Site Build It Sucks?

Posted by on Sep 7, 2008 in Site Build It

Site Build It Sucks?

You really think Site Build It sucks? Let me share my thoughts on whether SBI (from really sucks…

Actually before I continue, let me show you a picture:

I saw quite a few times that people actually typed the “Site Build It sucks” phrase in a search engine and somehow found my site.

So I’ve decided to optimize a blog post on this keyword to hopefully get more people here and help them make the right decision.

I’ll try to be objective and approach the “SBI sucks” topic from 2 angles:

1. Why Site Build It Doesn’t Suck

– it’s not a normal web hosting thingy. The SBI Action Guide will teach you how to create a content site relying on free search engine traffic bringing visitors and money day after day without much work

– if you ever get stuck at any part, you can access help for every topic, you can ask a question on the forums and you can even hire an experienced SBI-er to help you out

– I’ve achieved financial freedom with SBI (check my Site Build It Review!) and am earning over $10,000 per month with just a few sites. I did work very hard to get here but thanks to free search engine traffic I don’t have to work so hard any more. I even have time to write posts about whether “Site Build It sucks” or not…

– there are hundreds of Site Build It sites built by ordinary people with no prior knowledge of HTML and SEO. If they can do it, so can you.

2. Why Site Build It Does Suck

Key Evoy (The CEO of said this:

The “bad” news? SBI! does not eliminate the common-sense, universal laws of business and economics…

It takes time and work to build a genuine, profitable, long-term business with equity.

It takes a persistent, slow-steady-sure approach, fueled by passion, steadied by patience and reassured by faith in a system that both makes sense and is proven to work.

Bottom line:

If you are looking for a magic pill that will create a site which will earn $100 per day in just a month or two, then yes, Site Build It sucks. It’s not that good.

If on the other hand you want to learn how to build a successful website and want to have all the tools in one place for only 0.82 cents per day, then no, SBI does not suck at all.

In fact, feel free to explore my blog and see how I used SBI to free myself from slavery of a 9-5 job.

Note: There have been some negative reviews of SBI on a couple of blogs saying that it’s a scam. Well, that’s very funny as this “scam” πŸ˜‰ is really working for me and for hundreds of other people.

By the way, here’s what SiteSell has to say about “Site Build It scam reviews“…

And if there’s an SBI-er reading this post I’d appreciate if you share your thoughts on whether Site Build It really sucks or not. Thanks!

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  1. My father recently signed up with SBI and ended up cancelling during the trial period because he just felt too bogged down with details, even though the guidance and documentation were all good. It was still overwhelming and money is so ridiculously tight (as in, not so much tight as far into the red) he just couldn’t justify the $250 committment. I was reading through the program with him, though, and we were both impressed with the detail–it was just too MUCH detail!


  2. Tomaz

    I wanted to comment on your post.

    I am author of the book Internet Empires which is a book interviewing people who have onlne success.

    I have interviewed “several” SBIers who have had tremendous success like you have so I know it is not a fluke.

    Also, I have several SBI sites all of which ave made me money so I have first hand experience with the system.

    It DOES take work but my TOP 2 success secrets are:

    1) Follow the 10 day video action guide

    2) Get involved in the forum because there are literally hundreds of successful SBIers in there answering questions because they are good people.


  3. Hi Deb,

    I know what you mean by being overwhelmed. But here’s something to think about; you ONLY get overwhelmed if you read stuff that you DON’T need to do at a certain point of building a site.

    That’s the biggest mistake people make. They are at day 2 and they read everything up to day 7.

    If you follow the steps the way they are structured then there is NOT too much information on what to do.

    But you need to take the time and digest it.

    The second biggest mistake people make is trying to complete steps quickly.

    Compare starting an SBI site with starting a new restaurant (offline of course) and all the planning that needs to go into that…

    The SBI Action Guide is a detailed and tedious process because it wants to PROTECT you from making a mistake.

    If you follow it, you’ll do well.

    If you take shortcuts, you might even conclude that Site Build It sucks…


  4. SBI is a brilliant web development tool for those wishing to work online on a website. What I mean is you need to be constantly online in order to build your site.

