Ricky from Puppy-Training-At-Home.com

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Ricky from Puppy-Training-At-Home.com

Ricky contacted me through this blog in January this year and had some questions about Chitika. But as I was in Asia at the time, I suggested that we can also meet at some point.

We eventually met in Penang as I described in my previous post and since Ricky was getting over 800 daily visitors already at that time, I suggested he shared his story here…

1. Why did you decide on SBI?
After graduated from University with an IT degree, I entered the workforce and my first job was in Intel Corporation. At that time, I was reading a book by Robert Kiyosaki – Rich Dad Poor Dad. His book inspired me to build passive income rather than stick to a dead-end J.O.B. (Just over Broke!).

I started to learn to invest in Bursa Malaysia Stock market and did a lot of reading on investment. I was also inspired by Warren Buffett, one of the richest men in the world. He started his career as a stock broker and I decided to follow his path. So, I quit my job and get a lower income job as a junior stock broker. How silly I was.

Fast forward 1 year, I learned a lot of things in the Bursa Malaysia stock market, New York Stock Exchange (NYSE), Forex trading and etc. I started a blog at blogspot.com to share my knowledge with people. But, my blog was not able to attract much traffic (did not know the importance of keywords at that time).

But I learned one very important thing – I can generate income from blog using Google Adsense. I put adsense up on my blog and as you may have expected, I didn’t get much income as well. I was de-motivated but I didn’t give up.

I kept looking for more ways to generate income online and also some information to keep myself motivated. That’s how I found Steve Pavlina – Personal development for smart people blog. I read his blog frequently and one day I found out one of his blog posts which showed that he was generating tens of thousands of dollar monthly from the his blog.

That was the time I started to think really serious about making passive income online and one of his posts recommended SBI. I was reluctant to sign up initially as I know that the Internet has a lot of Scam cases.

I did my research about SBI and I found out that there are many people who gained financial freedom through SBI and there are a lot of good reviews about it. That was the first time I used my credit card on the Internet.

2. Did you know what you wanted to write about, or did you have to find a niche? How did you decide?
Initially, I didn’t know what I wanted to write. But the Action Guide in Site Built it was amazing. I followed exactly the Action Guide from day 1 – 5.

I put “investment” as also “dog training” as my seed words in Brainstorm it. I was impressed with Brainstorm It as it helped me to generate keywords that are related to my chosen topics. I used Niche Choose It and it suggested me to build a website that was related to dog training.

I guess I wasn’t ready for investment website because I only have one year of experience in investment while I have more than 20 years of experience with dogs and I owned over 20 dogs throughout my life.

So, I registered a domain on the 6th day and the site concept was to provide Free Puppy Training Tips to other dog owners.

3. How did you progress?
The first few months were the learning stage for me. Because English is not my first language, I always worried about my spelling mistake, grammar mistakes and etc.

I started very slow and I was stuck in the Day 6 of the Action Guide which teaches us how to build contents that get clicks. I always felt that my content was not good enough, reedited each of the pages multiply times in a month.

My website traffic for the first 4 months was almost flat, partially because I chose the wrong keywords (very competitive keywords) and I didn’t start link building yet. That was the time I became de-motivated again.

On the fifth month, I did a lot of research on keywords and I started to target the right keywords (we always learn from the hard way, don’t we?). I think I found Tomaz’s blog at the same time and his blog gave me some good ideas on which keywords to target.

In the same month, I already have about 20+ pages of (Okay) content, I started link building and the traffic was rolling like a snow ball down a hill. I had 106 unique daily visitors in the 5th month, then 359 unique visitors in the 6th month and 778 unique daily visitors in the 7th month.

I kept on building good content and also build links at the same time from 8th month to 11th month, but my traffic stayed flat at about 800 unique daily visitors or 24 thousands unique monthly visitors. The reason my traffic stayed flat again was because I didn’t know the importance of internal linkings and also optimization of titles and headlines of each of the pages.

I met Tomaz in the 11th month and he shared with me a lot of ideas and tips on that. Shame on me as I knew about his blog for over 5 months but I didn’t really study each of the post carefully as most of the ideas he gave me were readily in his blog. After applied what he shared to me, my unique daily visitors on the 12th month jumped from 800 to 1200!

That was an extra of 400 unique daily visitors by just some simple optimization of each of the pages and also the internal linkings (I didn’t do any external link building nor did I update any extra content that month). Thanks to Tomaz for his insight!

4. Can you share a few tips of what really worked well for getting more traffic?

Well, after learning it the hard way, I suggest that you really have to study each of the Tomaz’s post carefully and you can’t be wrong.

Anyway, I will share a couple of ideas that I personally used.

First of all: Make sure that you have good content with really good internal linking and on page optimization. Many people focus too much on external link building and neglect the importance of internal linking and on page optimization (I was one of them).

Secondly: Write articles and submit to article submission directories like buzzle, ezinearticles, articlecity, articledashboard and more. These article submission directories allow you to have 1-3 inbound links to your pages.

