Site Build It Q&A

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Site Build It Q&A

A friend recently contacted me about my online business, Site Build It and achieving financial freedom using SBI.

This post is the Q&A we had about all of the above and I encourage you to ask more questions about SBI or anything else in the comments below.

It makes it the easiest for me to come up with a useful post.

Q: Tomaz, what you write sounds fascinating! I have some questions:

In your high traffic sites I expect hundreds if not thousand of postings per subject, instead I see one or two, isn’t this pretty anemic for an high traffic site?

And example of this high count postings are tennis forums like:

A: The only way to really get that much content out there are forums where many other people write content for you.

But you don’t really needs thousands of pages for high traffic on your website. For example, I now rank in the top 3 in Google for the keyword how to play tennis.

Rankings in Gogle

According to Wordtracker there are around 100 searches per day for this keyword. Since I rank high, I get a lot of people on my site just through that ONE keyword.

Traffic for tennis keywords

As you can see, my site was found 322 times in January for only that ONE keyword which means around 322 / 13 days = 25 per day.

So they key is to rank high for in-demand keywords. When you add all those together you can receive thousands of visitors per day without having thousands of pages.

Q: What percentage of the traffic generation/sales is produced by Google AdWords? And what are your monthly costs on those campaigns?

ZERO. I don’t use Adwords, but some of my affiliates for tennis videos do so that’s why you may see an ad promoting my site.

Q: What percentage of your monthly income is generated by Google AdSense?

A: It goes up and down but roughly 50%.

Q: The July 2007 income was $7,580 (great!). What was the yearly income? 12 month average?

A: My total yearly income from online business in 2007 was $77,470 and that’s before taxes. I actually haven’t received many of the checks.

I had to put everything on hold since I moved back to Slovenia from Thailand and now it will take me some time to start a personal company so that I can legally do business here.

The company tax in Slovenia is 22% on profit. If I were to cash in the checks on my personal name, I would have to pay 41% personal tax. ;(

Q: Does anyone else work with you? What does that cost you annually?

A: I hire authors to write articles for me. I use and GetAFreelancer. But there is no one working me regularly.

Annual cost? Hard to say. A high traffic website has around 200 pages so if you pay $8 per article that’s $1600.

I do most of the link building so that’s not the expense. Another expense is the web design if you want to do it.

For my tennis and vacuum sites I only had my header designed ($50 each), the rest is SBI template.

Another annual cost that I pay is the Yahoo directory listing – $299. I also submit my site to some other paid directories but that’s only a one time fee.

Q: What were the expenses for July 2007 ($7,580) to generate that income and how many hours did you spend on the computer working the business?

A: If you just want to know the expenses to generate that income, than I only uploaded 4 articles on my vacuum site which cost me 4 x $9 = $36.

I also ordered a few articles for my other sites which generate a little bit of money so in total I probably spent $100.

For my tennis site I write everything myself of course.

How many hours?

To upload 1 article per week and insert some Chitika code takes me around 20 minutes. So 80 minutes in total in the whole month.

For my tennis site I send 2 newsletters and write a couple of articles which would take me around 5 or 6 hours in the whole month.

This is only the work I did to generate that income.

I was also planning on starting this blog, learning some stuff online, answering some questions in SBI forums and so on. But that didn’t generate my July income.

If you just want to know how much time I spend on my computer every day, I’d say between 4 and 6 hours.

But the power of Internet and having financial freedom is that I DON’T HAVE to spend that much time. Sometimes I visit my family or go for a trip with my friends and can just check email in the evening.

I could easily just upload 2 articles per month on my vacuum site which would take me 30 to 40 minutes and earn $300 per day like I do now.

But that’s boring. 😉

In my opinion money is only one third of happiness so that’s why I keep doing what I like and keep helping people with their challenges.

Q: What recurring or yearly expenses do you have with Site Build It?

A: $299 for each website. I have also enabled Content 2.0 on my tennis site which is $99 annually.

Q: Did you use Site Build It “free” resources to build your products?

A: If you mean my websites, then yes. If you mean my ebooks and videos, then no.

For ebooks I had a friend convert and edit my text from Word into pdf format.

For videos I used Pinnacle studio to edit and another software to convert to MP4. For playing them online I use WebVideoZone.

A: Do you sell any of Site Build It products on your webs? Do you have a website with those products only?

Q: I promote SBI product on one page of my websites or in the footer. But I haven’t made many sales with that.

This blog serves two purposes: to share my ideas about building a successful online business and achieve financial freedom and to promote SBI since the traffic is much more targeted.

Q: What is your percentage for each Site Build It new sign-up you sell the system to?

I get $75 from each new sale and $65 from each annual renewal of that product.

Q: Do they have an affiliate system where you get a percentage from each of your downline? What is the breakdown?

A: Yes, there is a two-tier affiliate system for SBI products but the system is relatively complicated to explain. 😉

I suggest you read more about why I think SBI is the best affiliate program with lifetime commissions and then sign up for free to become an affiliate.

That way you’ll also gain access to the commission structure, promotional materials and even a discount if you decide to buy any of their products.


This was the Q&A with my friend so hopefully this gives you a better picture of SBI, Sitesell and their affiliate program and what you can achieve with their products.

Please don’t hesitate to ask more questions. And if you don’t have any, then here are two questions from me:

1. Do you want to earn a LOT of money with your online business and achieve financial freedom?

2. If yes, why don’t you buy at least one Site Build It product?

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  1. Wow Tomaz,

    It’s me again…I always frequent your blog so I can’t help but ask you lots of qns…hope you dun mind.

    You mentioned $77,470 and 50% is around adsense earnings. What’s your view of adsense in the next 5 3-5 years and even 7-8 years as income generator?

    By the way, what about the balance? How much is actually chitika, amazon, clickbank etc?

    U are doing REAL good. I was wondering what kind of offline biz u are thinking? You are such a innovative entreprenuer. I am your fan!


  2. Jerrick,

    I think Adsense is here to stay. I see that Google Adsense team is constantly tweaking and improving this program so they see the potential.

    What I suspect that we’ll see in the future are more video based ads – like typical commercials you see on TV.

    And I’m sure they’ll figure something new again…

    And balance – roughly:

    – 35% adsense
    – 35% chitika
    – 20% clickbank (selling my products)
    – 10% Amazon, CJ, Sitesell affiliate program


    Not much right now, but I am a professional tennis coach so I am looking to do some mental training with advanced players.


  3. Your income is quite evenly spread out and not overly dependent on adsense alone. Glad to know that you are doing well with chitika too!

    I am on my journey to building my websites as well and will look at adsense, chitika, amazon, cj and affiliate products as my monetization.

    Hopefully I can get as close as a result as yours sooooon!

    Come 2008!!!


  4. Wow Tomaz. Your results are great and inspiring, and I like your blog. I contacted you earlier today via email and appreciate your quick response. I had a couple more questions. First, you don’t seem to promote many affiliate products on your sites but many of the ‘gurus’ say you can make more with affiliate programs than adsense. Have you tried affiliate programs or do you plan on trying any, like commission junction? Also, do you have just the 2 sites earning you that much income or are there more?
    Thanks again,


  5. Jim,

    I used Amazon and CJ based affiliate programs on my sites but based on the number of clicks on the affiliate links and actual sales I made, that wasn’t a good option.

    Later when I found out Chitika which pays per click and not per sale everything changed. Chitika outperforms affiliate programs by at least 200%.

    And yes, I have more sites but some are not even monetized or are very young so 95% of my income is just from 2 sites.


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