    My first site was built using SBI and I learnt a huge amount from Ken and his words of wisdom. I have to admit I have since applied his teachings to my new website development program which I guess could be called the offline version of SBI.

    I won’t mention it here as I don’t want to appear to be promoting someone else but I am very glad to have spent the money on SBI when I did. It has helped tremendously.

    I totally agree with regards to the work needed to get a site up and running and earning money. But once you do it can be very exciting.

    Good luck everyone with your sites.


  5. Well Tomaz, I have had an SBI website for a little over a year, and I just have reached traffic of 100,000 pages a month.

    Because of the SBI Action Guide, our website, was just recently on the front page of for one day, and that alone generated almost 300,000 pages of free traffic.

    Because of the free traffic from MSN, our Google Adsense revenue alone paid for SBI many times over.

    So do I think “SBI sucks”, hell no, personally I think that “SBI blows” the doors off any website building package out there.

    I want to BUILD a SUCCESSFUL website, not just a website amongst the 100 million websites out there.

    Just my 2 cents worth, Ian…


  6. Thanks for sharing, Ian!


  7. I have two SBI sites, (I did the buy one get one for $100 special), and I am so happy with them both. I have barely put any work into my second site, which is geared toward helping with my offline stand-up comedy career, and my site already gets more visits than my fellow comics that have Comedy Central specials. They are FAMOUS and have been online for YEARS. SBI sucks? Not for me. My first site helped me ditch the day job completely, and now let’s see if how SBI helps me tackle Hollywood.


  8. As what they always said, building an online business is just like building any offline business. Looking at the bright side, with online business, you just have to sit in front of your computer and do all the work from there. You experience all the hard work, including any headaches, in one place. What’s best of all, you can do it in a comfort of your home with no commuting needed and working near your family.

    Of course there’s a lot to learn when building any kind of new business, but with SBI (and a good mentor ;)), it is always nice to know that a kind helping hand is always there for you.


  9. But is SBI good for sites that already exist? I haven’t yet figured out how it can work with existing sites…


  10. If you have an existing site I suggest you register a new domain and build a keyword focused content rich site tightly related to your original site. The SBI site will eventually get lots of traffic which you can then “send” (link to) to your first site. Links will at the same time help with the rankings… πŸ˜‰


  11. I bought site build it recently and feel that it is a total rip off. The website templates are horrible.


  12. Hey anonymous,

    That’s a very good point. Do you think traffic from search engines like Google depends on the color of your template? πŸ˜‰

    My tennis site is based on the basic SBI template where I only had the header designed for $50. It gets more than 1200 visitors per day and earns around $2,500 per month. Do you find it ugly and not very user friendly?

    What is your next complaint? πŸ˜‰


  13. SBI does NOT suck. I own two sites; I’m pretty new to the SBI world. It really does demonstrate to the user the right perspective: Do you want to build a web site or do you want to build a business?

    I’ve been creating web sites for 10 years and I still use the blockbuilder tool SBI offers because I don’t want to mess around with coding anymore (at least not a lot of it). I’m more concerned with creating value that people want to view, buy, investigate, research, etc.

    Lots of folks put down SBI, but I think they’ve got their priorities backwards. The web site you create should serve a purpose. And that purpose for me, at least, is to build valuable businesses that provide me the ability to spend more time doing what I like (family, fun, etc.).

    My experience with the SBI community has been fantastic, too. There are a lot of very helpful people in the forums.

    Take the plunge (I’m an affiliate, too, but join using Tomaz’s referral — he did all the work) — now is as good a time as any. 2 for $399 is quite the deal.


  14. Hi

    I recently took the plunge and bought SBI. I am very impressed with the action guide and all the tools built in. I’m alittle afraid because of the costs, but I am hoping to recover them in a few short months.

    So far I’ve just been busy building content, and love all the support from the forum.

    I am glad that lots of people have had success with SBI. But like anything it takes work, it’s not a get rich over night. But like Tomaz I hope to retire from my day job.


  15. SBI does truly suck. Every time I click on a link and am taken to the tacky websites it builds, I immediately leave. The dead giveaway is the-dashes-that-everyone-uses-on-their-domains.

