Thoughts On Press Releases And Yahoo Directory

Thoughts On Press Releases And Yahoo Directory

Posted by on Dec 20, 2009 in SEO

Thoughts On Press Releases And Yahoo Directory

I got a few questions from a reader on Press Releases and Yahoo Directory and here are my thoughts on those questions…

Press Releases

> What kind of website do they work best for?
Press releases in reality work best for companies that release a new product or a service. These press releases are then picked up by other sites and journalists and that creates a lot of buzz.

For a normal SBI site, the press releases are really not that powerful. All you get in most cases is one link from a trusted site.

> When is it a good time to consider writing one?  If you don’t use them or like the idea of them, why?
> How do you write one?  What information is needed in one to get the best impact?
> Who have you used or recommended?  I have heard of but would like to know from someone who has used them how they work and if it is worth the investement.

I’ve tried a few press releases in the past when I launched a new website or when I launched a new product but I have seen no real impact from them – not in terms of traffic and not in terms of link effectiveness.

I would much rather get a PR3 link from a related site from within a content and it’s worth 10 times more than a normal press release.

You can find all the important info on press releases in these two articles from SBI Tips HQ:

Yahoo Directory

> When is a site good enough to consider going into the directory?
I’ve seen pretty crappy sites get accepted into Yahoo directory. I think Yahoo will check mostly that your site is not spammy and they will be happy to take your $299 from your credit card. 😉

> Is it worth spending the $299 to be looked at by them?
In my personal opinion, yes, if you get placed on at least PR2 page. That will give you good link boost and of course you’ll also get many additional links from subdomains of Yahoo directory. Some of these are:

…and others.

I’ve seen some sites which get massive traffic (over 5000 daily visitors) and had just over 200 pages of content and didn’t have that many links. In fact, the most powerful links they got were from Yahoo directory page which had a pagerank 5 and most of the pages of other Yahoo directory subdomains had a pagerank of 4.

So with one single submission to Yahoo, the site got one PR5 link and about 10 PR4 links. If you add just a few of other relatively quality links, you’ll do very well and can practically forget link building. 😉

> Is it true that things happen quicker after you get accepted in the directory?
Again, this depends (in my opinion of course) on the page where you get placed. If you get placed 8 levels deep into Yahoo directory on a PR0 page, it’s almost the same as if nothing happened.

But if you get placed on a PR5 page, your traffic may quadruple in 3 months like in the example I mentioned before. (see image below)

The Effects on Traffic after getting a PR5 link from Yahoo Directory

The Effects on Traffic after getting a PR5 link from Yahoo Directory

> Is there a format or sound advice on what they look for in a site that should be done before you submitted your site, so you don’t have to go through a rejection first?
If you’re building a normal site which is not porn or aimed at spamming, you’ll be accepted.

> Should a Press Release or the directory be done first or does it matter?
It doesn’t matter.

Feel free to share your experiences with press releases and whether a link from Yahoo directory made any significant difference to your rankings and traffic!

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  1. Thanks Tomaz,

    As always some great advice and I do appreciate all of it.



  2. I actually noticed the same thing. Once my site got accepted into the Yahoo! directory, my traffic started to grow very quickly. I also built a few of my own PR5, PR4, PR3 links so those helped as well!


  3. Tomaz,

    I looked into submitting my site to the Yahoo directory and wanted to get your opinion. My site is about the Zune digital media player and there is a specific category for this at

    This page is a PR3. Notice there is also a second page of links which is a PR0.

    Would it be worth submitting my site? In the submission guidelines Yahoo states that if you’re a new site you get featured towards the top of the list which means my site would end up on the PR3 page. However, I’m not sure this is guaranteed and I could end up on the PR0 second page too.

    And in either case none of the pages are PR5. Would it still make sense to submit my site or should I invest my money elsewhere?

    I looked at other categories but couldn’t find one that was a good fit. I would imagine that the reviewer would move me to this category anyways since the rest of my competition is listed here too.

    Your thoughts are appreciated. Thanks for providing such great info on your blog!


    Tomaz Reply:

    Hi Nisheth,

    Yes, I think that I would be very useful to get a link there – at least in the first year! You may need some link boost in the first year to get some pagerank and traffic and see later whether you still need it or not.

    As for the first (PR3) and second page (PR0); the sites are ranked by popularity. Which basically means how much traffic the get from the Yahoo search engine.

