Want to Start an Online Business and You Worry About…

Want to Start an Online Business and You Worry About…

Posted by on Nov 2, 2008 in Work From Home

Want to Start an Online Business and You Worry About…

There can be many worries and doubts when one thinks about starting an online business. The goal of this post is to find out many fears you may have and remove them by sharing our stories.

My friend told me a few days ago that he was delaying his decision to finally start an online business because he felt that the competition is too tough. He had an idea for a niche and typed a few keywords into Google to see who was his main competition.

The top spots were taken by about.com, consumersearch.com and other massive websites. Not only have these website pagerank 6, 7 or 8 and Alexa rating below 10,000, there are also very skilled writers posting their articles.

“How I am going to beat them? Impossible.”

Here are 3 reasons why this fear is empty:

They dominate only for a few keywords. These sites are optimized for a few keywords and they do rank highly for them. But let me tell you this: my tennis website was found for 7825 different keywords in October of 2008.

I have optimized the site for maybe 100 keywords and the rest just happened. It’s the so called long tail and it brings a LOT of traffic.

Pagerank isn’t everything. I have a website with pagerank 3 that keeps changing the #1 spot with a website with pagerank 5. My site is themed around a certain product and the competing site is not. Google is smart enough to recognize the specialized topic of my site and push it higher in the rankings.

Google cannot tell whether your article is helpful or not. For example this blog has plenty of very good articles (I hope so) but it receives only 50 daily visitors. But one of my other sites has had all articles written by a hired writer who researched the web and created new articles based on already available information on the web.

Those articles mean nothing new and are not written by an expert, but that site still receives over 2500 visitors per day.

You don’t have to write like a Pullitzer prize journalist in order to start an online business that earns good money. Success in any field is based on 5% talent and 95% hard work.

Put in the hard work of writing 200 keyword optimized solid (not perfect) articles and you’ll be rewarded with very nice traffic figures from Google, Yahoo and other sources. Nice traffic will also bring nice earnings.

You’ll also learn tons of stuff about starting an online business and you’ll become more experienced and will make fewer and fewer mistakes. If you wait for that perfect moment to start, there will always be something to distract you and delay your decision.

If you have any other fears or doubts about starting your online business, share them in the comments below and my readers and I will do our best to remove those nagging fears and help you start your journey towards financial and personal freedom.

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  1. Hi Tom,

    Nice post and very encouraging. I thought about this issue too in how to compete against the big boys. This post answers it all. I learn something day by day, by building this new site.

    Keep up the good words.



  2. Thanks for this article Tomaz, it gave me the kick I needed to keep writing because I’ve been having the same self doubts you mention. You’ve done great work with your sites and this blog. Thank you!


  3. You’re welcome Adi and Tracy!

    Just keep working on your sites and keep your blinders up!


  4. Hi Tomaz,

    Your post came right on time. I was reading a lot lately about internet bussinness and I was having exactly those kind of doubts. Your post just made me more convinced that i might succeed.

    Thx and keep the good work.


  5. One of my fears is not picking a good profitable niche and then all my work and time will be a waste.

    I’m not saying I’m not willing to work hard and I know that I’ll gain experience by setting up websites etc. I guess I just want a solid consistent stream of income for all the hard work and to reinvest the profits for other projects.

    I have a site that is in a popular niche and I focus on longer tail keywords but the traffic isn’t great and the profit from it is terrible! It’s so frustrating. I’ll never give up but it’s hard to stay motivated sometimes!


  6. Jacqueline,

    You’re right, picking the right niche is the key and it’s good to be afraid of that choice. 😉 Why? So that you start asking questions!

    There are a lot of experienced SBI-ers reading the SBI forums and they will share their thoughts on your potential niche. So again, my suggestion is to keep asking experienced people (I am happy to help too) to find a niche with good demand that’s also winnable for some of its main keywords.


  7. Nice write up. At least I’m not too worried about compete with other high PR page


  8. Thanks for the great advice, as always.

    I know there is hope for my website to really get moving hopefully in the near future.

    I am determined and I am in this for the long run.

    One question, how do you know when you can sit back and not have to worry so much over you’re site? I know I’m not to that point yet, but someday soon I hope.

    I think you mentioned it in another post about how your site or sites were built and you could relax now and enjoy the ride or something like that.


    Tomaz Reply:


    You can sit back when you see that you rank well for your major keywords which bring a lot of traffic. From what I see now after 3,5 years is that even if you hurry at the beginning, it doesn’t really make a big difference.

    The key is not speed but persistence. Keep building content and links and you’ll do just fine.


  9. I came across Site Build it just browsing the web yesterday and was blown away with everthing it gives you. I have already tryed onlines business’ twice and have failed both times but when I saw that I knew I had to try again. My passion is Golf and I would love to start a site on Golf instruction, but not all instruction just the one that worked for me. I love your Tennis site and I would like to do something like that with Golf. How could I so it with just one kind of instruction or should I put multiple instruction on it, you know Golf is a lot like Tennis and thats why I am really looking at your site. By the way when I was in High School I was a pretty good Tennis Player. thanks……….bill


    Tomaz Reply:

    Hi Bill,

    Sure, you can follow my idea of tennis and develop a golf site. I am not sure I really understand your question but you should build as many pages as possible to get more chances of being found for various keywords.


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