USA 2011 Trip – It’s Really About People And Not About Places And Statues

USA 2011 Trip – It’s Really About People And Not About Places And Statues

Posted by on Sep 25, 2011 in Travelling Free

USA 2011 Trip – It’s Really About People And Not About Places And Statues

I just came back from a nice trip in the USA and I am sharing this post partly as a journal of my travels and partly to share some thoughts on traveling and what makes it special.

So often the travels are based around attractions and places to see but in my experience the fondest memories do not come from non-living statues and places but from meeting new people and interacting with them.

My trip would have been far more boring and FAR more expensive if I didn’t know – or got to meet – some wonderful people.

Leaving for USA from Slovenia

I started my journey on 26th of August at Slovenian airport with my best friend and tennis buddy Urban.

Our goal was of course the US Open Grand Slam tennis tournament. Neither of us has been to the US Open tennis tournament nor to New York before.

Flying business class

The journey was also very cool as I had so many miles from my previous travels that I used some of them to upgrade our seats to business class from Zurich to New York. 😉

Our first stop was New Jersey where I Chantal from lives.

New Jersey

She and her family showed us around and gave us the place to stay.

The hurricane Irene caused us some problems as we weren’t able to explore New York in the first few days but luckily Chantal and I had more time to talk about SBI!, online business and how to convince Google to send more people to our sites and more checks to our homes.

After two days of wonderful hospitality Urban and I then moved to stay with Charles who is a tennis enthusiast. Charles has been following my tennis site for quite some time and he offered us a place to stay – on one condition: that we play tennis with him. 😉

I thought this was the best possible deal in the universe.

Tennis in Long Island

Charles lives in Long Island so in the mornings we played tennis and in the afternoons we went to the US Open and watched tennis. You cannot ask for more…

Urban had to leave at the end of the week so I stayed a few more days with Charlie and helped him with this tennis game. If he didn’t have to eat and sleep he would have probably wanted to play 24 hours per day. 😉

I then moved to the city, more accurately to Roosevelt Island where another tennis friend offered me his place while he was on a business trip.

Of course, the conditions were the same: you get the place is you play tennis with me and give me some tips. I reluctantly decided to accept that offer and not pay $200 per day on a hotel in Manhattan. 😉

I got in touch with Melissa from who was my tour guide for a few days. I got the same horrible offer again: “I’ll show you the city if you show me how to play better tennis.” That really got me thinking. 😉

Since Melissa lives in New York and writes about NYC I probably got one of the top 5 tour guides in the city. I also got one of the fittest ones too.

If you’re overweight and will take a tour of NYC with Melissa, you won’t be overweight after the tour any more. We were fast – but got to see tons of places in a just a couple of days.

Tennis under Williamsburg bridge

Oh, and we also played tennis in a fantastic New York setting – under the Williamsburg bridge. I’ll never forget the noise… 😉


My next stop was Milwaukee where I met David from David helps me with one of my sites and it was great to meet him and his family after chatting so long just over emails.


I was soon flying towards Houston where I met Ashley (and her husband Casey) who also helps me with one my sites. And that’s the real joy of traveling – meeting people, discussing life, sharing stories and feeling optimistic about future projects.

I stayed two more days in Houston because I had to meet Arturo who is also a reader of my tennis site and with whom we have been chatting about tennis and the mental game over emails for the past 2 or 3 years.

It  was great to play tennis again and dig deep into the game and talk about details and intricacies only players with many years of playing can talk about.

Ft. Lauderdale

Soon I was off to Ft. Lauderdale where I met Vernelle who is another friend helping me with one my sites. We agreed to keep the project alive and kicking and had a really nice time chatting about life and how funny it works out sometimes.

After that I was off to NYC again where I finally met my friend Andrei who gave me his apartment in the first week.

Tennis with Andrei

I did my part of the deal and of course gave him some tips about tennis technique that hopefully will enable him to play with much less effort and much more joy.

My last evening in NYC ended with a nice dinner with Melissa and Azmat from who was eager to join us and share his excitement about SBI and living a free life.

Melissa, Azmat and me

It was hard to stop talking and sharing stories about our journeys but it was really fun and interesting.

It’s one of the best things about SBI conferences besides getting some golden nuggets of information on how to succeed online.

You get to meet people on a very similar journey and sharing experiences and stories is great fun.

I am back in sunny and fresh Slovenia now reflecting back on how memorable this trip was because of all the wonderful and generous people I met.

Plane back to Slovenia

It’s one of the best benefits of being free and traveling around to world – it’s really about people and how we all are on similar journeys and how we can help each other to take more and bigger steps towards a bright future.

Thanks everyone who helped me along and enriched my life.

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  1. Great post on how to make real friends on the internet.


  2. Hi Tomaz! this is my first post here.

    What a wonderful journey filled with the nicest people and experiences!

    I have traveled alone to interesting and wonderful places, but the greatest memories and experiences that you never forget are the ones that you share with other people.

    This is excellent motivation to keep working on attaining our financial freedom goals.


    Tomaz Reply:

    Glad to hear that. And there are some incredible generous people out there – you just need to ask for help…


  3. Thanks for stopping in my neck of the woods. 🙂


  4. If you hit Michigan next time, let me know!! Sounds like a great trip — and yes, your hosts learned and played tennis with you — but what a deal to pick your Tomaz-SBI brain! WOW.. Lucky Friends!


  5. Hi Tomaz,

    Dreaming for my US trip also after your such a beautiful trio. Thanks for the all your success story and business ideas in this website.


  6. It sounds like a dream come true, being able to cruise around combining your personal interests with work you enjoy. Thanks especially for the photos. It’s nice to see snaps of people we know from forums. I’m very envious that you got to New York and met Melissa!


    Melissa Reply:

    Ha ha Trina – I just saw this! You are too funny! And btw, I’m writing this as I sit in Chris’ house in Barcelona, Spain ( typing away…! Hope to meet you soon as well!


  7. Tomaz, Reading your travel tales was quite a treat. What a trip you had! Love the pictures. Thanks for bringing us in on it. Kate


  8. Great post for some fresh inspiration.

    I am looking forward to the SBI Conference that is to be held in May 2012 in Rome, hopefully. So, until then I have to earn at least for the plane ticket from Croatia.
    It isn’t much of a goal, but Rome wasn’t built in a day, right? 🙂


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