What’s a Good Content Page?

Posted by on Jul 27, 2009 in Work From Home

You know that in order to rank well in search engines you need to provide good content on your site and support it with quality incoming links.

But what exactly is »good« content?

People often ask me; how many words should I write? Is 300 words enough? Do I need to add pictures too? How about videos? And so on…

All these questions are based on the wrong type of thinking when it comes to success. That’s because in the back of your mind is this thinking: what is the least amount of work that I need to do to earn money?

Read that sentence a few times and think logically whether this type of thinking will get you successful (in any field).

I don’t think so.

In other words, you’re looking for shortcuts. Well, then success will take a shortcut around you too…

So what’s a good content page then? Here’s my guideline:

It’s a page that I am PROUD of.

I look with a critical eye at what I have written and then I wonder whether I’ll be proud to put that on MY site. (This goes mainly for my tennis site – or in your case, your expertise or passion site)

My site is a reflection of me.

It shows my expertise, my attention to detail and how much work I put into something that interests me. A future client who wishes to have tennis or mental coaching can see whether I know something and whether I will work hard towards our common goal.

I also wonder whether I would be proud to show my page to other tennis coaches and players and whether that page would impress them, give them answers to their questions and whether they would recommend it to someone else too.

I also wonder whether that page belongs at LEAST to the top 10 of pages on this topic on the internet, but usually I aim higher – top 5 pages on that subject.

So the questions to ask to tell whether you have a good content page are:
1.    Is your page written so well that it BELONGS into top 5 of ALL pages on the internet on the topic?
2.    Are you proud of what you have written?
3.    Can you proudly show your page to fellow experts in your field and receive praise for what you have written?
4.    Did you give your best sharing your knowledge or did you take shortcuts?

You may also build websites on topics that you don’t know much about and therefore you hire writers to work for you. You might say that what they write is out of your control.

That’s a lame excuse. You can ask them very specifically to write what you want by giving them very clear instructions. This of course takes time and effort and it will not come naturally to you if you’re constantly thinking of shortcuts.

I have some excellent pages on my vacuum site that I am proud of which I did not write. But I gave the writer very specific instructions on which vacuums to review, how to review them, how I wish the formatting to look and I sent the article back twice before accepting it.

Again, you can ask yourself whether you’re proud of having this page on YOUR site which hundreds or thousands of people see.

Do you see only traffic stats or are you aware that these represent real people looking for real and useful information online?

Do you really want to share something useful and help these people (and earn money at the same time) or do you egoistically just want to earn money and not care whether people got anything useful from your site or not?

Your success online is not just based on picking the right keywords, writing articles and getting links.

It’s the kind of thinking explained in this article that that will set you apart from those who get 100 visitors per day after a year or more and still keep asking questions. And it’s this kind of thinking that needs to be in the back of your mind when writing pages and getting links.

Set high standards and you will get high rewards…

P.S. One more thing to keep in mind: let’s say that your »shortcut strategy« works and you actually managed to earn some good money online by creating lots of crappy sites that all together bring in some good money.

Are you REALLY happy now? Are you fulfilled? Are you doing good service to other people or is it just about you, you, you?

And is that really happiness? Think about it and what path you want to take with your online business and your life…

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  1. Wow.


    Thanks for the reminder.


  2. This is a very informative and inspiring article about what it takes to run a business. What we are trying to do is run a business. It just happens to be online.

    People are just that people and we must cater to them if we want to make money and not just the internet search engines.


  3. Tomaz

    Great article.I would say my favorite part was the post script you wrote AFTER the article about being happy.Great point.



  4. Tomaz,

    I usually agree with a lot of what you write, but I have to take exception this time. You say:

    “People often ask me; how many words should I write? Is 300 words enough? Do I need to add pictures too? How about videos? And so on…

    All these questions are based on the wrong type of thinking when it comes to success. That’s because in the back of your mind is this thinking: what is the least amount of work that I need to do to earn money?

    Read that sentence a few times and think logically whether this type of thinking will get you successful (in any field).

    I don’t think so.”

    I would say that’s exactly the type of question that anyone planning to make a living from the Internet should be asking. Business principals are exactly the same online as offline, and there comes a point offline where you have to look at productivity and the returns you are getting.

    Someone much wiser than me wrote similar words to the following, and I feel they are far more appropriate in the situation you describe:

    “A good niche website is built, marketed and managed according to one principle and one principle alone……

    That principle is: “Nothing More Than Is Necessary Nothing Less Than Is Required”

    Remember that the “aim” of a niche website is to fill a space on the internet inside a particular market segment.

