What YOU Have To Do Or What Has To Be DONE

What YOU Have To Do Or What Has To Be DONE

Posted by on Dec 11, 2009 in Blogging advice

When you start your adventure on the internet by starting your own online business, you almost inevitably assume that you have to do everything yourself.

There’s content writing, website design, link building, interacting on social networks, participating on related forums, doing research for finding suitable websites for link exchanges and the list goes on and on.

While I personally recommend that you start doing everything yourself at the beginning (to better understand how this Internet thing works), you don’t have to stay stuck in this “mode”.

Instead of thinking “what you have to do”, you should start thinking “what needs to be done” – and what can you outsource.

Almost everything can be done by others; content writing, website design, link building (I don’t have good experiences though), blog commenting, doing research and much more.

If you want to run a successful business, you need to become the manager. You need to manage the whole operation and let the workers do the simple jobs.

I’ve written about outsourcing before so this post is not really about how to outsource, but it’s more about the mindset and how I suggest it changes after a while so that you can get more done in shorter amount of time.

I started to think like that when I started my second SBI site and slowly progressed from just outsourcing content to outsourcing all sorts of tasks – like website design, blog commenting, research about potential link partners and so on.

I’ve even outsourced publishing of articles on a couple of blogs where I created an Author account on a WordPress based blog so my writer now writes the articles and publishes them and I only take care of an occasional link exchange.

The only thing that you as a manager need to constantly monitor is the quality of work.

“Employees” will always look for shortcuts and look for paths of least resistance. You as a “boss” of your company need to check that the quality is not compromised.

There are crappy websites everywhere (example: jacklalannepowerjuicerinfo dot com) and you need to differentiate from them in terms of quality and that’s how you’ll dominate your niches.

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  1. Good article Tomaz..

    I started outsourcing because of you in 2007 and now I get tons of tasks outsourced now.

    It is amazing what people will do for $10-20 and like it! 🙂

    The thing I always ask myself and hopefully it is helpful to others reading your blog is:

    “If I outsource X, how long will it take me to make my money back on this task?”

    If it is 30-90 days (maybe even 6mths), consider it outsourced! 🙂

    I am in the game for the long term so I am ok waiting that long before I break even on an outsourced job.




  2. It’s all starting to sound like making money for the sake of making money now. Getting others to write your articles, while you … um … count the beans? What happened to passion and integrity?


    Tomaz Reply:

    Hey Derek,

    You’re mixing a few points here. The article is not talking about making money but about being more efficient.

    How many Iphones do you think Steve Jobs would do per day if he had to put them together? 😉

    How many articles do you think the CEO of New York Times (or insert any other newspaper) writes every day for New York Times? 😉

    Doing everything yourself slows you down tremendously and the world would get nowhere if everyone would be doing everything for themselves. There would be no roads, bridges, airports of everything else. Is your conclusion then that the CEOs of these companies have no integrity?

    How much money anyone wants to make is their own thing. I earn quite nicely and yet I still need more than $50,000 to pay back my loans and probably $20,000 or $30,000 more for all the furniture and stuff that I need in the new apartment.

    So I am definitely not holding back in trying to earn more and have thankfully gotten rid of all the negative beliefs about money.

    It’s probably your assumption / belief that honest people shouldn’t make a lot of money and if that’s your belief, you will subconsciously self-sabotage yourself and prevent yourself from earning more.

    Your comment is actually a great starting point for discussion because I know that there are a lot of negative beliefs related to money.


  3. derek – all businesses have employees – outsourcing lets us do less – that is why I started a website so i could do other thing i enjoy


  4. I could not of said that better Tomaz. The stories

    You could “maybe” make an arguement about passion but 74% of people hate their jobs according to a recent survey but yet they still go anyway. Where is THEIR passion and integrity?

    The integrity card doesn’t make since because what does outsourcing topics have anything to do with integrity if the person is still adding value to the end user?

    One thing I am passionate about is providing for my family by giving value to my end users.



  5. Hi Tomaz,

    Unfortunately, I was in a real rush when I wrote that comment, so I left the gate wide-open for misinterpretation. Which is exactly what happened.

    I’m not at all against your outsourcing practice. And even though I’m not at that stage yet, I may well outsource some things on my own site down the track.

