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Rumi from

Rumi is from Bulgaria and English is not her first language. Despite that, Rumi still created a high traffic website that gave her financial and personal freedom.

Rumi and I decided to keep her imperfect English in this post so that you can see how she writes and how not having perfect English grammar is not something that will stop you on your quest for financial freedom.

Rumi from Bulgaria

At the beginning of 2005 I decided to create online business – I
wanted a website that will earn me money. I started to research how to
build a website technically and how to earn money from it. Actually at
the beginning I knew only the topic/niche of my site and wanted to
build it on a right way from the first try.

I had some bad experience from off line business which I did only for
money, doing something I don’t like, no research, no preparation. I
learned my lessons and with my online business I wanted to be
something well planned, researched, fun and love.

I love to live healthy, this includes healthy food and exercises on
daily bases. I knew that in USA there is a big issue with weight gain
and I decided to create a site about how to lose weight.

At the end of 2005 I read lots of articles how to create site and only
SBI has topics how to earn money from website. I stumble on SBI site
around October 2005, I read the site 3 months and finally in January
2006 I decided to try it. $299 are lots of money in my country (the
minimum salary is less) and I remember that I planned purchasing SBI
in Friday night, so I would have time during the weekend to read the
whole SBI, lol.

Of course I didn’t succeed to read the whole SBI help articles, but I
read the Action Guide for 2 days and because I have decided on my
topic – Exercises for women – (I only changed to have female point of view for my site
according what Action Guide advices, so my niche is becoming  not so
broad) I registered my domain name on the 3rd day after purchasing

I was very afraid, because I spent lots of money, my English was not
good (this is not my mother language) but because I loved the topic of
my site everything started to move smoothly. First 30 articles I wrote
in Bulgarian and paid an agency to translate them in English (but
translation was so formal), after that I polished the articles according to
what Action Guide says.

Than something strange happened I lost my fear to write in English and
started to write many articles. And the most helped me people who
wrote me letters to thank me for my diet tips and exercise videos. I
understood that people value my wish to help them and they don’t care
about my spelling and grammar.

At the beginning I used some competitive keywords in my articles but
after I asked for a review in SBI forums, SBIers gave me some good
advices how to improve my site and the best I advice was to start
target keywords with less competitions – this is the strongest
approach for a new site.

At the 4th month I put Adsense on my site and I earned $12 – this was
wonderful, because I calculated: If I earned $12 with 20 visitors per
day, than with 200 visitors I will earn $120 and with 2000 visitors I
will earn $1200.

And I started to add articles and links and the visitors continue to
some and my income increased every month.

Till the 9th month I earned $299 and last 3 months to the end of the
year I made profit!

I reached $1000 per month around my second year with SBI and would
happen earlier if I put more effort, but I like that with online business you can take a break at any time  🙂

Now my site is 3.5 years old and gets 4000 daily visitors.

What helped me the most is love of my topic, writing content and
getting links – this is the formula.

Now I can go to a holiday when I want, I feel confident that my bank
account is not empty, that I can support my family and meet them more
often (they live in other city).

Online business is wonderful  🙂  But you need a guide along the road to
success. SBI made true my dream to be independent and to do what I

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  1. Thanks for another inspiring story. Congrats on your success (to both of you).


  2. Very inspirational. I’m interested in what kind of link building methods you used. Tell us more 🙂


  3. Tomaz, thank you for asking me to share my story.

    Henri, at the beginning I was not serious on getting links (didn’t understand their importance) but links together with content and passion are 3 main ingredients for online success. So I am getting links from:

    – directories
    – social bookmarking
    – I had lots of link exchange before couple of years, but than I had PR penalty (my page rank decreased), and stop doing this.
    – natural links – people like to link to my site
    – yahoo answers (this is no follow link)
    – blog comments

    You see nothing special, building links is not my strength 😉


  4. Thanks for the response Rumi!

    My realization has also been that you don’t have to do anything special, just keep working on it and doing stuff right and traffic will come 🙂


  5. Congratulations Rumi, your story is very encouraging. I am currently building a SBI site, but this has been like going on a rollercoaster with its ups and downs, hopefully I will also succeed.
    All the best!


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