Where I Find Ideas For Niche Websites

Posted by on Feb 18, 2008 in Blogging advice

Where I Find Ideas For Niche Websites

If you’re having trouble finding a profitable niche with not too much competition, then you’re about to find out where to get tons of ideas.

The Easy Way

The easy way is to subscribe to 2 lists where you really won’t be spammed with tons of promotional emails.

1. Nicheaday.com

NicheaDay.com is a project from Scott Standke and it does exactly what it says: you’ll get an email every day with a niche idea, high PPC bid price from Overture and up to 1000 keywords already attached to the email.

These are sent from Nichebot.com in cooperation with Jim Morris.

Niche a Day from Scott Standke

What I like about Nicheaday is that eventually you can spot a good niche since you’ll get an email every day. I also like that Scott doesn’t use this list to heavily promote other internet marketing products.

I’d say you’ll get a promotional email once a month and Scott usually promotes good stuff.

2. KeywordExplosion.com

This is a project from Jonathan Leger and if you sign up here, you’ll get a list of high paying keywords in your inbox once a week.

KeywordExplosion from Jon Leger

What you’ll see in this list of keywords is that the usual keywords in the over $20 CPC range are mortgages, credit cards, lawyers and so on and are extremely competitive.

But when you scroll down you’ll see keywords in the $10 – $15, $5 – $10 and $2 – $5 ranges.

Here you can spot some cool keywords like thermal binding machine, spectrum analyzer, introduction to voip and others.

Your next stop is the free Wordtracker keyword tool where you need to check if that niche has some demand or not and whether it’s worth your time and effort to build a site around it.

I get a couple of emails per week from being on Jon’s list but I am not 100% sure that the KeywordExplosion is the only list I am subscribed to. (from Jon’s lists)

You can of course buy the whole package for $67 and get unlimited access to high paying Adsense keywords.

Read Jon’s sales letter and decide for yourself. (the above is my affiliate link)

The Hard Way

The hard way takes a lot of time to research various topics and products on Amazon.com, Ebay.com and similar.

So basically you need to browse through their products and manually check the demand on Wordtracker and the CPC prices in Google Adwords tool.

One cool sub-page of Ebay which can shorten your research a little bit is the popular products page where they list best selling products in some of the categories.

Hopefully these tips will make it easier to find your money making niche. And if you still get stuck, ask me a question and I’ll do my best to help you out!


I got an email from Travis from BumMarketingMethod.com with a link to a free report. I occasionally read his emails but I have never bought anything.

This report is very related to the topic of this post so here’s the link to the Great in 2008 – Trends, Hot Markets and more in 2008. (just left click and you’ll end up on the download page)

Note that I haven’t changed and code of the link so if you end up buying something (there are a bunch of links in the report) you’ll help Travis make some extra cash. 😉

If you benefit from the report, then of course, return the favor.

By the way – I am of a few “guru” lists, but I almost never buy anything. If one is patient enough, these “gurus” will sooner or later come up with free stuff from which you can benefit.

Just don’t fall for their copywriting tricks. 😉

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  1. Nice post man. I like the NicheADay site and just signed up. I actually enjoy doing this manually, but NicheADay will give me a nice headstart to niche finding and then I can dig deeper on my own.


  2. Two good resources that I’m off to take a look at right now. I’ll probably use these as supplemental information to my own research, or to give me ideas to do some keyword research for the niche blogs I’m building at the moment.


  3. Thanks for stopping by, Nick!

    By the way, something I didn’t mention above: I usually research a lot but don’t build that much. 😉

    I typically start a new site every 4 months although I probably check some keywords and niches every few days…


  4. Yoo Tomaz

    What is a good PPC range that you look for when looking at a niche?




  5. Hey David,

    I’d say anything where many (let’s say 50) keywords are above $1. But generally I look for a niche with high demand and not too much competition regardless of PPC values.

    There are many ways to monetize a high traffic site and just a few ways to earn a decent amount with a low traffic site…


  6. I bought a program called micro niche finder that is really good. It helps so much in refining keyword and niche selection.


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