    Nor does your assumption about negative money-beliefs apply to me – that was a bit patronizing actually, though forgivable given the brevity of my post.

    Let me elaborate on my concern…

    Reading some of your earlier posts – both here and in the SBI forums – I was very impressed by your commitments to certain ideals, like passion, integrity and value. I don’t have time to find exact quotes, but let me just say I’ve read all your articles (both here, and in the SBI forums).

    However, as you become more successful you seem to be entering territories incompatible with your expressed philosophy. Please correct me if I’m wrong but you are now quite happy to…

    1. Create websites around topics you know nothing about, nor have any passion for, provided the pay looks good.

    2. Fool genuine community-minded webmasters/forum hosts into thinking you are a keen follower of their blogs and forums in order to get links. The posts you make are designed to, superficially, ‘add value’, but the intent is the same as that of a spammer. And do you continue to write useful blog entries and forum posts for them after you have got your link? If so, you must be a very, very busy man.

    3. Get others to post the blog/forum entries for you. Do you create the impression in the blogs/forums that these entries come from you? In any case, I can’t see any true value in this practice.

    You don’t just outsource the mechanical tasks – you outsource the very heart and soul of a business to the extent that you don’t actually own or represent anything other than money.

    I know this makes you very financially successful. And I’m not really arguing you shouldn’t do it that way. But I do argue for consistency between your espoused principles and current practices. They don’t seem to match anymore, from where I stand.

    I’m totally comfortable with outsourcing, and also with making a very good income. I’ve demanded a very high salary in my working life, and I’m now going to demand a very good income from my sites. At least, that is certainly my goal. But I don’t think the integrity of your earlier posts shines through in the practices you now advocate – nor do I think these practices fully reflect the SBI mentality you actively espouse.

    Did you notice that Ken referred to you in his recent interview as making $1000 a day, but referred explicitly only to your tennis site? Maybe I’m reading too much into things, but that isn’t where you’re making all your money, so why did he not mention the vacuum site? Perhaps things are starting to cross the SBI line?

    Again, this is ok – provided you’re honest about your fundamental philosophy. In your case, this appears to be more about being as financially successful as possible, rather than adding genuine value to the world. Which is fine. Just say it as it is.

    I have read and admired more of your work than most around here – so you can consider this post a sign of respect rather than that of an ill-informed or money-scared antagonist. I follow your work because you espouse a root-cause I believe in, and also make a very god income out of it. I’m just doubting that root-cause a bit now.

    Stay true, and you can still make loads of money. Ken manages quite nicely, after all 😉



    Tomaz Reply:

    Hi Derek,

    Here are my replies to your thoughts:

    1. That is business. My passion is to be free and I need to earn enough money to do that. I do my best to provide value to people by creating large content sites on which people can get more information based on what they are looking for.

    I’d say that 99,99% of businesses in the world operate like that. You need to create some value in order to get paid well and if that’s really not your 100% passion what you’re doing, then you better start something else.

    The alternative – being very idealistic – is to stay poor but be very righteous (that’s a negative!) and say that you only follow your passion. Unfortunately it doesn’t earn enough but you feel that you are better than the rest of the “greedy people.” 😉

    I personally follow my passion – tennis – but there is not enough demand for what I sell. I earn less than $3000 with my tennis site and after taxes I get about an average salary in Slovenia. That’s just not enough to be free and enjoy life.

    I therefore found ways to provide quality content to other people and at the same time earn more money.

    2., 3. Fool webmasters that I am their follower? Well, that assumes that it’s their ego who needs some stroking – and that they are building their blogs to get more followers and have the feeling of being a leader?

    They are definitely not going to get that satisfaction from me. I am no one’s follower. Not even Ken Evoy’s as you may have seen in my posts in SBI forums.

    I’ll provide quality comments to their posts so that their content grows. They will have more words on the topic of their posts and a webmaster who doesn’t need his ego to grow is looking JUST at that.

    I don’t want followers of this blog to feel less than me and for me to feel more than you. I don’t care about this relationship and I don’t want it. We are all equal.

    What I care by writing this blog is to help people get out of stressful financial situation by showing them how to succeed online.

