To Get Wealthy You Need To Get Comfortable With LOTS Of Money

To Get Wealthy You Need To Get Comfortable With LOTS Of Money

Posted by on Apr 15, 2012 in Earn money online

To Get Wealthy You Need To Get Comfortable With LOTS Of Money
Loving money

“I love money and I love the idea of making even more money!”

Say that aloud and see if you’re comfortable saying it.

Can you say this to a friend comfortably – in fact, can you say it as passionately as when you’re explaining your latest travel adventure?

If not, some negative money beliefs may be holding you back.

The problem with negative or limiting beliefs about money is that they will cause you to subconsciously sabotage yourself along the way in your quest to earn more money.

On one hand you will want to earn money but on the other hand your subconscious belief that “Money is the root of all evil.” will contradict that initial idea and it will hold you from attaining more money.

Somewhere in our past we were taught to believe that there is something wrong with having a lot of money.

Why Do We Believe Having Lots Of Money Is Bad?

I think the main reason why this is so is because when we hear about people with a lot of money, in most cases, we hear negative stories. Especially on TV.

They don’t to tell us about a successful entrepreneur who has built a super green ultra-light airplane which won NASA’s “green flight challenge” for the third time in a row.

That’s not what we hear, we hear about Bernie Madoff or we hear about the greedy stock brokers or the bankers that keep getting fat bonuses even though they pushed us to the brink of economic collapse.We associate people with a lot of money with bad things.

We may do that consciously or subconsciously but that’s what we do.

And so we don’t want to be associated with those people.

Why? Well, because most people around us think the same way.

“If you have a lot of money you must have done something dishonest because ordinary people, even if they are very smart, don’t have a lot of money.

So how come you, a normal guy who doesn’t have an IQ of 200 and is not a member of MENSA… How come you are so rich and I am not if I´m just as capable as you are?“

And so that’s what most people around us will feel. And because we feel the same way, we project that on other people too. We believe everyone feels the same.

And so we don’t want to be the person with a lot of money expressing freely how much you love money. And so you become a victim of self-sabotage. And so you don’t get the money.

You will unconsciously perform actions that will stop you from earning a lot of money.

Success Or Money?

And one of those actions is how we avoid talking about “money” and instead refer to it as “success”.

“Online business success.” “Did you succeed online?”

Why are you substituting the word success with money? It’s money. “How much money did you earn?”

I am earning $10,000 a month could be a good answer. If you’re not comfortable saying that than you will not earn $10,000 a month.

Of course discomfort may change over time. So you might be comfortable earning $5000 but not more.

But when you’re earning $5000 you realize this is really cool I’d like to earn $7000.

And as soon as you allow yourself to earn $7000 per month and feel comfortable thinking about it, you will be able to earn that much at some point.

And if you’re not comfortable you might get stuck even though you’re consciously saying I would like to earn $7000 or $10000. But in your subconscious there might be a block of staying at $5000.

Anthony Robbins – the famous motivational speaker – wrote about dealing with his own money beliefs in one of his books.

I don’t remember exactly which book but perhaps you can Google that and find out how he was stuck at I think one million dollars per year and once he reached that he was not able to earn more and move forward until he realized that he had a limiting belief about money.

He believed that one million dollars per year was enough. It was simply enough to live well and that anything more was simply being greedy.

(In fact, you might nod your head while reading this and agreeing to this idea – and that’s where you would get stuck too if you reached a million dollars per year. That’s your limiting belief too.)

And so when he was able to overcome that, he was able to earn more. But what that translates into actually is not doing bad, evil business; it’s just that he was then able to expand his business.

Before he was subconsciously stopping opportunities that would actually allow him to expand his business and earn more.

And once he realized that earning more than the million dollars per year is fine then he actually expanded his business and he was able to help more people.

Your Income Is The Reflection Of Your Value In The World

How much money you earn is nothing else than your value in the world.

This formula defines your income:

“How much money you earn in your life is how much value you provide to people times how much you think you are actually worth.”

So you might be providing a lot of value to people but if you think that this is not really worth a lot (and that comes down to your self-esteem!) then you won’t earn a lot of money.

