The Secret To Internet Marketing Success?

The Secret To Internet Marketing Success?

Posted by on May 7, 2010 in Home Based Business Ideas

The Secret To Internet Marketing Success?

If you ever wondered what the real secret to internet marketing success is then I can show you a key factor that drives that success.

And that’s simply lots of quality content.

“Content is King” – is a common saying around internet marketing products and in the forums and you’re about to see for yourself that this is true.

You’ve probably come across the suggestion that you should create “lots of quality content” – but what is “lots”? How many pages?

I’ve checked the numbers on three of my SBI sites and will share them below with you.

Remember that in order to rank well in search engines you need also lots of quality links – which I didn’t measure in this article – simply because I cannot see the history of how many links my sites had at a certain period of time.

Realize that while I was adding pages I was also on constant lookout for quality links and that it’s the combination of content and links that really results in lots of traffic.

Content –> Traffic

I’ve gone through the traffic stats history on my sites and checked the average unique visitors per day at certain numbers of pages: 50, 100, 150, 200, 250 and 500 pages. (if the site has reached that many)

If you go to your Traffic Stats you’ll see Top X of Y Total Pages table. Try to find the month where the “Total Pages” number was roughly 50, 100, 150…

Amount of pages

Then scroll up to the Monthly Statistics and note the Visitors per Day average number.

Average amount of unique daily visitors

Note that the maximum amount of pages that I uploaded on a site is 300 on one site. The rest of the pages were created with C2 submissions…

Here’s how the relationship between pages and traffic looks like:

Pages Site #1 visitors Site #2 visitors Site #3 visitors
50 21 18 33
100 69 254 112
150 282 991 432
200 452 2087 807
250 753 2332
500 1559 2498

You can clearly see that the secret to internet marketing success is simply lots of quality content. As you can see some sites progress faster than the others and some reach higher levels than other.

But you can also see a clear correlation between content and traffic.

There’s one more secret to internet marketing success and high traffic numbers of these sites: I brainstormed the keywords with the SBI Brainstormer which tells me exactly which keywords are in good demand and which of those have low competition.

Profitable keywords that bring lots of traffc

Optimizing pages for these keywords is crucial!

Did you know that the blog has around 170 posts of content and yet it receives only around 200 daily unique visitors?

Why? Because most of the posts on this blog are NOT based (and optimized) for keywords. I write posts based on what comes to my mind or what someone asks me.

While the content is good (I hope), the site doesn’t get lots of traffic despite lots of pages.

So the other secret to internet marketing success is your choice of keywords. The real question is whether you have the brainstorming tools that will allow you to find those keywords…

I would appreciate if you contributed your numbers in the same way as I did above (number of visitors for 50, 100, 150, … pages) so that we have a greater sample of sites.

That will help you get a better feel for the relationship between the amount of quality content and the amount of daily unique visitors

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  1. I only started SBI one year ago, so I dont have big authority sites to show you examples of.

    But based on my two product sites, here are statistics (page count excludes legal+misk pages):

    site A – 5 months old

    Pages: about 50
    Traffic: 500 uniques
    Backlinks: 400

    Site B – 4 months old

    Pages: about 30
    Traffic: 150 uniques
    Backlinks: 400

    Hope to hear experience of other SBIers :).


  2. This is very interesting!

    Below are the statistics for my two sites. I think my second site is growing faster mainly thanks to your advice 🙂

    Site 1:

    Jul-09 Pages: 11, Unique Visitors: 21
    Aug-09 Pages: 38, Unique Visitors: 79
    Sep-09 Pages: 83, Unique Visitors: 106
    Oct-09 Pages: 101, Unique Visitors: 186
    Nov-09 Pages: 101, Unique Visitors: 369
    Dec-09 Pages: 102, Unique Visitors: 433
    Jan-10 Pages: 102, Unique Visitors: 635
    Feb-10 Pages: 103, Unique Visitors: 742
    Mar-10 Pages: 105, Unique Visitors: 1159
    Apr-10 Pages: 157, Unique Visitors: 2281

    Site 2:

    Jan-10 Pages: 1, Unique Visitors: 1
    Feb-10 Pages: 1, Unique Visitors: 19
    Mar-10 Pages: 67, Unique Visitors: 74
    Apr-10 Pages: 96, Unique Visitors: 302


  3. Feb 2009, 50 Pages – 41 Unique Visitors per day
    July 2009, 100 Pages – 90 Unique Visitors per day
    Dec 2009, 130 Pages – 186 Unique Visitors per day
    May 2010, 150 Pages – 477 Unique Visitors per day

    I didn’t have quality links before I started reading your blog. I started following your posts in December. Since then my traffic has exploded because now I know how to correctly link up to the rest of the internet. That’s why there is such rapid growth in traffic and amount of money earned recently.

    Thanks Tomaz!


  4. Wow! When I look at all these numbers I feel like I’m doing something seriously wrong! And actually I know I’ve made a bunch of mistakes and I’m correcting them.

