Why Money Is Only One Third Of Happiness

Why Money Is Only One Third Of Happiness

Posted by on Aug 14, 2007 in Financial Freedom

You are probably reading this post because it’s on a blog related to making money online and achieving financial freedom, and you are interested in such topics.

And you probably think that when you make a lot of money, you’ll be happy. 🙂

The goal of this post is to open your mind a little a bit and show you the real path to happiness, so that you won’t waste too much time and energy working ONLY to earn more money.

Let me share my personal theory on what makes people happy and hopefully, you’ll see this making money thing from a different angle.

First, it is a fact that many rich people are unhappy. It is also a fact that many rich people were so unhappy that they commited suicide.

So just having a lot of money does not make you happy.

You may think, “Yeah, but I’m different. When I am rich, I’ll be happy!”

I am quite sure that this is not the case, so let me try to convince you otherwise.

Three things are necessary for your happiness. Without them you CANNOT be happy.

(Of course, many smaller factors also affect your level of happiness, and we’ll talk about them, too.)

1. You MUST do what you love.

There is no way around this one. If you have to be in a job where you do things that you don’t like, you won’t be happy.

It’s logical right? Not like = not happy

Many people blind themselves and say, “Well, it’s not so bad; I’m quite happy. I earn a good salary and spend weekends playing tennis, going to the movies, going out with my friends and…”

What they are saying is that if they are happy two out of seven days, then they are happy.

I am saying that there is a happiness with which you can be happy seven out seven days, and it’s a much deeper and more fulfilling feeling than this superficial, short-lived, flying high feeling.

You need to be involved in some kind of activity that makes you happy. Something that is your passion.

For me this was and is tennis. I used to watch tennis on TV for hours, although I was a semi-profesional volleyball player and I was studying electrical engineering.

I liked volleyball, my teammates and all the social parts of it, I hated electrical engineering and I was obsessed with tennis.
I could watch it for hours, and I could play it for hours without ever getting bored or tired of it.

You need to find something like this in your life and then STICK to it. Do whatever you need to to make this passion your main activity.

Your happiness depends on it.

2. You MUST make other people happy.

This one is often overlooked, and the main reason is ego – selfishness.

Although you might think that you just want things for yourself, you will realize sooner or later that we are social beings and we thrive on being appreciated and loved.

We must feel that we are NEEDED, for whatever reason.

As a tennis coach I get this feeling from sharing my experience with other people, and from their appreciation of my sharing.

It gives me great pleasure when people tell me how their mental game or their general tennis game has improved.

It gives me great pleasure when I receive e-mails from people who didn’t buy anything from my website, but enjoyed the free information I offer.

It is also the main reason I started this blog- to share my knowledge and help other people, even if I don’t always earn money at the same time.

By the way, this is one of the reasons that blogs are so popular. It’s easy for people to leave their opinions and thoughts about certain topics, and this makes the owner of the blog very happy (hint :)).

It doesn’t matter what you do as long as you are USEFUL.

You can clean streets or hotel rooms, make pancakes or ice cream, be a waiter, make bicycles, sell juicers, repair vacuum cleaners…

Whatever, there are millions of things that people need on this planet.

And as long as you feel useful and appreciated by other people, you will find the second third of happiness.

Before you see the last third of happiness, entertain this question for awhile: WHY do so many wealthy internet gurus (and other rich people) STILL sell their services, make new products and work hard every day, when they could just replicate, add new websites and earn more passive income doing almost nothing?


Because they NEED to be appreciated.

How come Ken Evoy, the nr.1 guru, still works hard, posts almost every day in the SBI forums and keeps Sitesell.com running, when he could just build a passive online empire and enjoy Anguilla?

Yes, I know that some people never have enough and just want more and more and more. I don’t think Ken is one of those, and I know some internet marketers who show this greedy pattern in their e-mails.

But still, the main drive of most people is to be appreciated, to be useful, and that’s why they still keep doing what they are doing even if they have massive amounts of money.

