Sightseeing in Singapore

Posted by on May 19, 2011 in Travelling Free

Sightseeing in Singapore

I just spent 10 days sightseeing in Singapore. This was my third time in Singapore and it was a blast.


The city is modern, clean, organized and it has tons of cool attractions that make your trip very colorful.

Here are some of the Singapore attractions that I checked out this time and that I recommend you visit…

The Zoo

The zoo is done in such a way, that there are no steel bars obstructing your view. The animals are kept in their areas by water and walls most of the times.

Singapore Zoo

It feels quite exciting sometimes – for example the white tiger kept walking at the edge of his area and was probably gauging the distance to us tasty humans just 10 meters away.

White tiger

I assumed that he has tried the jump a few times before and failed and that he really won’t try again. 😉

You also get to about 2 feet away from a cheetah – behind a glass window – which is very cool…


Sentosa is an island of fun. There are tons of fun places to check out – and you can get there with a cable car.

Sentosa cable car in Singapore

Once you pay the access to Sentosa you can hop on free buses that drive from attraction to attraction and see them all.

Of course, you still need to pay for most of them.

Universal Studios at Sentosa

But it’s not like that at the Universal Studios. The entrance fee was 72 SGD per person and once you’re inside you have access to all attractions.

Universal Studios in Singapore

Jurassic Park in Sentosa


There’s so much fun stuff to do and see that I will take you probably a whole day to check them all.

You do need to pay extra for food and drink though…

Marina Bay Sands Hotel

I stayed for 2 nights at one of the most amazing hotels in the world – the Marina Bay Sands.

Marina Bay Sands hotel in Singapore

The place is HUGE, super classy, there are tons of shops, restaurants, theaters and the coolest thing of all – the pool on top at the 57th floor. 😉

Marina Bay Sands infinity pool

Even though the lowest price for 1 night is $350 SGD if you book early, the hotel is completely full. No sign of financial crisis here…

Besides the cool infinity pool there are also jacuzzis so that one really feels like a king…


More cool stuff to do…

Of course, even just walking in Marina Bay gives you extraordinary views. Then there are city tours, river tours, the Singapore flyer, Wild Wild Wet water park, seafood restaurants near the river, massive shopping centers, cruises and lots of other stuff.

Singapore would be a great city for a 10 day holiday, honeymoon or anything like that. The Your Singapore website is a great place to start planning your trip…

And if you’re living the internet dream, you can also spend an hour or two working in the morning before going out for an adventure…

Work from hotel

There are so many people looking for ways to work from home. Why not taking it a notch higher and work from anywhere with an internet connection?

Work from hotel, work from holidays, work from Starbucks and work from the airport. The rest – live your life fully!

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  1. Cool! I’m in a coffee shop in Colombo, Sri Lanka right now, about to do an hour or so work then chill out… probably heading to Singapore in a month or two, looking forward to it!


  2. That white tiger exhibit was beautifully done.

    Although I’m not yet living the ‘internet life’ I am at home and better able to take care of my own little wild felines (even the diabetic/expensive one) because of my internet income which is growing slowly but steadily.

    Back to link building and writing content.


  3. Hi Tomaz,

    Good to know that you enjoyed your trip in Singapore. Too bad I did not know that you have just visited my country, or I would have a chance to meet up with you.

    Thanks for your advices that you have given me when I started my site. Hope to see you next time.


    Tomaz Reply:

    Yeah, will post my future travels here on the blog. I’ll be in Thailand until 5th of June – would be happy to meet anyone who is in the land of smiles right now…


  4. Hi Tomaz,

    It is really nice to hear from someone who visited my country and truly enjoyed it.
    By the way, though I am a Singaporean but I lived in Penang, Malaysia. (Yes, I work online too. Anywhere with an internet access. That’s the beauty.)Drop me an email if you do happen to hop over.


  5. Hi Tomaz,

    Now that I see you took the time to give me some great advice from a holidayspot somewhere on this beautiful globe, I appreciate your advice even more.

    Thanks for all the inspiration and top advice everytime I send you an email.

    Enjoy Thailand.
    All the best,


  6. Oh damn, I’m going to Thailand on the 10th June…. you don’t feel like staying an extra week? 😉


  7. Hey Tomaz,

    I am from Singapore. Glad you like my country. I find it too hot and humid though!

    I really envy your financial free kind of lifestyle! Yummmy…


  8. Tomaz,
    I’ve visited Singapore on several occasions. It’s a beautiful place and remarkably diverse and peace-loving. The zoo is fantastic! I would recommend it to anyone.



  9. Thanks for writing your own experience in Singapore tour! Singapore is the best travel country in Asia, any tourists can spend their family vacation in tight budget. Even Singapore has many great destinations but Marina Bay Sands tower, ArtScience Museum and St John’s Island places have something new too watch.


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