    To all those who think SBI is actually useful, you have no idea, how much more traffic you would have if you used a half-decent CMS like Joomla, Drupal or WordPress.

    On the other hand, umm… no SBI doesn’t suck. Please use it and fork over your money to Kenny boy… more traffic for the rest of us.


  16. forgot to add… the only reason SBI is pushed so much and you won’t hear an objective review of it is because of the affiliate $$$ that people want to earn from it.

    word to the wise


    Tomaz Reply:

    Thanks for sharing your views, Kathy.

    Just a logical correction of the CMS you mentioned: Google has no idea what CMS one uses: SBI, WordPress or Joomla whether that’s HTML, php or something else.

    Googlebot only sees content and Google ranks it according to the on-page and off-page (quantity and quality of incoming links) optimization.

    The dashes-between-the-words-in-the-domain also have nothing to do with rankings or traffic. Some people definitely overdoit but that’s not what the SBI Action Guide suggests.

    Some people also promote SBI because of the affiliate sales but to tell you the truth, it’s VERY hard to make a sale. I definitely didn’t spend hundreds of hours writing this blog to make 2 sales per month ($150).

    I want to share my journey and help people find something useful to start their online business. I know SBI that’s why I recommend it.

    If I earn something through my effort, that’s cool too. But to make some decent money selling SBI is very very hard. There are just a few people making nice bucks with it (the super affiliates), the rest of us make a sale here and there.

    I’d earn 10 times more if I invested the effort in promoting SBI into a nice content site and slapped some Adsense on it.

    And you have been using Site Build It how long?


  17. LoL – you really think Google doesn’t know what CMS is being used to create a site? LoL okaaaay

    btw I’ve never used SBI/sitesell crap but I have 4 friends who got suckered in and forked over hundreds each only to abandon it for wordpress (and one of them went with joomla, if I remember correctly).

    sitesell would have been so-so back in 1992 but check your calendar, we’re in 2009.


  18. Kathy, you’re missing the point. Even if Google knows what CMS is used, do you really think it ranks the content according to the CMS used?

    There are “so 1992” pages written that still sit on top of Google for many keywords.

    Btw, I have over 40,000 friends who use SBI and are obviously happy with it since they keep renewing the subscription and of course, SBI keeps growing at the same time.

    Please don’t fall into the trap of judging SBI by its templates. The real value of Site Build It is in teaching you how to build a successful online business. Once you know that, you don’t need SBI for a simple affiliate site.

    Of course, knowing what to do, having a structured, organized system, simple tools to help you get started (instead of going through a learning curve for HTML, WordPress, plugins, trackbacks, SEO, link building, newsletter modules, form modules, RSS, social bookmarks, etc.) is invaluable to people with jobs and families.

    Most of those who criticize SBI are computer geeks who are quite savvy with computers and internet and have spent hundreds of hours accumulating knowledge (and of course wasting hundreds of hours on incorrect information spread by thousands of guru-wannabees) and skills.

    But let me ask you this (and all your knowledgeable friends who are making hundreds of dollars per day, right?): why are you reading my blog and reading about SBI if it sucks and you already know how to build a successful online business?

    If you know how to do well, why don’t you share your knowledge with other people and stop wasting time criticizing other systems.

    I don’t go around criticizing the “mini sites” systems, or Infoproduct system or WordPress affiliate sites systems or …

    What good can come out it?

    SBI works for me, it’s a fantastic product which is constantly improved, it is totally flexible and can use any type of template if one wants, and it has all the tools and knowledge in one place.

    I can now focus my energy on building quality content and not worry about missing any new important info, because Sitesell team monitors hundreds of RSS feeds and authority people (like Matt Cutts, …) and it filters out the crap from the key info and then lets all SBI users know what is important in 2009. (and 2010, 2011, …)

    That’s why I love SBI and hate people who criticize it without at least using the product for 6 months or 1 year.

    If you have some important FACTS to share about Site Build It, please do, but if anyone has an OPINION about SBI and has NOT used it, I (and my visitors) am NOT interested in hearing it.


