The 3 Keys To Success

Posted by on Aug 31, 2012 in Productivity Tips

The 3 Keys To Success
Keys to success

What does it take to succeed in something?

Do you need to be a genius, a workaholic, a super organizer, or have a magical charisma?

I don’t think so.

There may be many elements to the puzzle of success, but you cannot miss three very important ones.

The Principle of Massive Action

A friend of mine wanted to quit her job and and use her expertise in what she loves to do – which is Pilates, aerobics, and everything in between. (Yes, there is even yoga-lates that she can teach you. 😉 )

She was really unhappy in her current job, but she didn’t believe she could find enough lessons for herself in the somewhat crowded field of fitness and related topics.

At some point when she was desperate, I asked her if I could suggest something. I cautioned her that she had to follow it, even if it didn’t sound like it would lead to success.

She agreed, and I told her about the principle of massive action.

You need to take massive action in order to increase the probability of success. Logically she understood, but she hadn’t experienced that yet.

I told her to make an Excel sheet with a list of ALL elementary schools and fitness clubs in the radius of 20 km. Then she needed to find their phone numbers, call them all, and offer her services.

She didn’t feel this would bear any fruit, but since she had agreed to do what I asked, she said she was willing to »waste« two or three hours of time to prove to me that nothing much would happen.

The next day around noon, she called me and said that 9 out of 17 fitness clubs were interested and that they wanted her resume and to talk with her.

She was ecstatic and couldn’t believe that there were so many options to choose from.

She now KNOWS what the principle of massive action does.

The Principle of Perseverance

I was planning to tape some videos for my tennis website and booked a court where there are many other courts around.

I came on the court with a friend I was teaching to play tennis, and she also agreed to help me with taping the videos.

I prepared the camcorder, the external microphone, and the tripod before I started to look for the right place for the camcorder: one where I was positioned correctly in the video, the court was well in sight, and the light from the sun came in properly.

I taped myself for 5 minutes, but then I lost my train of thought and started the taping again.

My friend then didn’t throw the balls correctly to me while I was demonstrating, so we had to tape it again.

We had finished half of it when a guy walked onto the court and said that we needed to move to another court. Apparently there had been a mistake with booking the courts, and his group had booked four courts because they had groups of children to teach.

So I had to stop everything, pack up all the equipment, and move to another court.

Then I started the whole procedure again.

When I was ready to tape, the guy on the next court started shouting to the kids, trying to motivate them with his voice while they were doing their warm up drills.

So I had to wait there for a few minutes for him to stop shouting; otherwise, his shouting would have been on my video, too.

I started taping the video again, but after a few minutes, two people came on the court. It was the end of the hour already, and I had to leave the court.

I then came the next day and finished the taping.

I had to persevere through all of these disturbances and unwanted events to get 5 minutes of video that were taped well.

While all that was happening, I was already aware of the principle of perseverance.

I felt that all these events were holding me back, but I KNEW that eventually I WOULD complete my taping of the videos and that I would WIN this battle between the elements that held me back and my desire to complete the video.

The Principle of Goals and Rewards

There’s a lot of information out there about goal setting. While that’s great, it doesn’t work that well for normal human beings who don’t really want to work all the time but also want to relax and have fun here and there.

The key to making goal setting work is to also set rewards.

My goal with the tennis videos was to create some free content which would grow traffic to my site, and my eventual goal is to create a video course on tennis technique which I will sell.

So, my ultimate goal at the moment is to create a video course.

For most of us, the reward comes in the form of money, but money itself doesn’t excite me – it’s just a number.

For me, other things are exciting, such as attending a tennis Grand Slam tournament, travelling to a place I’ve never been before, or enjoying tropical areas with sunny beaches and great seafood – or even meeting good friends from other parts of the world.

So, besides setting a goal of completing my video course, I already know how I will reward myself.

I am either going to visit my good friend Stuart in Malta 😉 (which will be much warmer in winter than Slovenia) or if he is not available, I will visit Antoinette and her husband in South Africa.

Can you feel how exciting that is for me?

You can then imagine how motivated I am to complete my goal.


The key principles of success are:

1. Massive action – I learned this from Tony Robbins in theory and from my life experiences in practice.

2. Perseverance – Life is messy, and there are a lot of situations that hold you back. But you can win and gain great satisfaction and confidence if you persevere. You only lose if you stop trying.

3. Setting goals AND rewards – Simply setting goals will instill in your mind something that you HAVE to do. We usually resist that on some level.

It’s critical that you set rewards in advance which will add to your mind the »WHY« you’re doing this.

Without the WHY, your motivation will be too low and you won’t be able to persevere when life’s messiness comes across your path. So you’ll give up and obviously won’t succeed.

Set rewards that excite you and will be in your reach once you complete your goal.

If you combine that with the principles of massive action and perseverance, life will be a joyous combo of focused work and times of relaxation and fun.

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  1. You’re absolutly right about your three principles.
    You really need to do what it takes to succeed and get the massive actions done!

    And of course have the right mindset. That’s probably the most important part. If you’re motivated, always in a good mood and happy, the rest will follow…


  2. As always Tomaz, your success-related thoughts are very valuable to read and go back to visit and read again and again.

    Your last three articles posted on Freedom Ideas are all very powerful ideas to follow. I easily get distracted and this article on the 3 keys to success reminds me of the importance of massive action and perseverance.

    Point 3 might be the most valuable of all. Focusing on the reason, the why, what it will feel like to hit that goal is the real motivator.

    I once heard a quote from a successful businessman, Dexter Yeager: “If the dream is big enough, the facts don’t matter.”

    Keep up the great posts.

    Thank You!



    Tomaz Reply:

    Thanks for sharing, Bruce!


  3. These are great tips, applicable to any situation where you’re taking on an enormous project where you won’t see the results for a while.

    My ultimate reward for continuing to build websites and write eBooks is moving to California, but I use small trips to see friends out of town as rewards for smaller goals achieved. But because those rewards depend on having the necessary money, I can’t cheat and buy them prematurely.

    It’s a win-win to keep me motivated!


  4. Hi Tomaz,
    Thanks for a great advice. I really believe the huge benefit of massive action, to do what it takes to get your business in front of your audiences, to do more. The big why is really important to keep moving forward toward your goal, and reap the reward later for your hard work.
    Keep up a great work. 🙂


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