    If you create a large content site like SBI suggests, you’ll definitely receive more traffic from Yahoo than most other sites in that category and you’ll be therefore placed on the first – PR3 – page.


  4. Hi Tomaz,

    So I followed your advice and applied to the Yahoo directory. My site got accepted!

    As they stated in their submission guidelines, new sites are featured at the top of the listings. And my site is the first link at the top of the PR3 page. I’m not sure where it will go once it’s no longer new but hopefully it will stay on the PR3 page.

    Now I’ll observe the effect of traffic and see if there is a noticeable difference.

    Thanks for your help!


  5. Dear Tomaz,
    Thanks again for another really good article about something that I have been pondering for a while now.

    After reading your advice about Yahoo Directory I finally made the big leap and submitted. I followed your advice and submitted to a category with a PR 5 i.e. travel>ecotourism. I’m hoping they recognize that Tasmania is one of Australia’s most popular ecotourism destinations and include me under this category.

    I know you’ve already done quite a few articles on link-building but I would love to hear more from you about other link-building ideas as I am trying to rank as highly as possible for the competitive keyword “Tasmania”.

    Your advice would be greatly appreciated as always.




    Tomaz Reply:

    Hey Conor,

    If you want to rank high for a certain keyword, you need that keyword in the title and in the incoming links to that page. Those links can be external AND internal!

    That’s all you need. It just takes time to build lots of pages and get lots of links but this is it. The whole secret of doing well online. 😉


  6. Hi Tomaz,

    I started a new site a little more than 2 months ago.

    The snowball has started rolling much faster with this site (averaging 70 uniques a day for the last week) and it has a PR of 3 already.

    I’m not getting any traffic from Yahoo yet though.

    Since you said pages are listed in Yahoo’s directory by popularity (traffic from Yahoo), should I wait to submit to Yahoo’s directory until I start getting traffic from them?

    Any insight would be greatly appreciated.




    Tomaz Reply:

    Hey Perry,

    Actually, when you submit to Yahoo directory, the Yahoo search engine will start taking you more seriously and it will send you more traffic. Also, the rankings in the directory change with time – depending on how much traffic you get.


  7. I am looking for some experienced advice. My site is already a pr3 and gets an average of 250 visitors per day.

    My site only makes about $100 dollars per month. Would paying for a link from the Yahoo directory be worth my while?

    The photography section in the Yahoo directory where my site would be is a pr5.

    Do you think that I would get $300 worth of benefit back from Yahoo during the year?


  8. Mark,

    As I said above – if your site will be placed on a high PR page, then yes, you will surely get much more traffic to your site, especially if it gets only 250 daily visitors.


  9. On the PR Web and other Press Releases.

    PR Web is the most expensive and seems to be the most used by the media.

    The free press releases did nothing noticeable for me when using them last year.

    When using PR Web (when it was only $30)I got a bit of traffic, maybe 10 to 20 hits a day. That was not what was good about it.

    I also picked up some .gov links, and several .com links. I did not know PR then so did not look for that. But this too is not what is interesting.

    What really helped was the phone call from NewsWeek wanting to do a story on me. And an Atlanta News Paper who wanted to quote me, and another paper who wanted to include some of my material in their paper, all with a link to my site.

    Of course, those were short lived but my site bumped up to a PR4 overnight. The only way I knew this is because a friend called me to congratulate me.

    I am managing a Product Launch and I will steer my client into PR Web. So, if it is possible to repeat the same experience, I will let you know.

    As far as the links go, many were sending traffic for at least 2 years.


  10. Thanks Tomaz,

    You provide a wealth of information. It is nice to see someone else who has done a lot of the research willing to share there knowledge.


  11. Hello Tomaz,

    I need some advice from you. I have a just made new website (only 5 days old) for how to related and ready to submit into Yahoo dir, My question is – Do i submit a just new website into Yahoo dir with $299 ,Are they accepted my website for listing?

    Please let me know ASAP, i hope many of them want this answer.



    Tomaz Reply:

    Hi Subesh,

    The age of the site doesn’t matter to Yahoo team reviewing your site. What matters is the amount and quality of content.

    I suggest you have at least 30 pages (50+) is better before submitting and avoid stuffing the pages with tons of Adsense like you have right now.

    When you submit the site you also agree that they can reject your site without any explanation to you why and without refunding you. So you better make it really good…


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