Site Build It Review

Posted by on Dec 7, 2008 in Site Build It

Site Build It Review

My goal is to make this Site Build It review as objective as possible, although I’ve been using SBI (Site Build It from since 2005, and am now earning more than $14,000 per month with just five SBI sites.

This review will focus mostly on the process and the tools that offers with their main product. The actual results of using it, however, can be found in my post, My Journey To Freedom and Over $9,000 Per Month.

A Review of the Site Build It Process – The Action Guide

When you purchase your first SBI site, you are not given all the tools at once, and you cannot even register a domain immediately.

Your first tool is the Brainstormer, which allows you to brainstorm your chosen keywords and see what the demand (how many searches) and supply (how many competing websites) are.

The Brainstormer – Finding the Winning Keywords

Your first goal is to find the right niche. This process protects you from 2 major mistakes:

Mistake 1: Building a site around a niche that doesn’t have enough demand.

Mistake 2: Building a site around a niche that is too competitive.

In both cases, you may end up with only 120 visitors per day after a whole year of hard work, and this traffic might only earn you $5 per day.

To appreciate this Site Build It review, you need to understand this fundamental point: Just as you need to research markets and market demand in the offline world, you have to do the same for the online market, carefully choosing the right topic and keywords for your website.

These choices make it possible to rank high in major search engines –  which creates enough demand to get you lots of free traffic. And that lets you make real money.

The Brainstomer allows you to research many different topics and check what kind of demand and competition there is for your potential site concept.

Based on Brainstomer content data, you’ll then pick the most profitable and winnable site concept. Then you’ll need to research the keywords related to this site concept and find the best ones.

The Brainstomer will help you here too, by spotting these golden nuggets – keywords with good demand and low competition.

The Site Build It Brainstormer And Your Keyword List
The Site Build It Brainstormer And Your Keyword List

Your goal, then, is to find these keywords and organize them in a somewhat logical, 3-level structure – a homepage (Tier 1), main pages (Tier 2), and related articles (Tier 3). In addition to the homepage, a small site could have 10 Tier 2 pages, and each of those could have 10 Tier 3 pages, which would total 101 pages.

A bigger site could have 20 Tier 2 pages, with 20 Tier 3 pages each. This would make a site of around 401 pages.

Once you have completed your blueprint, you’ll register your chosen domain name to reflect your site concept.

Site Central – Building Your Site

Trust me when I say that you’ve done most of the hard work by now, even though you’re just at the beginning of this Site Build It review.

All you need to do now is to build pages based on the keywords you’ve chosen by using the Brainstormer.

a) Building a site – for beginners

Building pages is a very simple process and doesn’t require any knowledge of HTML, CSS, or other programming skills.

First, you’ll use a block-by-block page builder and fill in the file name, title, description, and keywords fields.

Enter Your Main Page Info With The Block-by-block Builder
Enter Your Main Page Info With The Block-by-block Builder

Next, you can start writing your text and adding headlines, graphics, links, and so on.

Adding Headlines, Text And Graphics Is Very Simple
Adding Headlines, Text And Graphics Is Very Simple

Of course, it’s best if you write your articles offline – for example, in Microsoft Word – and then paste them into the right field when you’re done. After that, the Analyzer will check to see if your page is optimized for search engines like Google, Yahoo, and MSN.

If there are some things missing or incorrect, the Analyzer will let you know.

Site Build It Analyzer Lets You Know How To Optimize The Page
Site Build It Analyzer Lets You Know How To Optimize The Page

You’ll then correct the mistakes and run the Analyzer again until it lets you know that everything is OK.

All that’s left to do is to click the Build It button and your page will be built and published on your website. The Site Build It system will automatically ping all major search engines, so that their spiders will visit your website and add your pages to the search engines’ indexes.

ExampIe: I built my first site with this simple process and ended up only having to change the header (another very simple process). Click the URL to check the site and see whether you like the look of it:

It receives over 1500 visitors per day, and I’ve gotten a lot of praise from both visitors and fellow SBI-ers for how clean it looks. There is really no need to complicate the layout in order to succeed online.