  19. I signed up 4 months ago to make a website for my offline business, and like most SBI’ers proudly admit, if you use SBI your website will look like crap. Maybe that doesn’t matter when your website is just about tricking people into coming there by having the right keywords and then not answering their question so that they click on a sponsor link, but it doesn’t work for a real business that has an image to maintain. They should really have a button that you click somewhere before you buy it that says “are you going to make a website for a real business?” and if you click that it explains that it is only for scam sites that draw meaningless traffic for adsense money.


    Tomaz Reply:

    Hi Thomas,

    There are good points at first look (but with lots of faulty thinking) so let me address each of them:

    a) Your SBI site will look like crap. I agree that most SBI templates don’t look very exciting BUT in most cases, you only need to redesign the header and your site will suddenly look very nice.

    You can also have a template created and simply upload HTML. This is exactly what you would do without SBI, right? Except that you’d have a template and no knowledge, no Action Guide, no forums and no tools. Not a smart idea…

    b) Tricking people into clicking sponsor links. Sure, you can trick people but I don’t see how ONLY SBI templates can achieve that? I am sure you can design a fancy template and trick people into clicking ads…

    Also, Google has very strict policies now and you simply cannot disguise their ads as you could in the past. How about tricking people to enter into a business agreement with you based on your fancy template design?

    Imagine how many people have fallen for this trick online? A fancy template, intriguing sales letter and then a scam. Do you really believe that fancy templates have anything to do with the quality of your business?

    b) “…but it doesn’t work for a real business that has an image to maintain.” Your business will create the image through the quality of your service and through word of mouth and NOT through some fancy template. That sounds more like tricking people into believing your business is really good without really knowing some facts about it.

    Here’s one really not fancy template of quite a successful company:


  20. I wouldn’t use site build it, but I can see a use case for it. Still there are better solutions, just look at this blog, it is in WordPress. In 75% of situations, WP is prob. the best bet.


    Tomaz Reply:

    Hey Scott,

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts but I think you miss the point. There ARE better solutions for building a nicer LOOKING site than SBI, that’s true.

    But there are NO better solutions for building high traffic website – which you can then monetize in many ways.

    This blog has 164 posts right now and receives around 200 visitors per day. My typical SBI site with around 150 pages of content receives at least 1000 (but usually more) visitors per day in the same period of time.


    Because every page has carefully chosen keywords with good demand and low competition and every page is optimized for that keyword.

    Compound 150 or more pages like that and your site starts to rank extremely well for your optimized keywords PLUS for thousands of long tail keywords.

    This blog is not optimized for keywords – because WordPress gives me no tools to do keyword research – especially not that accurate keyword research.

    Oh wait, I can buy them from other companies?

    So the Wordtracker keyword tool (just that tool and nothing else) costs $329 for annual subscription and Site Build It costs $299 – which includes a keyword tool, hosting, the Action Guide, all the tools to build a site, access to forums where experts can help you and tons of other goodies!

    And you wouldn’t buy SBI? πŸ˜‰ It’s time to do some real research and see what really works.

    P.S. When you Google something, do you see (almost always) blogs or websites in the top rankings? I thought so. Why do you still consider blogs then?


  21. I think you are being disingenuous to the fact that you are assuming one cannot do keyword research in other ways, and for free, too.

    When I google something, I see blogs mostly, what do you see? SBI fills a niche for beginners I guess, and clues them in to a lot of important factors so it is worth the $300 or so dollars, but I wouldn’t waste my time with SBI and sacrifice a hideous looking 1996 design for free keyword tools…


    Tomaz Reply:

    It is a FACT that one cannot do keyword research for free which would so accurately show demand and supply – and give so many keywords. If one such tool exists, please share it with us – to win an argument in a debate you need to have facts.

    Second, you definitely do NOT see blogs in MOST CASES when you Google something – so you’re simply being in denial and trying to prove your point without facts – again.

    The only time when blogs are better ranked is if you are looking for news (and a few specialized topics like SEO, gadgets and so on) – since that’s what blogs are for and Google pushes them higher in the rankings for a SHORT time for that certain event that happened. After a day or two, their rankings plummet again.

    If you search for INFORMATION, product reviews and facts, you will see the first blog on page 3 or so…

    There are many more regular people looking for information, reviews and facts than there are Internet marketers looking for the latest SEO trick. (in which case blogs do rank well)

    As for design – SBI starts at the exact same point as the WordPress does – the default WordPress design is boring and hideous too.