And if you believe that what you’re offering is extremely valuable then you will raise the price of your services or products and that will multiply into a lot of money.

And this is where most people get stuck.

They might actually offer a lot of value, but they don’t think it’s actually that valuable.

They think it’s nothing special. Because they think they are nothing special.

(Where they acquired that belief is another topic. You can dig deeper into psychology and parenting – that’s where I believe it all stems from).

So again the key question, the key point is “how much money you earn is how much value you provide times how worthy you think you are”.

And how worthy you think you are is typically stuck at the same point for years – while in fact it should be growing and growing. And this is another point where people get stuck.

10 years ago you might not have been as worthy as you are right now. Because you were less skilled and experienced than you are now.

So yes, at that point you were not as worthy and as valuable and you couldn’t charge so much for your services or products – but in time you learned more, gained more experience and now your information is more valuable to people.

But in your mind you stayed at the same level.

If you were an adult 10 years ago, you didn’t really change much until now – physically or personally.

You still have the same friends, live in a similar way and it seems that everything is more or less the same – BUT your information is much more valuable now!

You now have much more experience and you can help people faster in whatever you are doing.

And so you need to value your information more in time.

Actually every year you should charge more for your services because you’re smarter, you have more experience and you bring more value to people.

And I think this is where a lot of us get stuck. At some point we judge our value and we say “This is how much I’m worth now.”

And we don’t feel that we have changed in time.

Why? Because you’re changing extremely slowly. Like a child grows. When you’re with a child you don’t see the child growing.

When your grandmother or some relatives sees your child once every month they say: “Wow, how much he’s grown!” They can see the difference.

So you, yourself you don’t actually see the difference in your teaching or whatever you’re doing.

But if someone (honest and sincere) you have taught 5 years ago would come back again and you would teach that person again, that person would say: ”Wow, your teaching is so much better now. You should charge more.”

Love of Money and Integrity

In order for you to be comfortable with money and earn a lot of money you must be able to say: ”Money is fantastic. I love money.”

But not at the cost of losing your integrity. Because that’s the problem, you might lose integrity.

The money thing is extremely addictive. It’s one of the greatest powers for your ego.

Your ego thrives on money. Because money gives you power.

And why do we thrive on money? Why do we need that power?

Because our power was taken away when we were children.

By parents, by bullies in school, by coaches, by teachers, by stronger people and you lost your power and now you’re fighting back for that power with money and status: your car, your house, your travels, your stories, with your facebook pictures where you are always perfectly happy.

That’s just a sign of power that you want to present to other people. And you need money for that.

And so that’s where the problem can begin: where your love of money or your ego takes over integrity and you want money at any cost.

And that can be the problem with loving money.

But if you don’t lose integrity then there is no problem with loving money and in fact that’s the only way to earn a lot of money and be wealthy and be free.

The real question you need to ask yourself is why do I need money? Do I need money to show something to other people? Or to gain power for my ego? Or do I need money for myself?

If I’m going to the Australian Open for myself to watch Roger Federer from Row 4 then I love money, it’s fantastic. If I fly business class there, 9 hours from Bangkok to Melbourne it’s just fantastic.

I’m not doing that for showing off. I’m not doing that for anyone. I’m doing that for my personal pleasure and enjoying life. And so I need money to do that.

And so if I don’t have money I’m going to go to the local store and eat something and stay in Slovenia for the rest of my life and take two vacations per year. And that’s not good enough for me in the one short life that I have.

Life Is A Game With One Life

I used to play computer games when I was a kid. At some point I started playing a very difficult game (Baldur’s Gate 2) where I kept dying and the game kept saying “Save often because you will die often!”

So when you died you could reload and play from there onwards.

Eventually I became better and started reading forums about this game. Then a new craze came out: how to complete the game without dying once!

Once I started playing the game that way, it sort of dawned upon me later that – well this is my life. This is my life from zero to 100 or 80; I don’t know how many years I will live.

And I have one single life and I have just one chance to get through life from zero to the end without dying. So what do I want to do with it? Am I going to go to work and sit in my office and go to sleep and play some tennis and that’s it?

While all sorts of interesting things are happening around the world?