    I am looking for stories of success and that I made a difference. I wish people reading my blog would create better sites and earn more money than me.

    And when you or someone else comments, I am glad that I got more words in a post which helps Google find me for more words.

    I don’t look for feelings of being a leader and that I have lots of followers. If I did, I would definitely get more than 300 RSS readers in 2 years, trust me.

    If you outsource your comments here and they are useful and make sense and add more words on topic, I don’t care. Feel free to do so.

    That’s what I provide to other webmasters – I give them more words to their blogs on the topic they wrote for. In terms of building a better website, that’s what they need. In terms of ego, they get nothing from me.

    Second, I ask them for a link exchange and they are free to decline. I cannot force anyone to do anything. They will agree if there is a benefit for them. Trust me, they don’t care about me, just about themselves.

    So in the end, it’s the “free market” that regulates what’s “right and wrong”. If I did things wrong, I couldn’t succeed.

    And finally, if you’re looking for some ideology here, you won’t find it. I set a goal and find ways to reach it.

    I am showing you ways of how to do it. If this doesn’t fit into your ideology, don’t use them.

    I don’t care about opinions of others and I certainly don’t like people telling me what I “should” do or teach. That is patronizing – suggesting to other people how they should be which assumes that “you” actually know better…


  6. Hi Tomaz,

    I fear you may have missed my point entirely…

    I’m certainly not telling you what you should do. When it comes to making money, you know a great deal more about it than I ever will. I’m just suggesting you be consistent in your advocated philosophy and practice.

    If you re-read the posts you yourself made in the ‘early days’, you’ll find they express a certain ‘idealism’. That appealed to me. But I guess you have rejected it in favor of making more money. I find that disappointing – but I don’t expect you to agree with me.

    Your last post sums up your current attitude pretty honestly, and I’m grateful for that. It’s much simpler than I gave you credit for, though: ‘Add words to a topic’. I guess I have done that for you, hey?

    All the best.


    P.S. ‘Poor but righteous’? Some people are both righteous AND wealthy. Like Ken, for example.


    Tomaz Reply:


    Saying:”I’m just suggesting you be consistent in your advocated philosophy and practice.” – is telling me what to do. There is a hidden “should” in this sentence – but I see it.

    I am a free person and do whatever I want. If you are telling me to do anything, then we are at war.

    Learn to comment by being neutral and talking about your perspective.

    You could have said:”I don’t agree with outsourcing comments on blogs because …” or “I prefer to stay consistent with my ideology throughout my life because…”

    By commenting like that, you just express your opinions but you don’t suggest to other people that they “should” do something else – like stay idealistic or whatever it is you want or believe in.

    If you “suggest” anything, you are taking a higher (ego) position assuming that you are right and someone else is not.

    I know too much about psychology and human behavior and ego to be fooled by that. Therefore I reply the way I reply.

    If you don’t like a certain approach I write about, don’t use it. But don’t come telling how I should behave.

    You are seeing things from very idealistic perspective and would like more people to be like you. If they are not, you “suggest” them something…

    I don’t mind your perspective and you’re free to think and behave however you want. You MUST NOT suggest anything to other people because their belief system is probably so different than yours that you’ll get nowhere – except into conflict.

    My final advice; either comment neutrally by just sharing your opinions and letting other people be however they want to be or don’t comment at all.


  7. And here’s a not-so-hidden should…

    “Instead of thinking “what you have to do”, you SHOULD start thinking “what needs to be done” – and what can you outsource.” [Emphasis added]


  8. Derek,

    You should really take a high level look at what your writing. If you really think that Tomaz’s ideas are fraud, then you SHOULDN’T be here.

    I don’t understand how in the world you call his blog commenting method fake, when Ken Evoy (as you love to quote) just made that strategy a TNT article and put it in the week e-mail. Is Ken Evoy recommending that strategy a fraud too.

    Hmmm……just a thought.

    I also have read everything Tomaz has written and his views are pretty consistent.

    I knew that SBIX blog post was about Tomaz and Ken mentioned his other sites, just not by name because he didn’t want to give away his identity. The whole point of that blog post was to be discreet and show success.

    Since you love giving indirect advice that people should do, I’ll give you some:

    “If you don’t like the information don’t read”

    That my be too simple for your superior mind – yes, I’m being patronizing.