This Site Build It review has so far described the main steps for beginners to get going. But what about you experts out there?

b) Building a site – for experts

If you’re familiar with HTML and can build a more complex site, then you don’t have to follow the process of building block-by-block. You can create your HTML site in Dreamweaver – or any other web design software – and upload your own HTML.

Design Your Own Look And Feel Of The Site And Upload HTML
Design Your Own Look And Feel Of The Site And Upload HTML

You’ll still use the Analyzer, which will alert you in case your page is not well optimized, and you’ll still have the chance to correct any mistakes before you build the page.

Example: my second site about vacuum cleaners, was first built with a block-by-block system, but I later changed to a 3-column template to which I uploaded my own HTML code.

Let me reiterate one more time – the look of your site has no effect on your rankings in Google or other search engines. Google ranks your site based on its content and the quantity and quality of the incoming links.

You are totally free to choose whether you want to build a simple site or a more complex site. It all depends on your knowledge and your desires.

Site Build It Tools – A Review of Main Tools and Modules

There are many other tools in the Site Central area which will help you get more traffic, make your site more visitor friendly, and allow you to check your progress – you can keep track of the number of daily visitors, the number of incoming links, where the visitors click, and much more.

Here’s a brief overview of the most important tools and modules:

Content 2.0

This module allows you to build invitations, which are special forms that the visitors of your site can use to share their stories. These can be their experiences, reviews, or whatever you invite them to share.

This means that your visitors will now build content for you – for free – and your site’s content will grow without any effort on your part.

Socialize It

The Socialize It module adds social bookmarking buttons to your pages, which allow your visitors to bookmark your pages online at and other sites – yet another way to increase your site’s incoming links and popularity.

Quick Re-Upload It

Site Build It doesn’t use FTP, but the Quick Re-Upload It module works just as fast. If you’ve edited some of the pages and you wish to update them on your site, you’ll simply re-upload them with a few clicks. Your site will immediately show these updated pages.

MailOut Manager

MailOut Manager allows you to store email addresses and send a newsletter. Before I found Site Build It, I built my first website using some company in Slovenia. They charged $300 just for the newsletter module! Here, you get the whole package, with hosting included, for the same price.

RSS/Blog It

RSS/Blog it automatically builds a blog on your website based on the new pages you build. It adds an RSS feed and pings all major RSS/blog readers so that they know your site is updated. This also allows your readers to follow the updates on your site through their favourite RSS reader.

Infin It

Infin It allows you to add functionality to your site by creating a subdomain and then “mapping” it to a third-party provider for blogging, shopping carts, forums, and so forth. If you want to add PHP Web pages to your site, then this is where you can do that. It’s for more experienced users who want more.

Traffic Stats

See how many daily visitors your site receives using Traffic Stats: which pages were viewed the most, where the visitors came from, what they typed in the search engines, and more.

SBI Traffic Stats - Daily Visitors, Pageviews And More
SBI Traffic Stats – Daily Visitors, Pageviews And More

Search Engine HQ

This is a very interesting and useful module which shows you how your pages rank in Google, Yahoo, Live, and Ask.

SBI Search Engine HQ - How Do You Rank?
SBI Search Engine HQ – How Do You Rank?

Search Engine HQ allows you to discover the pages on your site that don’t rank well. Then you can work on optimizing them, additional content and incoming links to improve the rankings of each separate page. You can also check each page for the keywords used to find it, and where the visitors came from.

Value Exchange

Value Exchange lets you search for sites related to your topic and ask for a link exchange. It also shows you the number of incoming links and whether building links should be your main priority or not.

Building links is crucial for your rankings by search engines: it creates additional traffic, and this module definitely makes this part of building a successful site much easier.

There are even more tools, like Click Data, Name Park It, MX It, Special File Manager, and others. It’s up to you whether you want to use them or not. They all add extreme versatility to your website, and it’s hard to imagine that you’d ever want to do something with your site that Site Build It can’t do.

