Taking Full Responsibility For Your Life

Taking Full Responsibility For Your Life

Posted by on Jul 1, 2010 in Financial Freedom

Those of you who use Chitika ads on your sites have undoubtedly noticed that Chitika earnings dropped in recent months.

The company has taken a different approach (it does not really matter what they are up to) and that results in much lower income for most publishers.

For example, I earn around 60-70% from what I used to.

After this change I got a few e-mails from people asking me what had happened and there were lots of complaints. I found a bunch of negative forum and blog posts about Chitika and how it “sucks” now.

The underlying message of all these messages was that Chitika is responsible for poor income and emotional state of these publishers.

In other words, “It is Chitika’s fault that I do not earn enough and I do not feel well.”

From my perspective that is not taking full responsibility for your life.

It is placing the responsibility of our income and well being into the hands of someone else.

Since I do not have control of that someone else it is very likely that person or company will do something that I might not like. They have to take care of themselves much more as for me obviously.

If you take full responsibility for your income and your life, then your goal is to have multiple sources of income and so that you are not affected as much when one or more of your business partners stop generating that much revenue.

So what if my Chitika earnings have dropped by 30 or 40%? I can rely on other sources of income because I have worked hard to get my online business to a point where all this does not matter much.

You need to be prepared especially if you are planning to quit your job and rely purely on your online business to fund everything.

Here is a plan which worked for me and motivated me to keep working hard even when I had enough to live from:

1. Calculate the average monthly expenses you need to live your preferred lifestyle.

If you want to travel and spend some time in Southeast Asia or visit Chicago because of a seminar you want to attend, add those expenses into your yearly budget and see how much you need per month on average.

2. DOUBLE the amount and work hard to reach it.

Why double? In my opinion this gives you the safety margin you need if one of your main income streams dries up.

You are earning less but if you have a healthy and sane relationship with the money, then you do not really care that much – you are still earning enough and you are still free.

Of course, if your self-esteem is tied up with how much you earn and you have made the wrongful connection that making more money makes you more worthy, then you will be very sensitive to any fluctuations of your income and you will basically be a slave for money.

3. Once you have reached the double income needed for your preferred lifestyle, just keep updating your sites and stay in touch with the latest happenings on the Internet.

There will  always be new ways of getting traffic and new ways of monetizing your sites and if you want to be successful in what you do, you need to keep in touch. Think really carefully why you would want to build more sites and earn even more money.

Do you really NEED that much? Is there some deep emotional need or wound that is being somehow fixed (only in short term) by earning more money? If it is, you will never fix it that way. You will need to address it in a different way and heal the cause.

4. Focus on your passion and your calling in life – but keep your other businesses alive.

Work on yourself and deal with stuff that is not where you would like it to be.

It is very dangerous and tempting to spend the whole day behind the computer and by being a workaholic avoiding the things we need to face in order to grow.

Take a few minutes and think whether you really need to spend so many hours behind you computer or whether you are just avoiding something uncomfortable that needs to be dealt with by convincing yourself that you need to build more sites and find the latest trick to get more links.

If you follow your path and passion in life, you will automatically generate more income because you will be providing more value to people. Certainly we need to find ways of doing well financially since we live on planet Earth where everything has to be paid 😉 – and I found that to be one of the greatest challenges in life.

How do I earn really well and become financially free by doing what I love? In my case, it is not exactly ALL my passion. I am earning money from some niches that are not really my passion but I treat them as a separate business that enables one of my other passions to thrive – the freedom of doing what I like and the freedom of exploring this world.

I do not neglect those businesses because they are crucial to my lifestyle and my freedom. I do not see world as a perfect place where I can do everything I want all the time and be ecstatic every second of being awake. 😉

The reality is much more complex and sometimes I need to spend a few hours per day doing not very exciting things – like doing keyword research and looking for quality links and publishing articles on my sites that do not interest me that much.

But because I had experienced some of that “boring” feeling and I had experienced working hard, I appreciate much more the times that I have  when I am free and when I travel around.

One of the reasons why rich spoiled celebrities get so depressed many times is exactly the lack of hard work and the lack of fulfillment. If you are living such an amazing life ALL the time, you stop appreciating it.

Instead of seeing how great it is to be free and travel around the world, you find it boring and not really special. And unfortunately the only thing that really stimulates your mind even more are all sorts of addictions – which in the long term hurt you even more.

So the key of making yourself and your business invulnerable to all the fluctuations of income is to focus on an least doubling your preferred monthly income.