    Sherman (One pissed off reader)


  9. Just coming to the defense of tomaz….

    yeah your can be “poor and righteous” and “rich and righteous” …and vice versa.

    But making quality comments on someone’s blog is not black hat at all.

    Derek ..if you read the SBI forums do you know how many people answer “yahoo answers” just to get a link.

    That is part of the game and ken always says something like “comment on blogs, forums etc , but just make it quality”.

    Tomaz leaving quality comments on a blog he has no interest in is just fine – he’s not tricking webmasters at all. We all do that – people at SBI do it too. The blog owners win and so do we.

    If i take what you say Derek then why should i submit a link to a directory i have no interest in? (it’s because we do it for the links 😉 blog commenting is one such avenue.

    (by the way did you know Site Sell services give you do follow blog comments when you buy there link building package?) If Tomaz is in the wrong then so is sitesell and ken.

    If you read many other make money blogs you’ll find spam techniques.

    Tomoz is consistant but just evolved his IM technique.

    Also, IM is a step to be free not freedom itself…. ken even says in the action guide if you’re going to write about something you don’t know about then just do your research. So he advocates doing something that isn’t your passion

    Finally… one question to Derek… give a more useful vacuum cleaner site on the internet ? I think his vacuum site offers value to the person interested in vacuum cleaners.

    Happy Christmas everyone


  10. Tomaz said the following:

    ‘I don’t want followers of this blog to feel less than me and for me to feel more than you. I don’t care about this relationship and I don’t want it. We are all equal.’

    Bravo Tomaz…This I can relate 😉

    He goes on to say:
    What I care by writing this blog is to help people get out of stressful financial situation by showing them how to succeed online.

    This is great and something I also relate to.

    In September Tomaz gave his valuable time (at his own expense) to attend a conference in Barcelona. All those attending learnt a great deal from his meeting. He did this not for financial gain but to help people and he definitely succeeded. This is what I love about Tomaz and I only wish there were more people out there like him.

    Derek, I can relate to how you feel and for a long time gave away a lot of my valuable time trying to change the world.

    There are many very rich people who think like we do and help many people just like Tomaz is 😉

    We live in a capitalist society and have to earn a living to survive. Many countries exploit their workers far more than others so if we can help people to escape these chains and be free so much the better.

    Tomaz is not exploiting these people he outsources work to. They are not working under slave conditions like many who work for huge corporations who set up shop in third world countries. These people work at their own time (many are students) and they can earn more in a month working for Tomaz than they would in a year.

    The only thing I would like to improve is my link building strategies but I have discovered something by Dan Thies which might very well be the answer to this alienating job 🙂

    All the best


  11. Hi Sherman,

    Here are my responses to your points in a fairly random order…

    Tomaz writes lots of good stuff – great stuff even. That’s why I’ve read it all. I’ve even written some raving comments about his SBI posts. So I don’t think there’s a need to get upset if I say something negative about something I don’t like.

    That’s what blog comments are for isn’t it? They ask readers ‘What do you think?’. I’m sure Tomaz would not want to attract a bunch of fawning yes-men, any more than he is one himself (i.e. he isn’t).

    I wasn’t talking about the anonymous SBIX blog post – I was talking about the interview Ken did recently for an SBI affiliate that was advertized in the forums. He explicitly referred to Tomaz as the $1000 a day man and referred to his tennis site only. Make of it what you will, but that is the fact of the matter.

    It doesn’t make sense to say ‘If you don’t like the information don’t read’, because you have to read it first before you know what you think of it, right? And, as I said above, Tomaz often writes great stuff.

    If Tomaz wants to be a public figure, he SHOULD accept/address criticism professionally rather than reject people who criticize him, and you need to accept that your heros in life might be a little flawed.

    Ken advocated Tomaz’s tip in a general sense, but I doubt he would support getting other people to write blog entries for you and pretend to be you (if that’s what’s happening – I’m not quite sure). I didn’t use a word as strong as ‘fraud’, because there are worse things being done out there on the web right now, and I’ll reserve that word for others.

    Tomaz is a good guy, and a phenomenon at this making-money-online game. It’s just that this particular reader feels he has left the solid roots he displayed early on. That, to me, is a shame.