Thirdly: Participate in answers.yahoo.com, forums, and blogs. Give good comments, setup signature with your website URL in it and learn to promote your website to people. If you are lucky, you might find “dofollow” forums or blog and they will pass link juice to your website.

Fourthly: I have tried some social bookmarking website like delicious, stumbleupon, yahoo buzz and more. It helps to bring some traffic but not much. May be I didn’t do it right. I found it very time consuming, so I have stopped for a while. I might try again next time when I have more time.

Fifthly: I did try with Value Exchange HQ (feature in SBI) when I was on 5th month, I didn’t get much success. Tomaz gave me advice that I should get more links from related website, so I have just started to do value exchange again and hope that I will be better this time. I am also getting to know more people from SBI forum and hope can do exchange some good quality links from related websites.

5. Your plans for the future? Has your life changed with your success? How? (or anything else you’d like to share!)
My current plan is to connect with more dog related website owners and build more links together with them. I will also participate in some dog training related blogs and give good comments while promoting my site.

I am going to update the about 20 pages of contents on common dog health problems and symptoms within these 2 weeks. I am outsourcing some of the contents to NAA and Freelancer so that I will have more time to build good links.

After my dog website has over 100 pages of good content, I will start my 2nd SBI site on early May and hopefully 3rd SBI site by Oct 2010.

Hm… I don’t consider myself as a successful SBIer yet. The reason is I am earning only a moderate amount of income is because lots of my traffic comes from Image searches. But, I already got some advice from Tomaz on different setups of adsense, chitika and amazon that could improve my conversion.

In fact, it has showed good result within 1 month. I am looking forward to see my conversion to improve for the next few months after I do the right thing. Hope that my little story on my journey with SBI will inspire someone.

I probably will share more after I generate $3k in December 2010! 😀

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  1. If there are any site owners with dog related sites, get in touch with Ricky and get some links exchanges going!

    And that’s the advice for anyone who reads my blog, reads these success stories and lurks in the SBI forums.

    Getting quality links from within the content from related websites are in my experience the most effective links you can get.


  2. Great site Ricky!

    Close to 1200 unique in less than 1 year at such a competitive niche such as puppy training is simply superb!

    I think you should be able to generate $5k or more if you monetize those traffic properly.

    Tomaz: I am taking your advice and putting 100% time and effort into links exchange. It’s pretty hard to get PR 4 and 5 links exchange. Does more PR 1 and 2 works just as well?


  3. Hey Jerrick,

    I don’t know how well PR1 and PR2 compare to PR5. I just look for more links – you won’t turn down a link just because it has PR1 or 2 – so in the end it doesn’t matter whether to get PR2 or PR5 since it’s not your choice and it’s not in your control.

    Try and get a link – it’s as simple as that.


  4. Hi all,

    An inspirational link exchange story. One of my sites is a pr 1 and I got a link to my site from a pr 5 page.

    Yes, the page my link is on is a pr5 linking back to my site, you never know until you take action.

    Generally, if I email 25 prospects I will get 2 link exchanges.


  5. Congratulations, Ricky! Keep up the great work on your site.

    It’s interesting that I also came across SBI via Steve Pavlina (although I had heard of it before), but that’s when I decided to sign up. I’m still a long way from being successful (I’m dealing with the “hump”) and hopefully one day I’ll see the same kind of traffic you are experiencing.


  6. I forgot to mention in my last comment, but I also read Rich Dad, Poor Dad (maybe back in 2002?) and it introduced me to an entirely different way of thinking. I consider it the most influential book I’ve read in my life. And while I’ve struggled in various ways to “escape the rat race”, I was never able to truly let go of the concept.

    I now know that it’s an integral part of who I am. I will not be happy until I am financially free. And for a long time I never knew how someone like me could actually do this.

    However, I do now. Thanks to SBI and people like Tomaz I know it’s possible. And I know I can do it. I’ve made up my mind to become financially free or DIE trying! 🙂

    Ricky – it’s great to come across like minded people like yourself. I always find it hard to find people I can truly connect with, people who share similar interests and thought processes to myself. I’ll send you an email from your site.

    And Tomaz – your blog rocks! In more ways than you can possibly know. Thank you.


  7. Hey eveyone,

    I literally just got done doing a link exchange with Ricky on my site. I have so many questions and I’m going to take some time to read through some blogs on this site.

    In addition, I am going to do follow Ricky’s advice and conduct some of the things that he has done in order generate traffic to his site.

    My website (www.smalldogsrus.com) has only been up for about 3 months now. I have over 150 pages on the site (I have done nothing but research the topic and write pages upon pages for the last 3 months).

    Much like the rest of you, I feel that passive financial freedom is so worth working hard for. I feel as if I am working toward something that is truely beneficaly for me in the long run. I hope that I am right.

    Take all,


  8. Hi,

    I have a question:

    When link building, I have found that if you do too much too soon you will be penalized. What is the best approach for link building? Should I submit articles and answer questions on QA sites periodically? Yahoo answers for example, will suspended your account for over answering regardless if you are recieveing best answers or not. What is the best method to achieve quality inbound links and boost traffic in a timely manner?



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