Two Quick Ways Of Finding Websites Interested In Cooperation

Two Quick Ways Of Finding Websites Interested In Cooperation

Posted by on Mar 22, 2011 in Work From Home

Two Quick Ways Of Finding Websites Interested In Cooperation

I am sure you know how hard it is to find websites / webmasters who are interested in any kind of cooperation – which might include link exchange or doing business in some other way.

If you just Google your main keywords and start contacting websites one by one you’ll often find a very low response rate to your emails.

So you need to find websites that are interested in cooperation and promotion of their own businesses.

Even without reading further you can probably come up with some ideas on how to find websites who are interested in their own promotion – which you can offer for something in return.

Here are two quick tips…

1. Search Press Releases

Sites who want to spread the word about their businesses and their latest developments and products use press releases to spread the word.

There are tons of press release websites (Google them) but for a start you can search through, and

I’ll use an example of finding websites on the topic of tennis rackets.

You will find some crappy MFA websites doing their press releases simply for link building but you can find some really good companies and websites.

I did a search on for tennis racket:


… and opened the press release written by Do It Tennis. The press release of course contains the link to their website.

It’s an ecommerce website that would most likely be interested in another type of promotion – like writing an article for your website with a link back.


You can ask for a link back from their blog or find another way of cooperating.

The point is that you found someone who is looking to promote their own site and with a quality content website you can surely offer that.

Using this strategy can help you find more interested parties…

2. Search for sellers

This is more oriented towards products…

If I am looking for business related to tennis rackets on, I’d go to Sports & Outdoors  > Racket Sports > Tennis > Rackets.

Scroll down and you’ll see the Sellers on the right side.


You don’t see their website even on their profile page but you can Google them and it’s very likely that you’ll find that exact business…


If they’re serious enough to sell on, then they are very likely serious enough to look for any opportunity to expand their reach online.

You can offer that and ask for something in return.

Hope that gives you some ideas on how to find websites that are serious about their business and are interested in cooperation with other related websites.

Got any other ideas of finding interested prospects?

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  1. Tomaz,
    Those are two great ideas that I never thought of. It’s a great way to find peoples sites that are trying to do exactly the same thing you are – promote their business. You probably won’t find many fly-by-nighters or low quality sites. I will certainly check out these avenues for future cross promotion.


  2. Thank you once again, Tomaz.

    These are wonderful ideas. We’re going to put these into practice and let you know how we go.


  3. Hi Tomaz,

    Good ideas but I’m a little confused. Does this go along with your article on the “simple link building method that works but it sucks doing it?”

    I’ve been using that system to send letters in order to write guest articles with a link back. However I’m not sure what you mean by link exchanging. I didn’t know you really believed in link exchanges as far as them being considered as effective and good backlinks.

    Are you saying we should be doing article exchanges? I’m a little confused although I understand the value of using these techniques. Just not sure how this relates to writing guest articles and getting a link back rather than some type of exchange. Thanks Tomaz.


    Tomaz Reply:

    Hi Jerry,

    Sure, you can combine this technique with the previous link building tips I shared.

    This is another, way of finding interested parties. And yes, a link exchange with a quality site is ok, just make sure there are not too many and that you don’t always request perfect anchor text.

    Google knows there’s no other way than some link manipulation to get on top – but they have a limit of what they accept. Where exactly that is I don’t know but if you’re in this for the long term, then you need to play it safe.


  4. Thanks tomaz, I have been a dreamer since I started looking at your freedom website and I started my website. Every new article you post in this website has become a very encouring topic towards my successful website.


  5. If I may suggest the following additional technique:

    No one is more interested in promoting their site more than the owner of a newly registered and published site.

    To get a list of all newly registered domains each day go to

    For any given day there may be 100,000+ domains registered. The site lists them alphabetically in blocks of 500.

    Use your browser’s “Find” function with keywords relevant to your site to quickly search for possible matches.

    You can also browse the alphabetic listing to domain names of potential interest.

    Of course, there is a delay between registration and first upload of the live site. It may take a while to see a new site. You can focus your research on earlier dates to allow time for the sites to be published.

    This can supply you a never ending stream of fresh sites for contact. They will of course have absolutely no rank with Google, so if you’re looking for instant PR this won’t help you.

    But whether a site will prove to be of quality is likely evident in what is first published. You can also expect these new sites will grow in ranking, so consider contacting them as an “investment in the future”. It is quite possible you could offer content for a link.

    As an example, the listing for March 1, 2011 included the following domains for “tennis”:

    Now, someone with a tennis oriented site may find a potential partner for content distribution and linking among these.

    That is for just one day and doesn’t include any domains where “tennis” may appear further back in the domain name.

    Again, new site owners (even if they are old and experienced webmasters) are highly motivated to build out and promote their new sites. Approaching them early in their efforts may pay dividends down the road.


    Tomaz Reply:

    Great advice, J Alan, thanks for sharing!


  6. Hi Tomaz,

    Thanks so much for posting these new ideas and giving me a much needed kick up the you know where! I’m not the best at link building and really need to get motivated, your post has come at a perfect time.


  7. Of all the articles I’ve read on link building, Tomaz approaches things form a simple “common horse sense” approach to make things much easier to understand, quicker to accomplish and effective. In just a few simple sentences he conveys what is required and how to go about doing things. Tomaz gets straight to the point very quickly. So, it’s no wonder why folks call him the Guru!

    Yet, on the other hand, I recently found an ebook book published in January 2011 on link building and it basically said a lot of nothing in 69 or so pages of materials. It provided very few examples, was difficult to read, the writing style was less than desirable and was chock full of grammatical errors. And to make things worse, this book really didn’t say anything and wasn’t worth the paper it was printed on. What the author tried to accomplish in 69 pages of rubbish, Tomaz was able to effectively convey in just a few short paragraphs.

    Folks will do themselves a favor towards link building efforts by sticking with some simple, straight forward advise from Tomaz that works! He seems to know what does and does not work.

    I thought I’d provide my two cent worth of opinion.


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