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I wish to thank Brent from Pattaya Thailand Travel Guide site for allowing me to publish his article on Twitter and how to automate it to get tons of traffic. Brent has first published this article in SBI forums and kindly allowed me to use it on too.


There are tools to automate most processes on twitter that will take some time to set
them up but these tools will reduce your time on Twitter to several minutes a day.

Twitter is also a great way to make yourself and your web presence more visible to a
broader audience in your niche, helps you find link exchange opportunities, and get to know other interesting people.

Every time you “tweet” (send a message of a 140 characters) on twitter you will get an
average response (a user clicking on a link in your tweet) of about 2% or 2 clicks per
100. These numbers may be slightly different for you.

Sign Up With Twitter

Sign up with Twitter @

-Use a user name that includes your niche keyword preferably.

-click settings and give yourself a name. I used

-More Info URL: URL to your website, blog or other site.

-One Line Bio: be descriptive and interesting (you only have 140 characters)

-Location: this should be obvious

-Click on the pictures tab and upload a picture of your pretty self preferably.

-Click the design tab and play around with it a little bit. Upload a background image if
you like. Make it look a little different than standard look.

-Click the notices tab. Uncheck it all if you do not want emails send to your email
account. I unchecked it all since I don’t need more emails. I have enough of those

Are you happy with the look of it?
If not you can come back later and change it.

-Click the Home tab at the top of the page.
On the right hand side do a little search for your niche and follow a few users. A few
will do for now.

Automate The “follow” Process

Go to and Login with your Twitter username and password.

Once you are signed in you will see a box which reads “follow”…leave that.
The “up to” drop down menu – set that to “up to 500”. (It’s “up to” you)

In the box that reads: Twitterers talking about: Enter your niche keyword. Click Add.

You can add as many keywords as you want. One at a time (can be more than 1 word).
You will figure this out later as you get familiar with this.

Test It

Click on “Quick Run”next to your keyword.
This will add a few followings to you Twitter account.

Twollo will periodically find Twitter users with the keywords you are adding.

Add more keywords later if you want to grow your Twitter account faster.

Wait a day or so and see what it does for you. Don’t go crazy with this in the beginning.
The beauty is that Twollo will find users to follow for you which tweet about your

No manual work to find Twitter users to follow, unless you want to.

You can always find people to follow by going to or use the
search function on twitter.

Bulk Follow and Unfollow

When you have too many people that don’t follow you, you do not have to unfollow them manually anymore. Every 2 days or so you can go to:

Sign in with your Twitter ID and password. Click on Whack (I didn’t pick that name).

Twitter Karma will download all your followers and followings from Twitter. Be patient.
This may take a while.

The larger your twitter “followship” the longer it will take. It’s worth the wait and it’s FREE.

This would take you forever manually especially when your Twitter account has many

Where it says Show: drop down menu. Choose “only following”. Now, this will show you the people who you are “following only”. You can choose one by one or just bulk unfollow the checked.

Do the same with “only Followers” which means the ones that you have not followed yet. I just check them all and bulk follow.

I don’t want my Twitter account to look too unbalanced. If people don’t follow you after a couple of days, they probably won’t follow

Automate Your Tweets

Sign in with your Twitter username and password @

Check: Automatically send a welcome message to new followers.

My message goes like this:
Thanks for your follow! I will make sure to follow you back. Find out more about me on my website:

Check: Automatically follow people (new followers) who follow me from this point

Check: if you select this option, TweetLater will automatically unfollow those folks who
unfollow you. To protect you from any system glitches, we will never unfollow more than ten people in one single go.

Don’t check the email option unless you love hundreds of emails because tweetlater will send an email to your email account every time someone follows you.

Click save.

On top click on “Tweets”, then on “New Tweets”.

Tweet: here you write your tweet 140 characters. I usually check Save As Draft: Save
this tweet text as a draft that can be re-used later.

That way you can find the same tweet for later re-use. Here you can also schedule your tweets to be “tweeted” at a later point in time. This is a very useful automation.

Occasionally Tweet something that is not just focused on your site. Talk to someone from your twitter account. Maybe upload an image to twitpic. I get traffic from as well since they allow you to have a link to your web site in your

You will have a lot of online marketers as followers. Let them market what they want. You only see them in your twitter “timeline” anyways and they may sometimes Re-tweet your tweets. Each person only sees the tweets of the person he/she follows anyways.

There is no way that you can read everything (or want to read) what others “tweet” about when you have many followers. People can connect with you via “direct messages” or by replying to your Tweets.

Most people who are interested in your tweets usually only follow a limited numbers of
“Twitterers” (a new vocabulary here). These people will see your tweets and maybe click on them today or tomorrow.

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  1. Another thing that I do to build even more credibility is to tweet my blog as well as other blogs that I follow. I use to do this. This way, my account is always generating quality information even if I haven’t written an article in a few days. It tweets my new pages and also the other ones I set up. It has worked well to revitalize a site I haven’t been doing much with lately.


  2. Awesome information. Something I never knew. Boy I have a lot to learn. I’m sure there is a way to connect almost all the work we do on the net get it out to everyone but I’m not sure how. Well for now this have given me a lot to chew on. Thanks so much.


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