I suggest that you really set that income in your mind (write it down!) as you will be much more focused on reaching that instead of just “wanting more money”. “More money” is not a specific thing and your mind does not focus like a laser on goals like that.

My personal goal a few years ago was to earn at least $2500 per month to be free and the double of that was $5000. Having such a clear goal in mind helped me reach that goal in about two years of hard work.

Taking full responsibility for my income and my life has helped me to become invulnerable to such things as Chitika changing their approach or anything else that might happen in the future.

Hope this article gives you food for thought and helps you become personally and financially free sooner that you thought possible.

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  1. Thanks for this timely advice. Most of us will experience changes either in career, health, or finances.

    Becoming debt free is something to consider as well. Your model of earning an internet income shows it is possible.


  2. Good solid advice. This reminded me of an earlier post about how you should try to earn more money instead of focusing on saving money.

    Also, I like the message of diversifying. That’s part of investing. If you only earn from one income – Chitika, Adsense… You are limiting your potential.


  3. I have a similiar problem with Google adsense. If my adsense account gets blocked, then I’m kinda stuck.

    I have started to bring in a secondary income with eBook sales through Clickbank & E-junkie. But most of sites rely on adsense income to make them profitable.


  4. I had just signed up for Chitika when all of this happened. I had hoped it would be a third avenue of income. Oh well, there are always other ways.

    One lesson I have learned in my life (I am 71 years old) is that if something doesn’t serve my best interests, I just let it go. Trying to change something that is not serving you is a waste of energy. It is much better to seek out that that will serve.


  5. Taking responsibility for one’s own life, accepting the need for hard graft, diversification, calculating required income versus expenditure and being able to budget for the unexpected are key business skills needed by any entrepreneur and business-owner.

    Thank you for this reminder. Great post, Tomaz!


  6. @ Mark : I sell using E-junkie and I would advise you to start with one instead of using different shopping carts in one go.


  7. Thank you very much. Great advice as usual! It is a little disheartening though, because I just applied for Chitika (through your link) and was waiting to be approved.

    JOAN, I am blown away. I re-read your comment for a few times, and I am going to read it again until I memorize it! It could save me 40 years of learning.


  8. I discovered a few weeks ago that I make only 1 cent
    per click with Chitika.
    I deleted all ads at my site immediately.


  9. Hi Tomaz! Are you entering the SBI Facebook competition. I’m not, because I’ve already hit up my FB friends so much with stuff for my comedy, I wouldn’t really get out there and push it. But if you were entering, I would definitely “like” your video. The prizes are a Flip phone (which I’m sure you can just buy yourself), but the other prizes are free three-month memberships, which I think you put to good use with the people who you give all this free advice to. Feel free to not approve this comment if it opens a bag of worms that is not worthwhile. 🙂

    Don’t forget about visiting Los Angeles!


  10. Hey Christy,

    I am not entering FB competition, have too much tennis stuff to do right now. Will definitely visit LA at some point!


  11. I can relate. (If you replace “tennis” with comedy that is.)

    It’ll be so cool to show you around LA!

    PS The only bad month for a visit is in February, because I’m going on my own trip to check out London. Just following in your footsteps and stretching my freedom wings thanks to all your great advice.


  12. Tomaz,
    I had the same thing happen to me with Chitika. I wholeheartedly agree with your assessment on how to move past it. You have a great site!



  13. Great article Tomaz. I think the best course of action for those of us who earn our living online (as well as those who aspire to) is 1) never put all your eggs in one basket (that means multiple streams of income in case that saying has no meaning outside the southern US) and
    2) always have a back up plan or a plan B.
    I enjoy your wisdom, always!


  14. I enjoyed this article Tomaz. Some timely reminders of priorities in life. I started building a site with SBI just to earn some extra spending money.

    Once I proved to myself that this really worked and understood the potential, I changed the goal from “extra spending money” to “retirement income.” 🙂

    I could see that if I don’t set an actual dollar amount for a goal, I could get carried away and never be satisfied that I’m earning “enough.”

    Your forum advice helped me a good bit in my first year of SBI and I’ve respected your opinion ever since.



  15. Tomaz, I continue to be so grateful to you for sharing your experience and these invaluable words of wisdom. There are so many aspects of this article that I find helpful, both the practical wisdom about calculating what you need to live on and then doubling it, and also how to hold in our consciousness the sometimes boring tasks required to build a site. Thanks so much!


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