Just think about all the IM names such as Russell Brunson, Mike Filsaime, Joel Comm and tons of other people who have incredible wealth, yet you still receive their promotions about home based business ideas, hear about new products they’ve developed and find their names all over the Internet.

Some of the reason is their desire for power and money; yet some of it is because of the two basic human needs: to help, and to be useful and appreciated.

You have this need to be appreciated, too; so before you jump into this making money thing, think about how you can earn money and, at the same time, be useful to people and actually be able to hear or read their responses to what you offer.

This will build the second pillar of happiness.

3. You MUST receive GOOD income – MONEY!

I do not believe in the theory that money is not important for happiness.

Maybe if you live in Tibet, stay in some isolated cave and meditate for 12 hours per day, then OK, you got me there.

But if you live in a modern society with cars, cellphones, the Internet, TV, computers, movie theaters, Disney parks, hotels, holiday resorts, airplanes, electricity, TAXES, schools and other things that complete the full package, then you need money in order to live a good life.

And you need a lot of money (what “a lot” is depends on your perspective, of course).

How much do you need? I say you need at least $5000 monthly to live a good, modern life. That’s $60,000 per year. You are not poor, you are not obscenenly rich, yet you can afford most of the pleasures that life offers.

(I’d be happy to hear what you think is a good monthly income in the Western world…)

But the actual key to happiness is not only HOW MUCH money you are earning, but HOW are you earning it.

The power of the Internet allows you to earn money effortlessly. It’s passive income, and money just keeps coming in day after day, even of you don’t do anything about your websites for awhile.

That is the real freedom: not only financial freedom, but also personal freedom.

Additional factors that make you happy

Of course, other factors also make you happy but, in my opinion, they all are less important than, or are consequences of, the three pillars of happiness discussed above.

The first of those is to be loved. I mean by a partner; whether you are straight or gay doesn’t matter.

As long as you have a special soulmate, a boyfriend, a girlfriend, a husband or a wife who loves you and whom you love, then you are adding to your happiness.

But know that before someone loves you, you must love and like yourself. How much you are able to like and appreciate yourself is how much someone else will be able to like and appreciate you.

And that’s why I believe that doing what you love, making people happy and earning good income precede being loved by someone.

Because the first three pillars WILL make you happy, and that way, you will automatically attract into your life partners who will love and enjoy your happiness, and make you even happier.

Another thing that makes you happy is health. It is, of course, the most important pillar of happiness.

No way can you be really happy if you have cancer and you know your life is going to end soon.

But I assume that because you are reading this your health is okay right now (or at least not too bad), that you are interested in learning how to become finacially free, and that you are not worried too much about your health.

But still think about it, and don’t let junk food and lack of movement spoil the happiness of earning money and being financially free by causing you to become sick.

In summary

Many big and small things make us happy. If your main goal is to earn money and you think that will make you happy, think about it some more.

Money, in my opinion, makes one third of happiness and, unless you do what you are passionate about (what your purpose is) and receive appreciation from other people for what you do, money will not make you happy.

Once you combine all three of these factors, many other things will automatically fall into place, and your life will become a joyous adventure.

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  1. Something about your writing is great, I think it is the honesty. I always enjoy reading these kind of posts from you, good work!


  2. Hi Tomaz,

    thank you for your great, great recommendation. I’m glad you have dropped by my blog and introduced yourself.

    I feel like I have found a friend who understands what I feel. Your articles is preaching exactly the same stuff in my article about “Can Money Buy Happiness”.

    Nice to meet you.