    But 99% of the blogs you see online have CUSTOM made templates – so how is Wordspress better than SBI – (as you can have a custom template with SBI too)?

    You need to wake up to reality and not cling to some mistaken beliefs about SBI which are not true at all.

    And one more thing: since you’ve never used SBI, your claims about it of course have no credibility.

    I am actually approving your comments here for the future visitors because many of them may have the exact same mistaken beliefs about the product and some of them might actually wake up and push their ego aside to start their journey to freedom with a proven system.

    Blogging will certainly NOT get you there.


  22. Hey Tomaz,

    I always appreciate the debate, and we can agree to disagree.

    For keyword research, the google AdWords Keyword Tool works great:

    And all you need to do is type in allintitle: to measure up the competition for a given phrase.

    The fact that I have never used Site Build It means absolutely nothing. I have researched it, know what it is about, have talked to people that have used it, and I am not an affiliate, so my opinion is actually more objective than yours IMO = )

    The fact that WordPress is free, has thousands of free and custom themes available, and a vibrant community of developers writing new plugins all the time makes it FAR superior to SiteBuildIt from a content management standpoint.

    Sure there are other benefits of SBI, especially for the newbie, but since I don’t need them and have multiple websites, it is WordPress all the way.



  23. Hey Scott,

    The SBI Brainstormer returns up to 800 keywords based on a seed word and it gives you demand and supply. Theoretically, you can do a similar thing with Google Adwords and then check EACH keyword with the allintitle: operator.

    Good luck doing that 800 times for one single brainstorm! What if you want to brainstorm more niches? πŸ˜‰

    So your answer and are your tool are useless in this case.

    The point that you have not used SBI means everything since you do not have realistic info – just opinions.

    And since you’ve probably made up your mind some time ago and created a belief that SBI sucks, you have been looking for opinions that support your belief and have been ignoring and trying to discredit those that support SBI.

    Good luck doing that with me! From my standpoint you definitely don’t know what you’re talking about.

    You have also been obviously misled from the WP and SEO community since we are talking here about building a successful online business and your keep talking about templates (and plugins). πŸ˜‰

    How are templates and plugins going to make your site succeed?

    These have NOTHING to do with creating a high traffic website.

    Google has nothing in their algorithm that would rank sites with nicer templates or with cooler plugins higher.

    The real question is: does one KNOW what has to be done when it comes to keyword research, site structure, internal linking, getting external links and tons of other stuff that ARE a part of Google’s algorithm and that WILL help you get more traffic.

    This is where SBI is unmatched. The Action Guide teaches you everything and it’s all tied together with the multitude of tools that help build a site that works.

    Just check the success stories from SBI-ers here and then compare that with guys who started their Internet marketing journey with blogging.

    How many daily visitors do those bloggers (using nice looking templates and plugins) get after 1 year?

    Check my previous post about Why Blogging for Money Sucks and see what Problogger’s poll showed up…

    Yeah, very funny, right?

    If one does KNOW all that SBI teaches and what I mentioned above, sure you can use WordPress as a Content Publishing System but then you won’t be blogging but you’ll be building a website. That can work.

    You can also build a simple HTML template and just FTP pages up. If one KNOWS EXACTLY what has to be done, then sure, you don’t need SBI for a simple Adsense site.

    As for the idea that SBI is for newbies you have to ask yourself two things:

    1. Is there something with your EGO that stops you from checking out a tool that can teach a newbie how to create a successful (see link above) high traffic site in less than a year?

    Because logic suggests that this system must be incredibly effective (and correct) to do that.

    If you’re making over 10k per month and can easily create sites in less than a year that get between 500 and 1000 daily unique visitors, then you’re one of the few people who really won’t benefit from getting an SBI subscription.

    (The question is then what are you doing here reading this blog instead of working on your sites with all the knowledge you have and why are you not starting your own blog sharing your tips?)

    But IF you’re NOT kicking butt online and you cannot easily create a site that gets high traffic in less than a year, then again simple logic would suggest that you should check what all these people with SBI have learned AND created in such a short period of time.

