The Power of Passion

Posted by on Dec 14, 2009 in Work From Home

Thanks to Henri Junttila for this inspirational guest post on how to find your life’s passion and how to make the best of it!


Tomaz has talked a lot about doing something you’re passionate about and the Site Build It! Action Guide emphasizes this as well. Without passion you will not keep going when you aren’t seeing results in the first 3, 6 or even 12 months.

Building a real business takes a lot of hard work, so it’s essential that you find something you love. If money didn’t exist, what would you do? There are no limits, only those that we impose on ourselves.

For example, you can have multiple passions, why not? I recently discovered that I am extremely passionate about helping people grow both spiritually and financially.

We all have something that we love doing and something that we burn for. Using that and turning it into a business will take you a long way.

4 Things That Will Separate You from the Crowd

When you’re passionate you won’t have trouble going the extra mile for your visitors, customers or clients. A few things I’ve noticed from people that are passionate are:

Care. When you like what you’re doing you’ll naturally contact your visitors and start a discussion. You never know where this may lead. It’s easy to think that talking to a visitor doesn’t have value, but they might know someone who knows someone that will then lead to a business opportunity.

Authenticity. Keeping it real is something that will become necessary in the years to come. With social media, blogs and all of these tools, word of mouth is becoming more and more powerful. If you aren’t taking care of your visitors and being authentic, your brand will go down the toilet.

Networking. This goes hand in hand with caring. If you want to jumpstart your progress, you have to get out there and network, both online and offline. If you can’t do offline, then go online and comment on blogs, use twitter, facebook and participate in the forums in your niche.

Hard work. Ultimately it all comes down to hard work. But when you’re doing what you’re passionate about, work is play and it isn’t really hard work. It’s just you having fun while building your business. Writing content, building links, brainstorming and innovating comes easily when you’re following your passion and not just doing it for the money.

The Time to Act is Now

Never has there been more opportunity than there is now. The cost of entry is low. You can connect with like-minded people and create your own community. It takes work, but it is worth it. If you’re working a 9-5 job, keep at it, but start putting out content on your passion when you’re home.

Using the power of passion to build your own business isn’t complex, it just takes work. Just doing 15 minutes a day will produce big results in the long-run. There are many resources out there that will help you get started. Site Build It! is excellent, and a great starting point.

Ultimately it is up to you to do your research, but do not get hung up on the tools. Find something that is endorsed by someone you respect and start taking action.

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  1. Thanks for the opportunity Tomaz. Following your passion 100% is something that I’ve realized myself in the past year and it has had a powerful impact on my life.


    Tomaz Reply:

    You’ welcome, Henri. All the best with your sites and your online and offline adventures!


  2. Great advice here. I second the Site Build It Program. I learned A TON from going through the program.

    Taking Action and Hard Work are the two best points here (in my humble opinion 🙂 ).

    I attest to this because I wanted change in my life for so long. I’ve worked in jobs I haven’t necessarily liked and I read a lot of books, but I really never did anything to change my situation. Finally, I took action. I’m still early in the process and it is challenging, but I’m enjoying it and I’m prepared to do the hard work that is required to be successful.

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts Henri!


  3. Thanks for the kind words Nate. Taking action is the missing piece. It’s the secret sauce!


  4. Tomaz,

    You’re great inspiration and your advices and help are very much appreciated. I’m doing the ground work now for my future site and will stop by here to update you on the progress.
    Passion and the right idea – IS THE KEY to success online!


  5. Hi there Henri,

    Of course, some people don’t like to follow their passion, if it happens to live in a low-demand/low-paying niche. But what I like about the idea, is that even if success takes a while to come to you – or even if you’re really unlucky and it doesn’t arrive at all – you’ve contributed something valuable anyway.

    In fact, the question I asked myself before creating a website is: “If it doesn’t bring much income, would I still be glad I did it?”. If your site concept is also your passion, the answer to that question is ‘Yes’, so you can’t lose. You get to create something valuable, and you may (eventually) make some good money out of it too.

    Good luck with yours 😉




  6. Heya Derek,

    The cool thing right now is that you can monetize almost any niche. You can get direct advertisers, call them up and make a deal. There are tons of affiliate programs out there and you can even create your own products.

    This will only get better in the future as more and more advertisers start focusing on buying ads online instead of offline. I agree completely with your point though!

    Thanks 🙂


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