    Tomaz Reply:

    Thanks Lawrence,

    It’s rare to find such a quality content as yours these days on the net…


  3. This post explains why I was put on mental disability by my physician. As an artist, I tried to “straighten up and fly right.” I thought I was doing what it took to be happy (being a starving artist did not make me happy so I thought making money would). Then one day, I woke up in the middle of the night and I couldn’t feel my face, and my heart was beating out of my chest. So weird. The online world is a great place for artists. You set your own hours, and creativity is rewarded with actual money direct to you! There are some rich artists, but more unhappy poor ones than I could name. All friends and ex-boyfriends of mine. lol And so many more working day jobs leading lives of “quite desperation.” Your post is so on the nose. It is what I have thought about so often since it was suggested (without the option of declining) that I leave my job. What a gift! It is so nice that I get to write stuff for people, and they find it useful. Something so simple like writing a thank you note. I don’t even make that much money yet, and I’m already happier. Wait until I go for 3 out of 3. I’ll never get prescribed medication again. (I don’t take it anyway. lol) You are an inspiration, Tomaz!
    Your “crazy” fan,


    Tomaz Reply:

    Hey Christy,

    Thanks for sharing your story.

    And that’s a nice goal you mention – 3 out of 3. We should all keep that in mind…


  4. Tomaz, thanks for sharing these ideas about money and happiness. Makes wonderful sense to me. Lawrence Cheok introduced me to your blog with his Reccommended Reads for 27 Dec 2007.


    Tomaz Reply:

    Hi Patricia,

    Thanks for stopping by. Your blog has tons of great content so I’ll check some of the articles later.

    Right now it’s 23.50… ZZzzzzzz…. 😉


  5. I linked this article of yours in my blog. Great article. Visit my blog also as I share my ideas on my own journey towards financial freedom.


  6. I think a good income in the western world is $10k a month. A nice number that allows you to save and invest and even give to your favorite non-profit.

    You’ll even have enough left over to buy a current model Honda Accord, a decent home in the midwest or south parts of the U.S and go skiing up North once a year.


  7. Hey Tomaz,
    Just wanted to say thank you for this article and everything else you’ve written as well. I really agree that money is only one part of the equation, and I have discovered something that I love building websites, which makes me just as happy.
    Thanks again.


    Tomaz Reply:

    Thanks, Conor!

    I’ve noticed two extremes when talking about money with people; either they see something bad about it (rich bastard) and then block themselves consciously and subconsciously from earning more or they are crazily obsessed and try to improve their low self-esteem through accumulating more and more money which of course doesn’t work and they still feel the deep hole inside of them.

    I am trying to find a healthy view on the money; that it’s not a bad thing, that money can buy some things that really do improve the quality of life (like my new 50” plasma tv 😉 ) but that it cannot solve your life’s problems and it definitely cannot fulfill you with that internal happiness feeling that we get when we do something well and of course serve other people.


  8. Hi Tomaz, great post. I think 80K would make me very comfortable, and not feel so stressed out. Right now my day job earns me 65K a year, and I don’t feel like I am living that well. I do live in Toronto, which is a more expensive center.

    I see that you are like Ken in that you strive to do more with yourself. You already have 3 websites. You probably could have stopped at 2. Thanks for pointing out what you think is important in life.


  9. Totally agree Tomaz, a students dad phoned me today to say ‘thanks’, the feeling of appreciation and need..,for me.. its all in the stomach, butterflies and ‘ahhh, my pleasure’

    got 2 out of 3 so far.

    So, Tomaz, ‘thanks’, totally appreciate your work here!
    Did you feel it?..lol


  10. Absolutely agree on everything said.
    I am a lawyer, love my job, but I became obsessed with site building. Sometimes I think I could spend days behind my computer. I just hope that one day I will be able to quit my job for one reason only – to do what I really fell in love with – thanks to SBI!

    As far as money is concerned, we from countries like Croatia (I am from Zagreb) and Slovenia need far less to quit our daily jobs, then our friends from Western countries, and that is our biggest advantage concerning internet marketing.

    Love your posts, and if you ever come to Zagreb…
    Maybe some day we could arrange some SBI meeting there..Who knows!

    See ya!


  11. Nice to hear that there are SBIers in Croatia too! All the best with your SBI adventure, Irena.



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