    2. If SBI is just for newbies, then why is this guy at (who is obviously not a newbie) using SBI for that and his other websites? (He uses a blog to support his main business sites!)

    So if SBI is used by newbies AND experts (Am I an expert too? Is an expert someone who makes more than 10k per month? I think so.) and they both succeed, what logical reason can you find NOT to check the system if you’re not at the same level of traffic and income?

    What else are you going to do?

    Check Digital Point forums for more expert knowledge? Read hundreds of blogs all with conflicting suggestions?

    How will you decide then what works and what not? How much time will you keep wasting testing hundreds of crappy ideas to find out what works and what not?

    As for agreeing to disagree – we can’t do that. If you disagree that SBI works, you don’t know what you’re talking about.

    I am not against WordPress as a CMS but one needs to KNOW a LOT to tie all that together into a WP with plugins and make it work.

    But the indisputable fact is this: WP doesn’t teach you how to create a successful online business and SBI does.


  24. Yes SBI does suck!

    Once you see the power in what it can do for your life, you will never be satisifed with slave wages from a corporate company again.

    I LOVE my SBI life!!!

    And Tomaz,

    This post was written a long time ago BUT I hope you have learned not to waste so much time typing post to the naysayers especially that guy. His site has a low PR and gets no traffic. Those results speak for themseleves.

    Take my advice with a grain of salt (whatever the heck that means) as I do the same thing. But after reading your exchange with scott I realize spending that time on my business is much more productive.

    We live and learn…


  25. Actually, I really appreciate the time Tomaz has taken to explain and refute. I am in the middle of researching to know if I want to use SBI. I have a friend who uses it and makes about $600 a month. But, she hasn’t done any work on the site since March. I wonder how realistic it is to expect to make $10,000 a month, I couldn’t even imagine!

    Tomaz, how long was it before you started to make any money from your first SBI site? I have heard you shouldn’t expect anything before 3 months and not much until 6 months. Do you agree?


    Tomaz Reply:

    Hi Tiffany,

    I earned my first dollars about 4 months after I started the site but I decided to create my own products so it took me a while to write my first ebook.

    You need to know that Google will not let a newly created site rank well no matter what. (Unless you get links from massive authority sites.)

    What I see (I don’t have scientific proof but this is my experience) is that after 6 months Google releases the brakes a little and after1 year it releases the brakes completely.

    That’s why it takes long time to get lots of traffic. Also, you need lots of content – I’d say at least 100 pages to get some decent traffic (over 500 visitors per day) so this is really up to you.

    Will you write 100 pages of content in 6 months? 1 high quality long article every 2 days? If yes, then you will do well. If not, don’t blame SBI since SBI has nothing to do with it.

    The results will be the same for any type of hosting. SBI gives you all the knowledge and tools to start in the right direction. Once you’re site is up and running, it is treated by Google as any other site.


    Joan Reply:

    @Tomaz, Have to disagree here Tomaz, my sister’s site at SBI got 1,000 unique views within just 3 months daily views so it really also depends on the niche you’ve chose, although she did have tons of content I might add.


  26. Hi Tomaz,

    Despite being an ECommerce professional (Project Management not a Techie!), I signed up for SBI and have spent 1.5 years developing

    As someone who has recently looked closely into both WordPress and SBI my views are:

    1. If you are the type who is a blend of techie, content writer and marketeer you will make good money no matter what system you use.

    2. SBI is “expensive” and it certainly isn’t perfect but nothing is simple. Even putting up a bog standard HTML site at Hostgator is proving really timeconsuming. It took me just 1 hour at SBI.

    3. Every system has a huge learning curve. It took me ages to learn how to set anything up in SBI let alone how to Upload HTML. But looking into WordPress it isn’t a shorter learning curve at all, and a huge amount of hacks have to be done by someone techie you trust to get any long lasting SEO benefits.

    Most importantly though, this whole discussion is a complete red herring. You know why? Because the people making the money are those who actually get off their backsides, and get on with it. Yes the SBI templates look terrible, but so do loads of WordPress sites. Most importantly though, I have seen numerous non SBI and WordPress sites which look terrible, but which make big money because they have compelling content.

