The Ultimate Heatmap By Michael Campbell

The Ultimate Heatmap By Michael Campbell

Posted by on Oct 26, 2010 in Recommended

Michael Campbell is one of the few internet marketers whose newsletter I read regularly.

He has won my trust through no BS tips and information on how to succeed online.

But what Michael released today trumps all the free stuff I have seen so far.

It’s a free report – the Ultimate Heatmap – which shows where the visitors are most likely to look and most likely to click.

I am sure you’ve seen a similar heatmap when learning about Google Adsense – but this one is much more detailed.

But Michael goes one step further – and that’s the key value you’ll get from the PDF report: you’ll actually get to see the best converting templates!

What’s really interesting is the comparison between 2 column and 3 column templates. 😉

Anyway, just wanted to share this great resource – so jump over to Michael’s blog where you’ll find all the details.

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  1. This is really one excellent resource, thank you very much for sharing! Very clear, concise explanations with great examples…

    I am not even close to monetizing my site (have to build a lot of content first), however it was very informative for me to learn about the optimal ad placement, stickiest areas of the page and some general laws of ‘squeezing’ the optimal out of the ads on a site.

    I also liked the ‘surprise’ idea of putting ads in the areas where the visitors would expect for example navigation bar (left side bar) or search box (top right) and collect all the attention…

    I only wish I’d read something like this before converting to three column template, though… But I guess, if I’ll want more juice out of the ads on my site, I can simply squeeze out the right column ;).

    Thank you once again for sharing!


  2. Thank you so much, Tomaz, for posting this link. I’ve been sitting here reading it with my mouth open. Fascinating stuff, and a reality-check for those of us who have been waiting to convert to 3 columns (and somehow expecting that to produce miracle results in income-growth).

    I’ve just taken the Adsense ads off my site to help get included in Yahoo Directory (which was approved yesterday) so I am excited to play with some of the information that I’ve learned from this study when I put them back on.

    Thanks again, Tomaz. FreedomIdeas is a must read for me, and I’m looking forward to having a couple of days learning with you and Stuart in London in February.

    With gratitude.


  3. thanks Tomaz,

    interesting that the navigation is above the article, not to the left or right,

    what if you have 20+ categories


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