SBI Cruise Experiences

Posted by on Feb 6, 2008 in Travelling Free

SBI Cruise Experiences

I am safely back from the SBI cruise which I attended in USA.

Sorry for the lack of useful posts but sometimes we have to take the really needed vacation. 😉

And this post won’t give you any special ideas on how to become financially free but hopefully it will show you what kind of lifestyle you can afford with a successful online business on autopilot.

So let’s start the SBI cruise!

Bye bye Slovenia

Bye bye Slovenia! I am leaving for Paris and then for Miami on the 16th of January. I left Slovenia at 7.30 AM and arrived in Miami the same day at 5.00 PM! And lost 6 hours of time difference somewhere on the road…

Tomaz and Ales

Soon after arriving I met an old friend from my town of Skofja Loka – Ales. Ales works in Miami as a waiter and is really enjoying the warm climate and generous tipping in this area.

Freedom of the Seas

Freedom of the Seas – the BIGGEST cruise ship in the world. Wow!

Check in

When 3500 people want to check-in at the same time, it can get pretty crowded. There were more than 25 booths for checking-in so the whole process went relatively smoothly.

Leaving Miami

Leaving Miami on a cloudy and windy day. Most of the people were on the deck so it was one the rare times when I could get a good feel of how many people are actually on the Freedom of the Seas.

Ken Evoy and other SBI-ers

The first meeting of all SBI-ers on the boat. Dr. Ken Evoy, the CEO of, gave a welcome speech and shared his thoughts on making money online, freedom and what it really means to him.

Ken also shared his journey from the days of being a doctor, to starting a toy company and ending up helping people achieve financial freedom through small home based online business.

Day 3 - Labadee, Haiti

Day 3 – Labadee, Haiti. Warm weather, beaches and fun activities on the beach.

Day 4 - Ocho Rios, Jamaica

Day 4 – Ocho Rios, Jamaica. I went on a tour with a bus, checked out the forests of Jamaica and spent some time waiting for the warm rain to stop. Oh, and I also climbed the famous Dunn’s River Falls – a waterfall climb lasting 45 minutes.

Day 5 - Grand Cayman, Cayman Islands

Day 5 – Grand Cayman, Cayman Islands. The offshore haven with more than 500 banks. So far I am paying my taxes in Slovenia but I have considered an offshore account in the past. The tax rate in Cayman Islands is 0! Hmm…

Day 6 - Cozumel, Mexico

Day 6 – Cozumel, Mexico. The older brother of our cruise ship came into town on the same day – Voyager of the Seas. Impressive ha? I asked a local taxi driver how often do they get cruise ships in their port. “Every day.” Wow.

Day 7 was spent on the sea and in the morning of day 8 we arrived in Miami. Everyone had to leave the ship by 10 AM since new passengers were arriving at 2 PM.

I noticed that this cruise ship business is a massive money making machine. The amount of money a ship earns in one week of cruising with all the extras you can buy and enjoy on the ship is staggering.

NBA game

NBA – Miami Heat – Boston Celtics. I finally got to see a NBA game live but it wasn’t a really good game. And yeah, that’s another money making machine…

Boeing 747

Boeing 747 – the journey home begins. Very soon – I will buy a first class ticket. Very soon…

Alps above Austria

Alps above Austria – soon I’ll land in Slovenia, back to cold, grey and rainy winter.

The SBI cruise was a very joyful and interesting experience. I got to meet more than 30 SBI-ers and even had a chance to get an exclusive interview with Dr. Ken Evoy.

The SBI forums are already buzzing with excitement since the planning for the next year’s cruise, seminar or something like that has already started.

Are YOU coming?

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  1. “Freedom of the Seas”…how cool is that considering you recently achieved finacial freedom?

    Sounds like you had a nice and relaxing time. I’m guessing you’ll be posting your interview with Ken Evoy…yes? Any new strategies to share from your conversations with the other sea-going SBIers?

    The road pictured on the left-hand side of your photo from the deck of the cruise ship is MacArthur Causeway. I’ve driven on it several times, and it’s almost impossible not to look at the cruise ships when they’re present. It’s pretty cool watching them come and go. But, it’s probably a lot cooler being on-board…sans any rapidly-spreading, shipborn illnesses, of course.



    Tomaz Reply:

    Hey DR,

    Yes, Freedom of the Seas was really a perfect match for this time of my life. The interview with Ken Evoy is coming soon.

    I can’t say I really found out any new strategies talking to SBI-ers. It’s really quite simple: build content, get links, monetize traffic.

    I’ve written one or two articles on this topic and really don’t know what else is there. In fact, this gives me an idea for one of the future posts on this blog…


  2. “…financial freedom…” that is.


  3. Hi Thomaz,

    It is one of my dreams to do a cruise and looks to come true this year. From Hawaii to Bora Bora, past all of French Caledonia, Fidji and back to Australia.

    Can’t wait.


  4. Hi Thomaz,

    it is always pleasure to read your posts, but this about SBI cruise was wonderful. Next time I will come and like you hope to buy first class ticket 🙂


  5. Hey Tomaz!
    Nice meeting you aboard the Freedom of the Seas 🙂

    Me and my wife had a fantastic time also.

    I also took a few pics and wrote up my experience of the tour here:

    The most important and lasting memories will be of meeting the SBIers and especially Ken Evoy. I’m looking forward for your interview with him…


  6. Hey Thrandur,

    Thanks for stopping by and sharing your photos!

    We have to repeat this, right? 😉


  7. Yeah – definitely!

    Southern Europe next year sounds pretty good.


  8. Nice posts and enjoying your freedom. I will also get it soon. Dreaming about it and working on it. Hopefully by 2010 December.



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