. Well, you sure know about Sphinn which is like a Digg for internet marketers and there were attempts in the tennis niche too. One site like that is ballhype and the other was tennisvote. Do a Google search for them and you’ll see what I mean.


  4. Ok!
    I’ll do that.

    They need someone big to review them…



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