Help and Support

Let’s conclude this Site Build It review with how it helps you have a successful online business.

The Site Build It package first guides you with its Action Guide, which is in written and video format. Then, when you work with any of the tools and modules, you can access very comprehensive Help documentation for each module.

If you get stuck anywhere, you can jump to the SBI Forums, which are really fantastic. You can ask whatever question you want, and more experienced SBI-ers (me included 😉 ) are always happy to help.

Site Build It Forums - THE Place To Help And Be Helped
Site Build It Forums – THE Place To Help And Be Helped

In case something goes wrong, you can count on great support, which will work with you until the problem has been resolved.

And last, if you take up my offer and decide to buy Site Build It through me, then I’ll help you for free – especially in the most important phase: choosing your site concept and the right keywords.

Let me conclude this Site Build It review with this thought: SBI is not a get-rich-quick system, and it does not break the laws of economics and physics. It took me one year to start earning more than $1000 per month, but I kept at it because I saw the light at the end of the tunnel – financial and personal freedom.

I am now my own boss and enjoy my life more than ever: I do what I like, earn great money, and take my holidays whenever I want.

SBI! Monthly Billing Option

If you would like to check the Site Build It forums and learn more about SBI before you take the plunge, email me at tomaz (at) and I’ll give you a username and password to log-in.

Update! I’ve added the review of SBI 2.0 which introduces for the first time the monthly payment option of $29.99 and gives you the Content 2.0 module for free.

Of course, please email me if you have any other questions, too.

I also invite anyone else using SBI to post a short Site Build It review here to let others know how SBI has worked for them. Thanks!

If you enjoyed this post, make sure you subscribe to my RSS feed!

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  1. Nice review…and congrats on your success using SBI as your platform. I agree that SBI is a great way for someone getting started and recommend it highly to those that ask. Continued success to you in the coming year!


  2. Another great post, Tom. Here I am a newbie in SBI, but thanx to SBI, I think I’m now in the right track to learn on how a website should be built.

    Not by reading many mumbo-jumbo SEO newsletters. Just building information, and not too much worrying about technical nitty-gritty or a maze of ‘SEO guides’ you should be following.

    And it sure helps to have an additional helping hand from you, Tom 😉


  3. Hi Tom
    just started my site two weeks ago as a complete novice.(had ordered it nearlya year ago and then done nothing)
    Absolutely delighted already obtaining traffic and still so much to do
    Even my kids are interested in the SBI program
    cannot recommend it enough !


  4. Thanks for sharing, guys!


  5. I am curious to know more about what SBI is (in layman’s terms), and if it is for me or not.


  6. Hi Melissa,

    Site Build It allows you to build a website without any special knowledge of the programming language (HTML or PHP) needed to actually have a working website. It allows you to share your knowledge with the whole world (WWW) which you write and publish on your site.

    SBI will teach you how to find keywords in your chosen topic (My topic is tennis so SBI’s Brainstormer shows me which keywords people type in Google when looking for tennis related information – like tennis tips, tennis drills and so.) and then write articles on these topics that will eventually rank high in search engines.

    That will give you free traffic day after day and you can monetize this traffic by selling or your products or just advertise other companies for which you get paid.

    The whole process of building a website is simplified although building a successful business online is not that simple. So there’s still a lot to read and learn but you don’t have to be a ph.d. to get it. Just takes some time so absorb the information…


  7. Hi Tomaz,

    Thanks for sharing information so freely. Your site is a goldmine of great info.

    Regarding the 5 SBI sites that are currently doing well for you–how much time do you spend each week maintaining them?



  8. Thanks, Mike!

    I typically add one or two articles per week to each website. That may take me from 20 to 60 minutes (adding 1 or 2 articles).

    I have one site that I don’t update because I chose a too competitive niche. Its traffic is still slowly rising and it earns around $10 per day. In my opinion, once you have around 100 or 200 pages, you don’t need to update the site at all and it not only keeps the same traffic, it even grows it.

