Want More Traffic? Get More Quality Links!

Want More Traffic? Get More Quality Links!

Posted by on Sep 11, 2008 in SEO

Want More Traffic? Get More Quality Links!

Here’s another Q&A that answers the key question about traffic:

Q: Hi Tomaz,

After 9 months of working at my 4 x niche site. I am reaching about 50 to 100 unique visitors per day (traffic fluctuate daily). All stats are from captured from statcounter. As it has been already close to 1 year since I started my sites, I was wondering if you can be kind enough to share any comments and whether I and heading in the right direction:

Site A (Non Site Build It) – Started in 29 Dec ’07

Traffic : About 8 to 10 uniques per day.

Content : Add 2 articles per week.

Links building: Submit to 5 free directories daily.
Has not done any other links building activities at all.

Monetization: Nil

Site B (Non Site Build It) – Started in 6 Jan ’08

Traffic : About 49 to 98 uniques per day.

Content : Add 2 articles per week.

Links building: Submit to 5 free directories daily.
Subscribe to a few paid 2nd tier directories only.

Monetization: Nil

Site C (Non Site Build It) – Started in 29 Dec ’07

Traffic : About 85 to 120 uniques per day.

Content : Add 2 articles per week.

Links building: Upload 20 to 30 articles to ezine articles thus far.
Contributed another 20 to 30 articles to Article Marketer to distribute to articles directories.
Subscribe to a few paid 2nd tier directories and also managed to get into Dmoz directory.
Submit to 5 free directories daily.

Monetization: Nil

Site D (Site Build It Site) – Started in 24 April ’08

Traffic : About 49-82 uniques per day

Content : Add 2 articles per week.

Links building: Uploaded 20 to 30 articles to ezine articles thus far.
Submitted another 20 to 30 articles to Article Marketer to distribute to articles directories.
Have subscribe to a few paid 2nd tier directories like Joeant.
Submit to Yahoo Answers weekly once.
Submit to 5 free directories daily.

Monetization: Nil

As of now, I really read your blog many times and try to implement what you have share… so I have not monetized yet as I am trying to aim for 500 uniques visitors before I monetize with Adsense, Chitika and Amazon or Kontera or Infolinks. My content is mainly outsourced through getafreelancer.com at $5 to $6 per article. The articles are not the best but it will do for me… 🙂

What surprised me was Site A’s progress. It was quite shocking that despite 9 months and consistently adding 2 articles per week, the visitors rate is so low. It seems to me the hardest thing is to get links in. Hence, I am really amazed how you managed to get 2500 to 3000 uniques to your vacuum cleaner sites. I brainstorm all my keywords using SBI brainstormer.

Hence, just curious, can you share how your own sites traffic growth is like? Is my traffic growth consider normal? Can I speed things up a little? What else can I do to get more links besides article marketing and daily submission to directories? Links seems to be the most challenging…

If my eventual target is to make USD $5,000 per month with these 4 sites through adsense, chitika, kontera, infolinks or even amazon contextual, roughly in your opinion, how many unique visitors do I require to make it for each sites. say $1250 per month per site? Guess I need to make at least $40 bucks per site each day. Can I make it in a year’s time if I continue what I am doing now?

A: Rankings especially in Google are ALL about links and anchor text in those links.

As you can see directories are worthless. STOP submitting links today!

Except DMOZ, Yahoo, Joeant, BOTW and maybe one or two more…

Articles are fine but you won’t get much benefit except from ezinearticles, buzzle and possibly hubpages and squidoo. Check my link experiment series of articles

The rest is up to link exchanges and trading – 3 way and 4 way link exchanges. You need to get links from a page with a least pagerank 2 to have some effect on your rankings.

Here’s how my traffic increased on two of my fairly new SBI sites which started approx. 1 year ago: (I don’t work half as much on links as I did with the vacuum site.)

Traffic Increase Over 1 Year On A Site Build It Site 1

Traffic Increase Over 1 Year On A Site Build It Site 1

Traffic Increase At SBI Site #2

Traffic Increase At SBI Site #2

To find links do backlink analysis of your competitors and see where they get links. Also, look for related sites with good PR and suggest a trade.

Since this is so tedious there aren’t many people who succeed online. This is the whole catch of making it big!

Can you find 10 sites with nice PR, send them an email, get 0 emails back and keep doing it? If yes, then you can achieve something. If not, …

You also need to make sure that you target the right keywords on your homepage and for T2 and T3 so that you have a chance of ranking well. You also need to internally link as shown in AG.

Traffic is all about keywords – the one you chose. Yes, there is some long tail for the ones you didn’t optimize but I’d say that’s 20%.

You need roughly 1000 visitors per day to make $1000 per month. That’s the low part of it. If your niche pays well, you can even multiply with 2 or 3. So 1000 visitors can bring you $3000 per month.

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  1. Thanks for sharing your stats Tomaz, just gives a realistic idea of how long it really takes to reach some kind of good numbers for a website.

    Just the motivation needed in the beginning stages for any one wanting to make it successful online.

    At some point you need to put up a column of followers of your blog like me who can inform you when we acheive our financial freedom….I have’nt acheived it yet, but will definitely let you know when i do…:-)


  2. Hey Yogi,

    I am counting on a guest post when you make it! Just focus on your goal and keep doing something about it…


  3. Very valueble informatiom Tomaz, Keep on going!!!

    How do you find websites who want to trade 3 way and 4 way link exchanges?


  4. Mark,

    I can’t give you a formula for finding such webmasters. I do ask them though:”Do you have any other websites with which we can exchange links?”

    I would also suggest to everyone reading this to slowly but surely build a network of sites in various niches which you can then use for trading links.

