The PPL Strategy – How To Make The Most Of Your Time And Talents

The PPL Strategy – How To Make The Most Of Your Time And Talents

Posted by on Nov 6, 2007 in Blogging advice

First Parkinson’s Law: Work expands so as to fill the time available for its completion.

If you are not aware of this law and you are a typical blogger doing your own stuff, then you probably start your day by checking your stats and your RSS reader to see what’s new in the blogosphere.

And what usually happens is that this time spent reading other blogger’s posts expands to fill in almost all the time you have left.

Eventually, you either have to go to work or to sleep or do something else and you realize that you haven’t really done anything that day.

You haven’t moved one step closer to obtaining financial freedom, being an A-list blogger, having a pagerank of 6 or fulfilling whetever your desires may be. 😉

It’s the Parkinson’s law that got you.

In order to escape this law you need to follow the PPL strategy.

The PPL strategy will bring more PeoPLe to your blog or website. By exchanging the value between what you have to offer and what they give you in return, you’ll be able to get whatever you want.

PPL stands for:
• Produce
• Promote
• Learn

The key to PPL is the correct order.

Most of us like to start with Learning, then move to Promotion and lastly we get to Production (which is the actual work – that’s why we want to avoid it).

The PPL Strategy

1. Produce

Producing HAS to be the first thing you do. Even without promotion your posts will eventually be found and if they are good, they will be promoted (meaning someone will link to your posts) even without you promoting them.

Once you have content and links to it, you’ll be found more often (and linked more often and found more often and … )

If you are producing a product like an ebook (or even a physical product) the cycle is very similar.

If your product is good, sooner or later word-of-mouth or links in the online world will help your product become more visible.

Producing can be:

1. Writing posts
2. Writing books or ebooks
3. Creating videos
4. Creating audio files – MP3s, podcasts, …
5. Anything else that you can think of

The definition that I like most is:

To produce: To bring (a product or idea, for example) into being.

2. Promote

Before your products or your brand name become widely known and common place, you’ll have to promote them yourself.

Yes, you may be found by accident and then the promotion will grow automatically in proportion to the quality of your product, but you can greatly accelerate this process by promoting your products (or services) yourself.

The biggest and best names or brands on the topic don’t have to worry too much about the promotion part because they are monitored all the time by others.

Darren Rowse, for example, doesn’t have to do much promotion and link building for his posts since he has already established himself in the field.

Many bloggers and businesses regularly check his posts and link to them so, for him, promotion is almost automatic.

An extreme example of this is Engadget where every post gets a few thousands links in the first few days of after posting.

Promoting can be:

1. Contacting related businesses or individuals in your field and letting them know about your product. This can be a simple email to a webmaster suggesting that s/he check out what you have to offer.

But a note of caution: avoid the Dark side – otherwise known as spamming. 😉

2. Advertising online (Google Adwords, Yahoo Search Marketing, banners, …) or offline
3. Using available free promotion tools and services like Blog carnivals and others
4. Making yourself visible through commenting on other blogs and indirectly promoting your name or product
5. Anything else that you can think of…be creative!

The definition that I like most is:

To promote: To raise to a higher rank, grade, or position. Also: To help to grow or succeed.

3. Learn

There are two ways we can learn – from others and from our own experience.

Learning ONLY from our own experience takes too long and is too shallow and too narrow.

We can use the knowledge of millions of other people who share their successes and their failures and learn from them.

This speeds up our learning process and we get a much broader perspective on the topic we are interested in.

The danger here is that there is too much information for us to digest so we need to be very selective in what we read and from whom.

Learning from others can be:

1. Reading their posts (blogs, websites, …)
2. Reading books
3. Watching videos
4. Listening to audio files
5. Anything else that you can think of

Learning from our own experience can be:

1. Analyzing the stats of our blog (visitors, keywords, conversion, …)
2. Seeing which strategies work and which ones don’t (creating websites, contacting other webmasters, choosing monetizing, …)
3. Experimenting with different strategies and understanding the connection between cause and effect (if I use internal links with the anchor text financial freedom and point them to my homepage this helps me rank higher in Google for the keyword ‘financial freedom’, …)
4. Anything else that you can think of

The definition I like most is:

To learn: To obtain some knowledge or skill, as by studying or being taught. Also: To find out about something.

In summary:

The goal of this post is not to explore hundreds of different ways of Producing, Promoting and Learning.

Rather it’s to help you avoid Parkinson’s law by organizing your daily tasks into an order that will help you maximize your time and talents to bring you closer to what you desire.

Remember that the PPL strategy is the one that attracts more PeoPLe to what you have to offer.

Of course, this strategy works only if there is something really valuable that you have to offer, so make sure that your product or service stands out from the crowd.

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  1. Excellent post!

    That is something I always have to remind myself to do.
    Otherwise I never get anything done!
    I guess I should hop back to the producing and finish catching up on my RSS feed later…



  2. This is great advice. A dirty secret about most of the top bloggers I’ve met is that they don’t read each others’ sites very much. They know what they’re doing and they focusing on their own product.

    They know better than to waste their time focusing on the work of others. This, of course, doesn’t work unless you know what you’re doing. 😉


  3. Actually me too, Brian! 😉 I have to remind myself too to write first or plan or whatever so that I create something.

    After that everything comes easier.


  4. Interesting observation, Court. I never thought about it because I like to read and learn from others much more than producing my own stuff. Ok, back to planning my tennis videos… 😉


  5. Thank you for your clearly laid out thoughts on PPL


  6. Hi David,

    Thanks for stopping by and I hope you’ll put this strategy to a good use!


  7. So the order of what we should do each day is produce first, then promote, then learn.

    Any suggestions on time ratios?

    Should we spend, for example, 45% of our time producing, 45% promoting and 10% learning? Or some other mix?


    Tomaz Reply:

    Yes, something like that. But when for example you finish a product (a new DVD), then you have been producing for 1 month 100%, and not you’ll have to promote maybe 90% and learn 10%.



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