    And if you update it regularly (that’s about once a week in my opinion), then it just keeps growing and growing…


  9. Hi Tomaz

    you say that you have one site that you don’t update because it’s too competitive. Would it not make sense that if it’s too competitive you should update every day or every other day for a while to be able to compete?


  10. Jack, I actually think that I have no chance at all whether I update it or not.

    The incoming links that top companies in this field get are totally out of reach for me so I don’t think my effort would bring any significant change…


  11. Thanks for the reply.

    How often do you update a new site? And what criteria do you use to determine when to reduce how frequent you update it?



  12. Congratulations Tomaz!!

    $14,000 a month well done!


  13. hi Tomaz
    Thanks for the information you provide – it’s good to hear things from people who “walk the walk” ! I was wondering if the traffic for your vacuum cleaner site still increases? I’m amazed that people even search for vacuum cleaner reviews. Also, do you build more sites or just concentrate on the ones you have.

    Which is better you think? Is this site yours by the way www. digital-camcorder-reviews .com – it looks like your vacuum cleaner site.

    best Pete


  14. Hi Pete,

    You’re welcome. Yes, the traffic to my vacuum site is still increasing especially now after the new year. I haven’t built a big site for a year now, just maintaining them. I think I’ll probably buy the next site and not start from scratch…

    No, the digital camcorder site is not mine. My approach gets copied a lot.


  15. I found out about SBI in September of 2008. I literally read the whole SBI website over the course of three months. It took a long time to sell me on the idea that it could work for me. I would read the websites from the results page every day.

    That is how I found Tomaz’s website, which lead me to this blog. I read this whole blog from beginning to end. I couldn’t believe Tomaz’s success. It is to this day, the story that inspires me to keep moving on my website.

    I took Tomaz up on his SBI offer, and signed up under him for his help when selecting my niche. I signed up in November 6, 2008 so excited to finally get started.

    I brainstormed and worked for two months straight and couldn’t come up with a decent niche. The niche I wanted to write about (real estate investing) was tanking at the time and the keywords where really unreliable. One week a keyword had good demand, the next week it didn’t exist or had completely different numbers.

    I e-mailed Tomaz over the course of about two months trying to better understand what I was doing wrong. He was always very helpful and would point me in the right direction. I didn’t find my niche until August 2009. Yes, that long. I registered my site on September 1, 2009, and upload one to two articles per week (10 pages total so far). I work full-time so I can not move at a faster pace.

    The good news is because I have learned sooooo slowly; I absolutely know I’m building my site correctly (Thanks to Tomaz and SBI Action Guide).

    I have chosen Tomaz and this blog as my SBI mentors (along with the SBI forums). You should definitely sign-up under him for his help, when starting your first site.



    Tomaz Reply:

    Thanks for the kind words, Sherman. Keep building! 😉


  16. Tomaz,

    Congratulations on all your success. I enjoy reading success stories such as yours. I am a fellow SBI’er and I must say it is absolutely the best. I would wholeheartedly recommend it to anyone that was considering building a website, and actually to those that weren’t either. Once again, great job!


  17. Hi, Tomaz,

    I was introduced to SBI! by Ann Sieg who is a coach for Network Marketers. I recently started MonaVie business and we are not allowed to create own website to sell their products. Can I still create a website and “sell” the business opportunity? I did make a website via GoDaddy, but it sounds like SBI! would take my website to a whole another level.
    Please let me know what you suggest.

    Thank you so much.


    Tomaz Reply:

    Hi Yoko,

    First, I would highly suggest you do not build a website about business opportunities or internet marketing or working from home or anything like that.

    This is one of the most competitive niches and you’ll get very low traffic to it. Especially if you’re a newbie to this internet marketing thing.

    Start a site on something you know or something that’s your passion.

    SBI helps you choose the niche and so do many people in the SBI forums who are always willing to help.

    Godaddy gives you the tools to build a website but no tools to research the market and no information on how to build your site in order to get massive traffic to it. SBI does all that and much more.

    Let me know if you need more info!



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