    I started a cell phone blog about 5 months ago with minimum investment (it’s on .blogspot so no hosting needed) and got some nice links to it and now it’s a PR3.

    So now I can give someone a PR3 blogroll link and someone else can give me a PR3 one-way link to one my “serious” sites.


  5. Tomaz,

    What do you think is the best way to handle reciprocal links? By putting them on relevant pages or by creating a separate links or resources page? Or does Google penalize for having links pages?



  6. Hi Ryan,

    I now prefer to include reciprocal links into the content (on my latest sites) so I don’t have links pages. I’ve noticed that Google doesn’t assign pagerank to pages where there are only links with no text.

    So if you plan to have a links page, add enough content (as if you describe or review a site to which you are linking to) so that Google sees the page as the content page and not as a “pure” links page.


  7. Another good one Tomaz.

    For deep links, do you ask for those as well in your requests or just to the homepage – tips on getting tier 2, tier 3 incoming links ?

    Also, do you personalize the link request mails or just send out the same type letter to everyone (spam, googleaccount ?)



  8. Yes, I just ask the other webmaster if they can link to one of my internal pages. And no, I don’t spam – I try to get to the point quickly since 99% of webmasters know what is a link exchange.


  9. Tomaz!

    I just started using Infolinks on my first SBI site (the second site doesn’t have 300 visitors yet), and it’s doing great! It’s rivaling google in eCPM, but earning way more per click (w/ a lower click thru rate because it’s those kind of ads that pop-up with the underlined links.)

    It’s so much better than Kontera (even though their customer service is nice.). Anyway I signed up and they sent me this letter about SBI-ers: (I know it’s late, but just thought people should know how much SBI is respected.) This is part of the Email I got:

    ——It is our policy at Infolinks to award such benefits from time to time. Among the publishers for October 2008, we chose all our publishers who operate sites with Site Build It. During this month, all publishers using the SBI platform will be automatically entitled to an extra 10% on top of their Infolinks earnings.

    At the end of the month we will add these 10% to your revenues. I understand that you operate your site with SBI, right? If so, please drop me a word in a reply email just stating: Yes, I’m looking forward to getting the Infolinks October 08 Benefit (or anything in that spirit), and I will personally make sure you’re included.

    If you know of any other SBI publishers who are running Infolinks or would may want to take advantage of this special offer, feel free to let them know or email me and I’ll contact them.—

    I’m not an affiliate of Infolinks (although maybe I ought to look into that. I’m just so psyched to finally find another advertiser that works for my site. (My sites aren’t product based so Chitika turned me down.)

    Thought I’d try to contribute to your blog since you’ve helped me so much Tomaz. 🙂


  10. Hello Tomaz,

    Great article! This came at the most perfect time for me because I am currently working on links.

    I am just wondering, though…

    What is a good amount of links-in to have from each source? How many links should you focus on getting before you really stop focusing on getting them?

    I work better with a goal in mind, but I can’t find any answer to this question. And your help is always greatly appreciated.

    Thank you so much for helping all of us out, Tomaz 🙂



    Tomaz Reply:

    Hi Michelle,

    There isn’t a clear answer to your question. When you are looking for links you also need to focus on the anchor text and the page the link will point to. That can be your homepage or an internal page. When you get enough quality links to it, this page will then rank higher in Google – depending on your competition.

    So when you are happy with your rankings, you can stop focusing on links.

    The quality of links is very important. If you get for example a pagerank 5 link with the right anchor text to a page with not too much competition, you can immediately shoot to top 3 in Google. So you might need just 1 link. 😉


  11. Christy,

    Thanks for sharing the info on Infolinks. 😉

    I read some positive reports in the SBI Forums too so I might check with them if they like any of my sites…


  12. Thank you, Tomaz! This makes so much more sense now!


  13. Tomaz, any tips on how to get such links ? Do you often get rejected. I mean, if a website is new and has no PR (or a PR of 1), and we approach a webmaster with a site with PR 5, why should that webmaster give a link to us ? I mean, it’s obvious, right if the link will only benefit me, not the one with PR 5.

    Or do you wait until you have at least a decent PR like PR 2 or 3 to trade for link.



  14. Dian,

    MANY webmasters have no idea what is pagerank. 🙂 They build websites and add content. They may be slightly aware that getting more links might help with their rankings…

    If they reject you based on pagerank, bookmark their site and approach them again with your offer when you have gained pagerank. (from directory and article submissions)


  15. Hi, thanks for the article, very true. But for a new website, i think it’s quite impossible for a good PR website to link to us as new website are worthless to them. Any tips on this?


  16. Hi Bryan,

    There are thousands of webmasters who have no idea what pagerank is and how Google algorithm works. Sure, if you are in the internet marketing niche, then you won’t get many backlinks with PR0; you’ll have to build some pagerank with directory links and article submissions first.

    But if you have a hobby niche, then you’ll easily find many bloggers who ramble about their stuff and will be happy to link to you. 😉


  17. Hi Tomaz,

    This post makes me confused about getting traffic.

    Do you really think to have a discussion with top PR 2 ranking sites related with my keywords will give a link exchange so easily.

    And do I need to ask for a link exchange for all the PR 1 to 10 for the keywords on which I am planning to create pages.

    Please explain and clear my doubts.

    I am getting frustrated day by day due to my hard work but no result.


  18. Anjali,

    One of the main problems of your niche is that it is SUPER competitive. And everyone in this niche knows exactly what pagerank is, how many links you have and what your Alexa rank is.

    And it’s very very hard to get quality links to your site from other competitors.

    Try using guest posts on related blogs on topics of SEO, internet marketing, working from home and so on. Not everyone will agree to your guest post suggestion but if you send them a quality article they might like it and allow you to link back to your site.

    And don’t monetize so heavily – it just turns most partners away.


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