Two Outsourcing Tips For Getting High Quality Content

Two Outsourcing Tips For Getting High Quality Content

Posted by on Apr 13, 2011 in Blogging advice

Two Outsourcing Tips For Getting High Quality Content

If you’ve been using freelancers for outsourcing content, you’ve definitely had your share of poorly written articles that you received.

Here are two quick outsourcing tips to help you minimize the amount of poor quality articles and get much higher quality content written.

1. When using, create a project big enough so that you can select “Very small project” where bids are between $250 and $750.

Outsource on

When you do that, you’ll receive bids from writers with the highest ratings which in most cases produce best articles.

If you always post a project in the “Simple project”, where the bids are between $30 and $250, you’ll find mostly lower rated freelancer bid for your projects.

Good writers don’t need to bother with small projects so they will most likely never bid for your projects.

2. When you ask the writers to write your articles tell them to include the links to websites from which they gathered the info.

This will:

  • allow you to check whether your outsourced content is it’s really a lot different  from someone else’s information already on the Web
  • it will keep them honest – it’s going to be very hard for them to take shortcuts in rewriting the content if they know you’ll be comparing both articles.

If you have any other quick outsourcing tips, please share them below!

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  1. I’ve stopped hiring random freelancers and instead try to find people who are experts on the topic my sites are about. Posting advertisements on community forums (e.g. “part-time writer wanted”) or specifically looking for one type of writer on elance gets me way higher quality information than someone who can write but has no specialized knowledge. It’s easier to train an expert to write well than it is to train a writer to become an expert.


  2. I only outsource articles on my product review site and have found a good writer now, more by good luck and perserverance than any duplicatable method.

    Great idea Tomaz about asking them to provide details of websites used for research.

    I always run articles through copyscape however some of the earlier stuff that I had written I’ve discovered that they’d been paraphrased from other sites. I re-wrote these pages myself from scratch.

    I was under the impression that as long as it passed copyscape it was good but now that SE algorithms can detect paraphrasing then we desperately need some way to spot it. I wouldn’t have noticed mine had I not been researching my niche personally. It was down to one writer I used for the first 10 pages but could have sunk my site.

    Apart from asking for them to provide details of sites used for research do you know of any way to check if articles are paraphrased?

    Cheers, John


  3. Great tips Tomaz.

    You are the one that got me outsourcing content back in 2007. Since then, I have had about 400-450 articles written.

    Couple of tips that I use.

    1. I let my writers know that I check for duplicate content. I mention it in every request. If I find they just steal content once, they are fired.

    2. I let them know that my first orders are a test and if they do a good job, I will give them all of my work (lately I am getting about 25 articles a month written). This means they can spend less time trying to “find” work.

    3. I pay bonuses – Using incentives is a proven way to get the best out of people. I always let my writers know that I pay bonuses.

    I understand that I will get paid off of their work for YEARS so it is worth it to me to pay nice bonuses and get their best work.

    4. I compliment them – It sounds small but they are human and people like doing business with people they like. If they like me, they are less likely to give me crappy work.

    I hope these tips help. They all add up to a lot if you apply all of them with Tomaz’s tips.



  4. Bam! Into my Evernote clip file!


  5. These are two very interesting ideas, Tomaz. I’m going to try them out for myself first though before I call them brilliant. 🙂

    I’ve never had good success with Freelancer with finding writers. I usually get better quality with Elance. But I’ve always has $30 projects with Freelancer so maybe this is the answer.

    Also, I’ve always wondered where my writers got their information from, but I never thought to ask!

    Keep bringing more ideas/tips like this, Tomaz!


  6. Hi Tomaz, Great Idea to use Freelance article writers. but I have found a good article writer which your recommendation in your article From 0$ to 9000 $ and Financial Freedom on this blog. That is They have been with me since I started writing pages for my website. U have been great help for me.

    And I am hoping I achieve my 1st milestone of making 500$ by end of June 2011.


  7. I love this blog! I am building a website through SBI. Had I stumbled onto your site before I bought, I would have bought through you. I had hit a bit of a stumbling block, but your blog has helped me get more focused. Thanks for all of the useful information! I’m definitely going to use some of the tips from this latest post!


  8. I also use NAA. I have found two great writers on there who do all my writing now. When I started using them, I just started offering articles to be written. I haven’t actually had a bad one or one that I couldn’t use. After about 10 articles I started to offer more articles to certain writers. I have now got two that I use for everything.


  9. I also think the secret is to find one or more writers that you can feed continuous projects too. That way the ‘voice’ of your site is less disjointed and the quality of work is reliable.

    Over time I’ve found I can reduce the amount of instructions I give to my writer. I’m employing her to save me time so it gets even better when she knows the style of article I’m after. I basically feed her the title and keywords and she turns around articles that I enjoy myself.

    I mainly employ a writer so that I have a store of articles for when family life gets chaotic or I wish to focus on developing other aspects of my site (e.g. link building) for a while. 90% of the content is still my own.

    I only started using a professional writer once I could pay for it out of my site’s income. I pay a high rate to retain my writer who delivers well-written, original articles because I believe there’s added value in reducing the risk of receiving rubbish. I can pay $5 for something that I have to toss out, or pay $20 for something that is guaranteed to add bite to my site. I’d rather spend my money on less articles of high quality than more articles of poor quality!


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