Tennis tournaments. Traveling around the world and meeting other people. Going to conferences.  Having fantastic vacations.

Why don’t I deserve that?

I do actually. I have just one life.

But on planet Earth I have to pay for everything.

This is planet Earth. This is not some imaginary world in Heaven where if I am nice they will let me stay in a five star hotel and watch Roger Federer from row 4.

No that’s not how this system works. It works ONLY by paying for it – you guessed it – with money.

So in order for me to fly to Melbourne and watch tennis which is a fantastic experience for me, not for someone else but it is for me, then I have to have a lot of money.

Love Money

And I have to love money in order to get there.

And If I have a problem with earning a lot of money or think that money is the root of all evil or some negative beliefs about money, then I simply won’t get enough of it.

I will stop and self-sabotage myself subconsciously along the way of earning money.

Get Comfortable With LOTS Of Money!

If someone asks you how you’re doing financially, you need to be able to comfortably say: ”Hey, I’m earning tons of money and I love it”.

And if they’re jealous then they’re not wise enough. What they should do is respect you and say: ”Well, show me how to do it.”

That’s what a mature and wise person would do. But someone who is immature and unwise and has a lot of negative beliefs will be jealous and will not like you.

Well, I don’t like these people either. 😉

Why do you have to be liked by everyone? I don’t like people who don’t like me. I don’t need to be liked by everyone in this world.

I have a group of my best friends and a group of good friends and they don’t mind if I earn a lot of money. They’re happy for me.

Then there are other people who say: ”That’s fantastic – show me how to do it.”

That’s why you’re reading this blog. You want to see how I did it.

So that’s what it’s all about. Being open to new ideas and being honest about the idea of earning more money.

Getting Rid Of Limiting Money Beliefs

I am not an expert on getting rid of money beliefs so I can just point you to a couple of resources.

Go through the list of money beliefs and see which one of those make you uncomfortable. If some of those make you uncomfortable then that means you will self-sabotage yourself at some point.

You’re going to turn down a deal for a joint venture. You’re going to pass on the opportunity to publish your ebook on a successful publishing website.

You’re going to miss an appointment with an affiliate manager and never hear from him again.

You’re going to buy the wrong website; you’re going to sell the wrong website.

You’re going to hire the wrong freelancer. You’re going to hire the wrong designer. You’re going to make this mistake and that mistake.

And these things will not happen because you’re stupid but because your belief is preventing you from earning more money. Your limiting belief has set a level of money or income that you are comfortable with.

And when there’s chance you will earn more, you’ll feel uncomfortable and then do something to avoid this discomfort. And all that will probably happen totally outside of your conscious awareness.

So you need to deal with negative money beliefs now, consciously.

And be cool with it, life is a game with only one life, so how are you going to play it?

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  1. Tomaz,

    This post reminds me of a license plate I saw on a Mercedes Benz yesterday. It read “Why Save?”
    Indeed, we only have so much time in this life and you can’t take your savings account and material possessions with you, so why not pursue pleasure.
    And if money is the vehicle to pursue those things…make more of it.


    Tomaz Reply:

    Not to mention having money for emergencies – health problems, stuff that breaks down at home, etc. The ability to pay for that without raising your debt and stress level is precious.

    By the way, I just wanted to add that this post was also written based on me recording myself first. It took me 15 minutes of talking to get this much content…


  2. Amen, Tomaz! I’m tired of people telling me how its wrong to want to make a lot of money online and that it’s enough to just make a living. I’m grateful what I have, and I’ll STILL be grateful when I have even more. I love money, and I love this blog post. 🙂


  3. Excellent post. It turns out that I have a lot of negative beliefs about money that I’ve been able to shift very recently.


  4. Tomaz,

    Once again you come up with a topic that hits me squarely in the forehead. I have heard these concepts more and more recently from such notables as T. Harv Eker, John Assaraf and others.

    As children we hear negative comments about rich people and we form negative beliefs about people with high incomes and lavish life styles. Unfortunately, the media does not cover as many of the great positive impact stories that the well-to-do population has on the not so-well-off part of the population

    Re-conditioning the mind is the first step for those of us who have struggled with increasing our money thermostat to a new level.