    So yes the SBI route does make you want to scream and it does take alot of time and persistence to make it work, but isn’t that true of any business? And when you look at the percentage of the 40,000 SBI owners making good money from their sites compared to the rest of the web, well $299 seems like a small amount of money to me. After all if I’m going to devote the time required to this, then I want to make sure I have the greatest chance of success.

    Lastly for those still in the “look is everything camp”, I have a competitor who has the best looking WordPress blog I have ever seen. He has spent huge amounts of time making it look fantastic and he put up new content everyday. However he hasn’t written anything in a month and his traffic has fallen out of bed. Meanwhile I didn’t touch my website for 6 months this year and guess what? My traffic grew and I’m getting about 600 uniques per day mainly from Google.

    From my perspective I know SBI and how it works now. As such I’ll stick with it. The key thing is my site makes money and will make alot more when I properly monetise it. The best thing though, is that I know if I want another 6 months off, the site will keep getting visitors and making me money. That is why, for me at least, having a “boring” HTML site with good content is definitely the way to go.

    PS Tomaz would you mind terribly much if I Skyped you as I want to start another SBI site and wanted to pick your brains if that would be possible?




  27. Site Build It sucks? Heck no! I agree with what you said though, SBI is no magic pill. But it really, really works.

    I wanted to mention, because you talk about those scam reviews – there’s a new website about it too. It’s called the Site Build It scam site and it explains everything in detail in case anybody’s interested.

    But seriously, Site Build It is a wonderful product, run by wonderful people. The forums are the best I’ve ever been on, too. Doing the tortoise thing, one step at a time, is mandatory! You definitely get your money’s worth there.


  28. Hi Tomaz,

    It is so exciting to see that you get so much replies for just a nonsense keyword that I typed into the search engine.

    Well, I do have experienced with HTML, PHP, WordPress, (well, not Joomla!) and I have to admit that I have all of them failed.

    Then finally I arrived at SBI. But the fact is, SBI actually do incurred a lot more cost than any of the traditional ways. I start playing with free web-hosting, then be serious a bit with paid hosting, but SBI is somehow… terribly expensive!

    Yet I have to admit that, Sitesell really good at is Content-Traffic-Presell system. It is the only one company that finally decide to buy it after detailed reading about those testimonial and example. It doesn’t do like what other companies do, direct me to a price comparison page, <– I am quite bored of these kind of price comparison.

    And I do have the feeling that SBI is really the suitable product, at least suitable for me because of its resources. But here the problem comes…

    $ 29.90 per month, is really not cheap in my country, $ 1 can be used to buy a very good lunch instead! (my country is Malaysia, $1 = RM 3.2+) I have put on so much consideration to finally push myself into trying this product. But what I get now is, I spent 4 days hang on Day 2, 2 days for Day 3, and for Day 4 it ask me to go back to Day 2 and roll over again!

    And after Day 2 now I have got only 5 word tracker credit left, which definitely not enough, and that means I need to have buy 100 more trackers for $ 20, which is definitely pushing me over budget!! $30 per month is what I sincerely, the most I can afford to pay, and that also have been a burden to me.

    The worse thing is, I can only register the domain name on Day 5, which I understand exactly I really have the need to find a suitable niche to get start with.

    Well, so at least as a university student from a poorer country, I wish to sound my feeling, I feel like I have pay for a wordtracker system with that I still need to pay $20 more in order to buy the trackers, and as long as I haven't found the suitable niche I will pay $30 without having any of the functionality! I do have confident that SBI is really a good tools, but just if Sitesell can share with me the content from Day 2 and Day 4 before I buy, I would have actually stop, planning it detail enough, then only I will buy it.

    You know, I am now really trap in the situation that I nearly wish to contact sitesell and tell them "I want a refund because I don't think I am ready for this product yet, I will come back later.". I haven't done that, but I think if I am not able to find that extra $20 I am forced to do that, and I don't even know by doing so, will they penalize me that I can't buy this service from them in the future?

    Well, just to strengthen my idea, if Sitesell will tell me to have much more "preparation" for this product, I won't have been trapped into this kind of situation. Not able to spend even $20 more might sounds a joke to you, but I hope you will believe it though.



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