    If this blog receives nothing but admiring, hero-worshiping comments, I don’t think Tomaz will benefit much in the long run.




  12. Hi Carole (and others),

    You’ve set up a bit of a straw man argument here. I don’t recognize myself in your words much at all. In particular…

    -I didn’t criticize capitalism, or the desire to make lots of money. I’m well and truly happy to be in the middle of all that.
    -I didn’t accuse Tomaz of exploiting people; much less, slave labor. That didn’t even occur to me.
    -I didn’t suggest that I’m out to change the world. Yes, I’d like to add value to it, but I’d also like to be well paid for that value.

    I’m not really keen on repeating my actual point over and over, but I’ll do it just this once to avoid further misdirected posts…

    I don’t have a problem with outsourcing, BUT… If you outsource to the extent that other people write all your content, and write blog and forum posts on your behalf, then whatever it is you have, and however much money you make, it is not a business founded on SBI-like principles. And that’s totally ok, BUT… you shouldn’t then profess to believe in these principles.

    You become a money-making machine, which is the basic point of my first (overly-brief) post. You have every right to follow this path, but it is inconsistent to then espouse ‘saintly’ principles, which Tomaz has done from time-to-time, here and elsewhere.

    I think he genuinely stuck to these principles initially, but now those principles have changed quite drastically in the name of money, so perhaps it’s time to voice a new philosophy. ‘Make money however you can, as long as you’re not breaking the law’, perhaps?

    I don’t mind people criticizing things I say, but it is a tad irritating to be criticized for things I didn’t say.



    P.S. Much as this content-surge is probably delighting Tomaz, I think I’ve made my point clear enough now, so I’ll leave it with you. It’s not really about who’s right or wrong – it’s just about being honest about what you do or don’t represent. I hope you at least take the time to understand my point, even if you disagree with it.


  13. Derek, sorry I misread you but you are wrong in what you say re Tomaz.

    ‘…it is not a business founded on SBI-like principles. And that’s totally ok, BUT… you shouldn’t then profess to believe in these principles’

    What are the principles of SBI! if not a money making machine????

    If you’re refering to altruism e.g. concern for human welfare and advancement then surely this is what Tomaz is doing, not SBI!

    At least Tomaz gives his time freely and doesn’t charge for it.

    He is genuinely trying to help others and if he makes money along the way so much the better.

    ‘You become a money-making machine, which is the basic point of my first (overly-brief) post’

    Isn’t this exactly what SBI!is?


  14. Not that Tomaz needs anyone to come to his defense but one thing that Derek seems to forget that Tomaz has written on his blog that he has had an article written 3 times because he didn’t think the quality was good enough.

    Why would someone do that if they were not worried about quality?



    Tomaz Reply:

    Hmm, well, the” problem” is not in not agreeing with me. The problem is telling me from a somewhat higher position that I should do something different.

    That doesn’t work unless you are a boss of someone. It doesn’t work in a relationship with your spouse and partner and it doesn’t work anywhere.

    I know what’s going on (from psychology) but most people just “feel”. They feel someone tries to control them. Someone is telling them what to do and that’s NOT freedom.

    I don’t mind at all (and frankly I don’t really care) if someone disagrees with me. There are million ways of becoming successful online or offline.

    What needs to be done when commenting and not agreeing with the original poster is to write from your own perspective and share ONLY your own thoughts without suggesting the other person that he / she is wrong or that he / she should do this and this.

    That will lead to conflict and total waste of time for anyone.

    I appreciate all the comments in this post but no one can learn anything from them in the future – well, not much.

    I’ve seen these types of blog comment exchanges when one person tells the other person that something is not right in their view, that they should do something different, that they are not doing the right thing and it escalates into a long exchange of comments which are nothing more than trying to prove your point. (so that’s just ego)

    How does anyone benefit from that? It’s a total waste of time.

    I try once or twice to explain myself but that’s about it. I’ll let it go and probably delete all the comments in the future from that poster.

    So maybe the only benefit from anyone reading so far down is to learn how to approach commenting on blogs and learn to be neutral and just share thoughts from their own standpoint without “suggesting” or “shoulding” (just made a new word 😉 ) to another person.


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