    Thanks for the in-depth article.

    Although money itself will not make us happier, it sure takes the pressure off of paying monthly bills and affords the “toys” and experiences” that enrich our lives.



    Tomaz Reply:

    Hey Bruce,

    I agree that the media and generally people around us get us thinking that being wealthy is living a lavish lifestyle and being a showoff.

    But that’s because those who have money and are not showing off are not really seen. And they are wealthy and free and yet live a comfortable and more happy life.

    There’s a money / happiness curve that was figured out by Aristotle himself (300 BC) and which is shown in this article.

    It shows that happiness increases with income until a certain level of income – and that’s when someone simply has more than enough. Most of us are still on the left side of the curve where more money DOES equal more happiness.

    We are led to believe – as you say – that “Money can’t buy happiness” – but again we’re looking at that from black or white perspective. Which is false…

    If we are talking about total, 100% happiness, then yes, money cannot buy it.

    But if we are in debt, cannot afford to be free, cannot afford to see places that interest us and cannot afford things that are necessary in the modern world (car, PC, internet, smart phone, …), then we are not that happy.

    And money DOES increase happiness level – especially if someone doesn’t have debt because of good income.

    But that belief:”Money doesn’t buy happiness” – will PREVENT someone from even pursuing more money because it “won’t make me happy”.

    The reality is this: Yes, it won’t make you 100% happy, but it will make you MUCH HAPPIER than you are now. (in debt and not free)

    So again I hope we busted one of those limiting beliefs that prevent us from living a happier life…


    Denielle Reply:


    I am amazed by the clouds of judgement and negative conditioning I readily have to dismiss, discharge, relinquish, and redirect.

    I enjoy living a truly rich life. I truly enjoy receiving large sums of money from the universe. I enjoy giving lots of it away as well. My husband and I are very very blessed to be living a luxurious, abundant, prosperous existence. There is no ceiling on how rich our lives can get or how rich we can get.

    I have spent many years getting comfortable with having a lot, and giving a lot. My brother, many years ago, reminded me that having money allowed me to do more of what I want, and help more of those in need. I get to live by example… teaching others to think and grow rich. Money does come to us in increasing quantities, through multiple resources on a continuous basis.

    We are open to all that is… and grateful for all that comes — no matter what the package. Everything that occurs is a sign that we are on the right track, living in complete freedom. Every reminder, or lesson, or supportive message, helps me dislodge the remaining fragments of any part of me that holds me back somehow. They help me evolve.

    Thanks for the great article!


  5. Tomaz…another very timely post for me. Your last post about recording really came at a good time (I’m the guy who wrote in that I bought a hand-held recorder, etc.). Now…this post comes right as I’m putting up my first e-product on my website.

    I actually printed your post and highlighted a lot of it. I have an excellent, well-illustrated ebook but I realized that I had been talking myself into charging less that it’s worth. Why? I think I was afraid that people just wouldn’t value the insights I’m offering.

    I may have to adjust the price in the future, but why start low?

    Thanks again for sharing your thoughts with all of us.

    Scott W


    Tomaz Reply:

    True, why start too low. What you need to do in the long term is to simply experiment with the pricing and not assume that you know how much the ebook is worth to people.

    At a certain price you’ll get the most income per month. You simply need to keep increasing it every month (or two) and see where the income starts to drop because the high price cuts off too many prospective buyers.


  6. This is a really great post. It’s something I am going to have to take to the next level in a few months.

    What I wanted to say earlier, and didn’t – I love this blog. I actually read one blog article a day on weekdays because I learn so much. I come away from these posts with a certainty of what is going to work.

    And, each time I read a post, I am completely inspired. Some days I just read a post just for that reason.



    Tomaz Reply:

    Thanks for stopping by, Mary. And good luck with your online journey…


  7. Wise words great mate, wise words.


  8. I love reading your posts. I have become fan of your website. I have bookmarked it too.


  9. Hello, Tomaz

    I found this blog of yours from an SBI Forum on links. It was a reference to your excellent post on your step by step process to obtain do-follow links.

    Thank you for your very clear and no nonsense writing style.

    I get a lot from reading your material.



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