Top 10 Reasons Why Chitika Rocks

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Top 10 Reasons Why Chitika Rocks
Chitika earnings

If you haven’t yet implemented Chitika ads on your site, you may be missing out on some extra revenue.

I’ve been using Chitika for some months now, and as you can see from the image on the left, it works great for me.

It may be difficult to decide whether Chitika rocks or not if you don’t have some inside info, so I’ll try to shed some light on this program to help you decide.

Here are 10 reasons why Chitika rocks:

1. It’s a Pay Per Click program, which means you get paid every time someone clicks on the ad.

Amazon clicks and earnings

If you are an Amazon or CJ affiliate, you won’t get anything for just a click.

I still keep some Amazon affiliate links on my websites, and here’s a typical result of being an Amazon affiliate:

89 clicks and 1 order (for which I will receive around $5).

89 clicks on Chitika ads on my website earns me around $40 to $60!

Because there is a chance of fraudulent clicks (please don’t do that), Chitika takes care of that by auditing your income.

In my experience Chitika audits about 15% of my total income.

2. Advertisers in Chitika’s program are top quality.

Here’s where your visitors can be taken if they click on an Adsense ad on your website:

Adsense arbitrage website

Look familar? 😉

We’ve all seen these arbitrage sites which bid for a couple of cents on content networks only to send people to an Overture based website where there is nothing but ads.

This won’t happen with Chitika. Some of the companies that advertise on Chitika are,, and others.

Do you think they can afford a higher bid and pay per click than those arbitrage sites? I bet they can. 😉

3. Chitika ads have pictures.
This makes them stand out from the content so your visitors will surely notice them.

We all know how difficult is to find pictures of various products without breaching copyright laws.

I’ve seen some websites just copy and paste images from with no affiliate links, and that surely can’t work in the long term.

And if you monetize with just Adsense, your site looks boring and immediately triggers the MFA (Made for Adsense) alarm in visitors and other webmasters who may want to do business with you.

Chitika ads can be customized with a border, background, title and text colors, and you can even choose from seven different types of fonts to optimally blend the ads into your page.

4. Chitika ads can be shown in 11 different formats,
six of which offer a multi-product ad as shown in the picture below.

Chitika MPU

With so many possibilites you’ll surely find the right ad format for your website’s design. The variety of formats also helps to prevent ad blindness because your visitors may become too used to the same format.

By the way, multi-product ads work really well at the bottom of an article or a review. I often get more than a 5% CTR on ads at the bottom of the page.

Most people would be happy if they got a 5% CTR with above the fold ads.

5. Chitika ads can be used with Google’s Adsense program.

You’ll find an official confirmation of this in the Chitika knowledge base. I have also contacted Adsense Support just in case, and this was their answer:

“Hi Tomaz,
Thanks for checking in with us about your current AdSense and Chitika ad implementation. I’ve reviewed your site and the ad placement appears to comply with our program policies.”

Not only that, but you can find some really good Adsense and Chitika combinations that are within the Terms of Service of both, and result in very good CTR (for both).

I’ve experimented with various formats and you can read about my findings in the Adsense and Chitika Combos article.

6. Chitika either pays to PayPal or sends you a check.

This is very convenient because you’ll probably have to pay some of your online business expenses through PayPal – directory submissions, content writing, SEO and so on.

Of course, you can also receive a check if that meets your business needs.

7. There is no smart-pricing in Chitika.

Adsense smartpricing

Here’s what happened to my Adsense daily earnings when I got smart-priced:

What is smart pricing? If you have multiple websites and one of them converts poorly, it lowers your earnings for the whole account.

This obviously happened in my case when I added my adsense code to a very young site which wasn’t getting a lot of traffic.

I later removed the code and un-smart-priced myself back to original earnings. 😉

No such nuisance exists with Chitika ads.

8. You cannot get banned from Chitika.

Google Adsense has a very strict policy about fraudulent clicks. They can ban your account for good even if you are not responsible for the fraudelent clicks.

That makes it an unreliable business model. No such thing happens in Chitika. They do audit the fraudelent clicks and leave you in the program.

But I am sure they will close your account if they detect that it’s you who is clicking on your ads. Don’t be stupid; appreciate the fact that you are earning per click.

9. Chitika is versatile.

Chitika now offers more than just eMiniMalls. You can use:

Chitika shopcloud

a) ShopCloud – a cloud of related tags which updates the results as visitors type in search terms

b) Owna – another way of displaying your product; it can be used on Myspace, too

c) ShopLinc – it’s your own shopping portal, similar to Amazon Astore

d) eMiniMalls of Facebook – integrate your ads within your Facebook pages

e) Related Products links – which are best used under your articles or blog posts

f) Chitika Linx – content link ads similar to Kontera

10. Chitika offers a referral program.

This means that if someone signs up under your affiliate link, you’ll receive 10% of the revenue from what that publisher earns in his first 15 months. This share comes from Chitika’s share of revenue, and not from the publisher’s!

