Journey to Financial Freedom With An Online Business

Journey to Financial Freedom With An Online Business

Hey there,

My name is Tomaz Mencinger, and although this blog is about becoming financially free, my main profession is teaching tennis.

Becoming financially free

I’ve been a tennis coach for 15 years and my main focus is the mental side of the game.

I’ve also been quite friendly with computers all my life. My first computer was a ZX81. 😉

And, yes, I played games on a Spectrum, a Commodore 64, an Amiga and more, which I later employed for other personal pursuits.

I have a degree in Electrical Engineering, played semi-professional volleyball for 16 years, and yet both of these exist in my life now only as memories.

I started my first website in 2005, but had no idea how exactly I was going to attract visitors to it.

I wasted about $700 on design and hosting before I realized that I needed some guidance on this topic.

Maybe I was lucky, or maybe it was a matter of my persistent looking for solutions that I found

And the day I paid $299 for my first website,, was the day my life changed.

I learned what it takes to build a successful website and share my knowledge with thousands of tennis fans all over the world.

I also learned how to earn money online.

Fast forward two years and my monthly income from online business in July 2007 is $7,580 of which 98% comes from only 2 SBI sites.

My goal is to become financially and personally free; my contract with the Tennis Academy of Asia, where I work right now, ends on the 31st of December 2007.

That’s the last day of my life when I will work for someone else.

You can join me on this journey to financial freedom by subscribing to my feed and sharing your views by commenting on the blog.

If you wish to contact me, email me at tomaz (at) I also have a profile here at Google Plus: +Tomaz Mencinger.

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