    In the month of April my stats show 155 daily visitors with 256 pages! But don’t read directly into these numbers since a lot has happened behind the scenes that prevent it from being an apples to apples comparison with other sites. 🙂

    For Nancy…

    Nancy, I see that from March to April for both your sites you massively increased your traffic. This must mean you implemented something that took effect during that month.

    Can you share what you did?

    For Tomaz…

    The last three posts have been extremely helpful as they’ve given me great insight into the internals of your successful sites. Much appreciated!


  5. Hi Nisheth – You asked about the growth in my sites between March and April.

    With the first site, I got a Yahoo directory listing around April 11th, which doubled my traffic almost immediately. I then set up some competitions with C2 pages and started promoting them through other websites. There have been traffic spikes associated with each promotion.

    With the second site, I started working to get some back-links (for example, I listed the site in JoeAnt), but I think the traffic increase in that case may be mainly a matter of a very new having time to get spidered.

    On the other hand, when I look at the traffic sources of Site #2, almost no traffic is coming from search engines and a large percentage is coming from very odd countries, so I wonder if a lot of these “visitors” are actually bots.


  6. Hi Tomaz,

    You mentioned “maximum amount of pages that I uploaded on a site is 300 on one site. The rest of the pages were created with C2 submissions…”

    Is there any reasons why you did not upload more of your own content after you hit 300 articles?


  7. Nancy, thank you very much for your reply!


  8. Jerrick,

    I just wanted to say that out of over 500 pages that are on one site, 300 were uploaded by me.

    I am still uploading pages occasionally – just wanted to stress the fact that I didn’t personally upload so many pages but they were created thanks to the power of C2.


  9. Thanks Tomaz, this is very helpful. I notice that one of my sites that gets a lot of C2 submissions is growing faster, even though both sites have an equal number of uploaded pages.

    Both sites are submitted to Yahoo and Best of the Web, JoeAnt etc., but site A was dropped from Google recently so traffic has dropped on that site. 🙁

    Site A:

    November 2009: 50 pages – 25 average unique visitors

    May 2010: 168 pages – 85 average unique visitors

    Site B:

    November 2009: 123 pages – 62 unique visitors

    May 2010: 293 pages – 381 unique visitors


  10. Mashubi,

    Did you do any link building? Because your traffic per page ratio is quite low, even though your sites are more than half year old.

    You also mentioned that your site A got dropped by Google – just wondered if it was the case with mistakenly submitting to low quality directories?


  11. Hi Nick,

    Can you share what you did to achieve 500 daily unique so quickly? Is it because u spend a lot of money on paid directories or other forms of link building? Thanks


  12. Jerrick,

    No, actually I got tired of directories and almost forgot them all together, since many of the approved submissions never appear on Google or Yahoo backlinks report.

    The only one I used is Submitedge – but you probably only get something out of it with the first $15 -$35 package, the next up package only submits to low quality sites.

    Some other good quality ones are Yahoo, BOTW, and few more, but then they cost lots of money and won’t prove to be that efficient for you buck.

    The best practice I found? Find quality relevant blogs and post your comments on.

    I tried hiring people but no luck so far- they all try to take shortcuts. Much better spend time doing that yourself.

    Also article directories will work, but write original articles, again best if done yourself.


  13. Hi Nick,

    Thanks a lot for the tips…


  14. Hi Jerrick, I got a link from the Yahoo directory and a month later, the page lost its PR4 and is now PR0. I have noticed a small increase in traffic of about 50 visitors a day and I think I’m getting found in more countries. I didn’t get any extra PR from this and was hoping for an increase of 1 at least.

    I don’t I’ll renew next year. I will buy $299 worth of links from the smaller directories and social networking sites.


  15. Hello All,

    My website statistics are:

    May 2010
    Pages: 49
    Average Unique visitors per day: 26

    The only marketing I have done so far is answering questions on I will start link building in a month or so. I move slower than most SBI’ers but I’m in no rush to make money, so it’s ok. My website is 8 months old.



  16. Oh boy. Like Nisheth, lately I’ve realised I’m quite a way behind where I should be. I’m still hoping it’s because my niche is a bit big, and with continuing hard work I’ll catch up.

    Site stats 1 year in: 200+ pages (128 are mine, 85 are from C2). April visitors, 137 uniques daily, 4138 total.

    Last time my traffic took a bit of a leap was after following Tomaz link-building advice solidly for a month. That was my number 1 task before I worked on other aspects of my site. It’s probably time to have another link-building month – usually I’ll just make sure I add one or two links a day. Obviously not enough!


  17. You mention you only get 200 visitors per day. Do you realize that your Alexa ranking as of June 10 is #35,091 which should correlate to a lot more than 200 visitors per day.


    Tomaz Reply:


    There are 2 reasons for my high Alexa number:
    – almost everyone checking my blog has Alexa counter installed and it thus blows the number out of proportion
    – there’s a script on one of my other sites calling a certain ad which is hosted in one of this blog’s folders. It seems that Alexa picks that up somehow…


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