    True success as a niche website builder depends upon you scaling up your production of these sites. Consequently, you don’t want to put any more energy (time) or finance (money) into a particular niche site than is required to fill the particular space your site is targeting.

    On the flip side you don’t want to put less into your site than is required to fill that space as that will result in your site not positioning properly and the inevitable result of that is that it won’t be getting the amount of relevant people through to it that it should.

    Do too much and you’re wasting your time…….
    Do too little and you’re wasting your time.”



  5. Tomaz,

    If I got your last point right, are you saying the ARE ways to make money being lazy and building crappy sites?




  6. It’s funny how you find just what you need to hear at the right time. 😉

    I was thinking today how to build a site that is remarkable. You summed it up well…you always do.


  7. @Ray: You are mistaking business success (which is maximizing profits) with happiness. What you’re saying is how to maximize profits and what I am saying is how to earn a lot of money and feel fulfilled, feel useful and do good things to other people in the short time we have on this planet.

    Maximizing profits is this blind veil that has been put on your mind and you mistakenly believe that making more money will make you happy. There are millions of people making lots of money that feel miserable right now.

    It is the “maximizing profits” strategy that brought the world into financial crisis – people getting greedy and selfish and looking to make more and more and more without asking themselves what’s the point.

    Can you explain to me what’s the point of earning for example 3 (how about 100) times more money than you need? If the money will not be spent then what’s the point? Helping the banks?

    What I am saying also is that once you put so much effort into a page / website / business that it’s not just about maximizing profits, but also over-delivering and doing the extra mile, your will be extremely successful financially and feel fulfilled at the same time.

    Someone wiser than me said:”It’s never crowded along the extra mile.”

    Your focus should be on doing THE BEST YOU CAN (do the extra mile) to solve the problems of other people, and then the financial success is the consequence of that. In this process you earn money and become fulfilled.

    It’s not the other way around where you look to earn as much money as possible doing the least amount of good towards other people (you have to sell something and do something useful to earn money) so that you selfishly gain as much as possible.

    This path is followed by millions of people and yet they are still stressed, missing something and mistakenly believing that having 5 million dollars instead of 3 will make them happier…

    It’s very likely though that you will not “get it” by me telling you this, but by experiencing the unhappiness while having more than enough money. It’s at that moment that you need to wake up and realize that just maximizing profits won’t solve the “happiness problem”.


  8. This is a good article and I have given it a lot of thought since you first posted it. Pride in our workmanship is of course an important factor and so are knowing the fundamentals of your business.

    When I first started my site over eight months ago I was in the early learning stage with SBI and worked hard on my articles researching them well. I made mistakes too, not intentionally, but I was proud of my work at the time.

    As time has passed I’ve learned more and this time deliberately went against the SBI action guide and tweaked many of my pages because my point of view changed and I wanted to maintain my pride for those pages. So I am saying our level of pride and standards of suitable work changes over time.

    You article is also about sincerity in our work. I get the feeling most people reading this site are sincere in their work and desire to maximize their profit and productivity while maintaining pride.


    Tomaz Reply:

    Thanks for sharing, Doug. Good points.


  9. Tomaz,

    I can understand your point if you are writing about your expertise/passion. But what about your websites which are not really about your expertise, for instance your vacuum site (especially since you hired writers) ?


    Tomaz Reply:


    It’s explained in the article. In short; set high standards for your writers, tell them exactly what you want and how many words you want for typical sections.

    YOU set the standards, not the writers…


  10. I’m a little late to the party, but I loved this article. I’m writng some content now so I will have to go back to see if it’s something that I would be proud to put online.

    It’s so easy to get distracted.


  11. Good article and interesting point of view, Tomaz. I think many will not agree with it because many people are not particularly inspired to do their best so much as to earn money whatever way they can. They may even doubt their ability to make truly good sites in the first place. Quick and dirty 10 page sites are a way to stay protectively emotionally uninvolved in your work.

    I am starting up my first site, largely inspired by your example. And I’ll be going by SBI’s principles and your reemphasis of them here, even though it’s not really a “passion” site. I’ll do my utmost to provide damn good content and have a site I’ll be proud to show others and admit I have made. I expect having high standards will pay off financially, but ultimately provide me with more than just money.


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