SBI 2.0 Review – Site Build It + Web 2.0

SBI 2.0 Review – Site Build It + Web 2.0

Posted by on Nov 24, 2009 in Site Build It

SBI 2.0 Review – Site Build It + Web 2.0

The SBI 2.0 review you’re about to read covers the recently renamed Site Build It product offered by

This review of SBI 2.0 shows the latest improvements and add-ons to the existing product which has been online for many years.

In fact, I suggest that you first check my original Site Build It review and and then return here to see what has been added to the original product.

SBI 2.0 Key Module – The C2

The C2 module has been launched more than a year ago and it was the single biggest improvement Sitesell has made in the 4 years that I have been using it.

The C2 module allows your visitors to create pages for you by sharing their stories, reviews and experiences and it also allows them to comment on the previous submissions.

It’s really up to you to find creative ways of encouraging people to contribute to your site and there are really endless possibilities.

Does C2 work?

Well, let’s talk facts instead of theory.


As you can see, there have been 245 pages built by visitors on my tennis site and here’s a link to one of the pages where you can see how the C2 module works and how the submissions are automatically added to the page.

What’s really cool about the C2 module is that it also automatically creates correct internal links (with the right anchor text) which helps you rank for your chosen long tail keywords.

When you create your SBI 2.0 website, you’ll research keywords and write optimized articles on those topics. But there are literally thousands of long tail keywords which no keyword tool can predict and your visitors will include these long tail keywords in their submissions and comments.

Your long tail traffic eventually starts to grow rapidly.

So what’s all the fuss now about C2 and SBI 2.0?

Well, when the C2 module was first introduced, you had 25 free submissions and after that, you had to pay $99 per year to use the C2 on your site.

Now the C2 is free and is the integral part of the SBI, hence SBI 2.0. πŸ˜‰

But that’s not all that’s new with Site Build It…

The Clean New Look

There is a new, cleaner and more modern look to the Site Central and other modules of SBI 2.0.

Here’s the “old look”…

… and the new look:


The Improved Brainstormer 3.0 And The MKL

The SBI’s Brainstormer keeps improving all the time. The latest version is extremely fast, it allows you to filter your results in many ways and it offers suggestions (preset filters) for newbies to help them get started faster and with the right keywords.


The New Monthly Payment Option

Site Build It has cost $299 per year for the last few years despite of all the improvements Sitesell has added to the product. The only exception was the C2 module and even this one is now free and automatically added with every SBI subscription.

I let Ken Evoy explain why the $29.99 monthly payment option was introduced now:

Times are tough. Money is tight. So demand for a monthly subscription format for SBI! has been high, according to the good folks who handle questions from the Web site.

I’ve always believed in an annual model, using the $299 as a reasonable way to make sure folks are COMMITTED.

… But the psychological impact of “$299” and “1 year” sets the correct mindset. Now, though, I believe that we’re in a period where, with unemployment rates so high and cash so tight, more people are simply MOTIVATED. Period.

And more than ever, they want something real. So…

Introducing The SBI! Monthly Subscription Option

Starting now, your visitors have the option of paying $ 29.99 per MONTH for their SBI! 2.0 subscription instead of the usual $299 yearly price.

Check it out at the Order Page…

This is a limited time “soft” launch, without the usual shout-it-from-the-rafters pomp.


We’re not sure about the level of commitment. So we’ll observe how they’re doing. Frankly (very frankly), we don’t market SBI! to collect cash like a cable company if people are not serious about really using it to build the kind of business that will change their lives.

In the coming weeks, we’ll be watching the commitment level of these new SBIers with great interest. If the monthly option results in less serious SBIers, the time limitation will expire.

So there you have it. It’s a test period for the monthly payment to see the results of how committed and serious people are when they have to pay β€œonly” $29.99 per month.

If you want to start a successful online business, become financially and personally free and you’re willing to invest time end effort, then now is a perfect time to take advantage of this offer.

Let me conclude this SBI 2.0 review with my experience; I have 4 SBI sites (and one just starting) that cost me 4 x $0.83 = $3.32 per day. These four websites earn me hundreds of times more dollars per day and the number keeps growing.

The C2 submissions keep adding new, fresh and useful content to my websites and all I have to do is to check that they are genuine, useful and approve or delete them.

It definitely takes some time and effort to get to that stage (even Site Build It cannot break the laws of physics and economics πŸ˜‰ ), but once your site starts getting good traffic, it will snowball through C2.

Again, if you’re new to SBI, check my original SBI review to see what this product is all about and feel free to ask questions or share your experiences in the comments below if you’ve been using Site Build It for a while.

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  1. Tomaz-

    Great post! I don’t have SBI for my sites though. Do you know if there is information on how to implement the same functionality on a non-SBI site?



    Tomaz Reply:

    Hey David,

    I don’t think any other site building software automatically builds pages when people submit their reviews and info. Either they are custom programmed just for that site or you can only allow commenting which doesn’t build new pages – it simply lengthens them.

    If you’re already earning some money with your site, consider deducting about 80 cents per day and get yourself one SBI site.

    This will allow you to build one SBI 2.0 site with C2 functionality and get access to the Action Guide, Help and incredibly helpful forums where lots of experts share their experiences and best tips. (including me πŸ˜‰ )



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