The Most Powerful Link Experiment – Part I

The Most Powerful Link Experiment – Part I

Posted by on Jun 14, 2008 in SEO

The Most Powerful Link Experiment – Part I

One of the best ways of building links is submitting them to article directories which allow you to include links back to your site in the resource boxes or even in the body of the article.

Some of these sites are authority sites which means that Google trusts them a lot and will rank keyword optimized articles very high in its own search results.

But the problem we all face is how can we make the best of our time and money and not waste time submitting articles to sites that won’t send us any traffic and won’t improve the pagerank of our site.

That’s why you need to find the best site – or at least a few best ones – which will give you the best results for your invested energy, time and money.

I’ve submitted my share of articles to various sites and have narrowed the best ones to 4 main sites that send me traffic and sometimes even show pagerank above 0 on the page of my article.

These are:,, and

In the first part of the Most Powerful Link Experiment I want to know how many pages and links these sites GAIN in a certain period of time.

Why? Because if the site gains a lot of links, then this link juice will also PASS to my articles and links and consequently to my site!

So I’ve used Yahoo Siteexplorer (counting ONLY external links and to the entire site!) to count the pages and links of each site on the 7th of June and on the 14th of June, 1 week later.

You’ll also find Google pagerank and Alexa rankings in the table below…

SITES Hubpages Ezinearticles Squidoo Buzzle
Pagerank 5 6 7 5
Alexa 836 360 472 4,367
Pages – 7.6. 1,866,968 3,331,396 4,195,603 181,992
Pages 14.6. 1,698,771 3,372,736 4,175,537 127,310
Pages Difference – 168,197 + 41,340 – 21,066 -54,682
Links 7.6. 415,881 1,892,545 7,242,509 103,058
Links 14.6. 454,118 1,866,155 8,891,277 105,239
Links Difference + 38,237 – 26,390 + 1,648,768 + 2,181


1. The most link juice would seem to come from which has a pagerank of 7. But squidoo also has the most pages (over 4 million) which means that pagerank “leaks” to all these pages and there is not much left for each individual page.

In my experience, none of my squidoo lenses show any pagerank in the toolbar. (even 6 months after being published) They do send me some traffic though…

What is much more difficult to determine is the way each site INTERNALLY links to various parts and individual sections. Again, in my experience, does the best job at this and even my individual articles show pagerank 2 or even 3.

2. Most pages gained in one week – The tricky thing here is that what Yahoo shows us is how many pages it has INDEXED from each site. This experiment would have to be repeated in a longer time period (maybe 3 months) to get a better picture of how many pages are added in time.

Why is this important?

Again, each new page takes some part of the pagerank. If the site is gaining many more pages than quality links, then it will slowly but surely start contributing LESS pagerank to each page.

3. Most links gained in one week – Yahoo shows more than 1,6 million links gained by squidoo in just one week. Of course, these are the links that Yahoo found – or didn’t find one week ago.

We cannot make 100% conclusions on this one, but it does show the trend.

Surprisingly, “lost” over 26,000 links in one week. (Update – while I was checking and rechecking the numbers of links and pages, Yahoo showed different numbers even in 1 hour apart measurements…)

Traffic of all sites is rising all the time as this Alexa graph shows:

So which of these sites provides you with the most powerful link?

On the first glance, this would be which has the highest pagerank and most links gained in one week. The second one would surely be with less pages to leak pagerank to and over 38,000 links gained in one week.

These results give us some theoretical background on what to expect.

In the Most Powerful Link Experiment Part II I will submit an article to each of the sites and check its rankings in Google after two weeks. The article will be optimized for the same keyword, will have the same number of words and it will be rewritten so that it won’t cause any duplicate content penalty.

Although this would also be an interesting experiment – submit the same article at the same time to all four sites and see which site Google trusts most to put it higher in the SERPS…

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  1. One of the best ways of building links and improving page rank…good information about the Powerful Link Experiment…..keep it up…..


  2. Ok, an update: I’ve uploaded all 4 articles to the above mentioned sites. Buzzle may approve the article after a few weeks so I’ll post a the part II as soon as all other 3 sites have approved the article and Google has indexed them. So, let’s say in a week…


  3. Great article! I intend to follow this to see what happens. Experiments like this are beneficial to determine where we should spend our time. I have quite a few articles at and they have yet to disappoint me with traffic and links.


  4. Hey Carla,

    Nice of you to stop by! Yes, Ezinearticles are great for traffic especially if you target a medium competitive keyword and optimize the article for it…



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