Optimizing For High Paying Adsense Keywords Doesn’t Work

Optimizing For High Paying Adsense Keywords Doesn’t Work

Posted by on Oct 23, 2011 in Earn money online

Optimizing For High Paying Adsense Keywords Doesn’t Work

If you’re optimizing your pages for high paying Google Adsense keywords, you may have to rethink your strategy.

Here’s just a quick intro to this topic for those unfamiliar with it…

Let’s say you’re building a site about tennis and you run the keyword tennis through the Adwords tool to see which keywords pay more per click than others.

Optimizing for high paying adsense keywords

In the example above you see that “atp tour tennis” keyword pays roughly 3 times as much per click as the keyword “andy murray tennis”.

So you assume that if you wrote a page about “atp tour tennis” you would get paid much more than if you wrote a page about “andy murray tennis”.

The main reason why this very likely won’t work is because you cannot tell Google which ads to serve.

This affects you in 2 ways:

1.    Your main keyword has variations that pay less

You cannot guarantee that the ads for atp tour tennis will be triggered even if you include that keyword in all the right places.

For example, the “atp tour” keyword has all these fluctuations in PPC:

Adsense PPC fluctuations

So Google might serve ads that were triggered for the keyword “atp tour results” which pays just 0.17 or Google might serve ads just for the keyword “atp tour” for example which pays 0.62.

And since you cannot write 100 and more words around that ad by repeating a single phrase over and over again, you then create tens of different keywords around that ad that can trigger it.

That brings us to the second reason…

2.    Your text around the ad has many other keywords that can trigger ads

If your goal is to trigger ads for “atp tour tennis” you can probably include that keyword max. twice in 100 words before triggering another thing – a penalty for keyword stuffing.

Which means that 94 words will have to be something different around those Adsense ads. And all those keywords can trigger ads.

Adsense PPC values

You might mention tennis scores, tennis association or tennis ranking and all these keywords can trigger lower paying ads.

So your chances of scoring big with a certain high paying Adsense keyword are quite low.

Yes, you increase the chances of getting that ad served if you optimize for such keywords but is it really worth the time and effort to look for such keywords for such a small chance of getting a slightly higher pay per click?

In my opinion, looking at specific keywords and their PPC value in Google Adsense is not a very productive thing.

If you’re interested in getting paid more in Adsense you shouldn’t look at individual keywords but rather the whole niche!

high paying adsense keywords

If you choose a high paying niche then the chances of getting low PPC ads triggered are very small. 😉

If you want more proof of how Google serves all sorts of ads that are not triggered by your “precious” keyword, try this nifty Adsense preview tool.

Adsense preview tool

See the ads triggered for the keyword and country I entered.

None of those actually seem to be related to atp tour tennis except maybe the US Open tennis tickets in the bottom left.

So Google may have served the ads from the words “atp” and “tennis” or even “tennis tour” from my long tail keyword.

See Exclusive Tennis Package ad on the left? This one is most likely triggerred by “tennis tour”.

In summary, optimizing for high paying Adsense keywords is a strategy that doesn’t work most of the time.

You’re much better off if you look at the general payout of the niche, start creating quality content and forget about each individual keyword and how much it’s worth.

There’s much more important work to be done to succeed than to waste time on a payout of a certain keyword…

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  1. Thanks for another great post, Tomaz! I hope I pick a better niche next time with regards to AdSense (strawberries have not been all that successful so far). I’m really interested in learning all I can, so I’m very appreciative of articles like this! Thanks again!


    Tomaz Reply:

    Or simply go with your passion and not worry about the payout of each specific keyword.


  2. When I started my second SBI site, part of my niche planning was AdSense payout. It looked like the minimum would be at least $1 and up to $5 for various keywords for T2 and T3 pages.

    Earnings show me a drastically different scenario. I get about 1/10th of what I expected per click, and I don’t know why. But I write for humans and satisfy Analyze It! and move on. My affiliate earnings are pretty good and fortunately I enjoy the niche I’ve chosen.


    Tomaz Reply:

    Hi Amy,

    I explained the difference between Search and Content Adsense payouts in one of the previous articles.

    High numbers in Adwords only suggest that the Adsense might pay well – but according to my stats and stats other people shared the real payout on Content is about 15% of what we see in Adwords.


    Amy Reply:

    @Tomaz, Yep, that looks like my results as well. Bottom like, enjoy what you write about! 🙂


  3. Thanks for that Tomaz. I have been wasting time being far too specific when researching adsense payments and then wondering why I wasn’t seeing the ads I expected to see.

    Yeah, and thanks for reminding us to get back to the nitty gritty link building! Build the lnks, get the traffic and even the lower paying words will be worth it . . .


  4. Very interesting! And this information has potentially saved me a lot of wasted time. Many thanks, Tomaz.


  5. I have also noticed that when I’m searching online, my previous search terms follow me.

    If I’m looking for info on guitars and then move on to search for gardening info, the gardening website I’m on displays guitar ads.

    Google tracks your searches by the looks of it and displays personalized ads..


  6. Tomaz, what would you say are the “ideal average” CPC numbers to look for in a niche? What do you look for in numbers when you decide “i want to start a site on this”? $5-10? Less? More?


    Tomaz Reply:

    Hi Jo,

    On high CPC niches ($5 and above) there’s typically tons of competition. I would aim for anything between $2 – $5…


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