(All the links to Chitika in this article are affiliate links.)

As you can see from my earnings in the first picture, Chitika has been a great advertising network for me.

I plan to create more product oriented websites which I can monetize with Google Adsense and Chitika, and enjoy the financial freedom that my online business offers me.

And if you don’t yet have a website, but want the best all-in-one package developed and run by Ken Evoy, the author of the Make Your Site Sell ebook, which sold more than 100.000 copies, then your best choice is Site Build It.

Combine SBI’s tools and resources to bring in traffic and monetize it with Chitika, and you’re in for one heck of a journey toward being financially free. 😉

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  1. I have heard a lot about Chitika, and have toyed with the idea of using it, and now I think I’m going to!


  2. Sounds interesting. I’ve got a few site ideas in mind and I might try Chitika on one or two of them. I’m not sure they would work well on my blog. I could just advertise the affiliate program I guess.


  3. Deron, Chitika works best on product oriented websites like reviews and similar. That’s because you can select the exact model that you are reviewing in the Chitika ad. Adsense tries to figure out what you write about and their targeting can be off.

    But yes, if I signed under you a few months ago, you would be earning $5 to $10 per day. 😉


  4. Since I did not have a product review site, I did not continue adding Chitika ads. My site is about career change.

    But I am noticing more and more product sites have
    employment opportunities listing the jobs available.

    Now I am re-thinking the product review concept, tying webpages to a specific company, kind of a producer of the product review.

    Thanks for prompting me to look once again at Chitika.

    Onward with purpose,

    Chaplain Paul


  5. Thanks for stopping by, Paul. And yes, since Chitika offers ads only from high quality advertisers, you may get good value clicks on your site.


  6. Thanks for this great article about Chitika.
    I have been using Adsense on some sites but this article convinced me to try Chitika in addition.


  7. The other day I tried Lynx ads and I’ve been pretty impressed. I wrote about my earnings which were impressive for the small amount of traffic that website brings!


  8. Ryan from Chitika encouraged me to try Linx and yes, it does work really well. It earns me an additional $20 per day from my exisiting traffic which is great.


  9. Tomaz!

    Thank you so much for sharing this article with us. I will be adding some more product reviews to my website(s) first, and then will be glad to click on your chikita aff link.

    Appreciate your time!

    Thank you again.


  10. Hi vwizard i have join under you yesterday and will use chitika in most of my sites.if notting when wrong you will get quite a huge check ^^ in 2009.


  11. Hey hamster,

    Thanks. According to my stats, the average earnings of people who subscribed under me is around $1 per day.

    Meaning I get 0,10 per day from a someone in my downline…


  12. Hi Tomaz,

    I’ve signed up, thanks for explaining how they’ve helped you. I was looking for an alternative to adsense and this is up my alley.

    Thanks again.


  13. I have added Chitika Mega units on my website.. hoping to see some traction on it..lets see.


  14. Impressive earnings, how much of that is affiliate linking to Chitika though?


    Tomaz Reply:

    Chitika earns me about 25% of my monthly total right now.


  15. Tomaz, this is a great article. A real eye opener. Thank you… -Bill


  16. Thanks for the article, it has a lot of useful information. I’ve been using chitika for about 6 days now and I’m wondering if my income level so far is unusual, or if it’s too early to tell. So far (not including today) I’ve gotten 91 clicks but only made about $3.50 from those clicks. Is that just because of my niche? My site is about baby showers, and from what I can see, the ads are very relevant.


    Tomaz Reply:

    Hi Sonya,

    That’s a very unusual low CPC. I suggest you email Ryan Travis (you’ll find his email when you login to your account) and ask him to check. They can assign you better advertisers for example if you of course generate enough traffic for them.


  17. Well the LINX part of Chitika is basically DEAD now. Instead of the poup bibble displaying an advertiser it say a generic ‘Are you interested in….’ then the click sends people to a Chitika search page. Since the switch I have made ZERO dollars from the LINX ads. Before they were 50-75% of the Chitika revenue. Time to switch again….. bummer.


  18. Tomaz,

    this article is fairly old now – do you still recommend using Chitika?


  19. ag, I recommend Chitika if it works for you. 😉

    It pays double compared to Adsense on one of my sites and it pays half of Adsense in another niche.

    Test, test, test…



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