Why You’re Stuck And How To Get Things Moving Again

Why You’re Stuck And How To Get Things Moving Again

Posted by on Jun 18, 2012 in Productivity Tips

Why You’re Stuck And How To Get Things Moving Again

Being StuckEver found yourself stuck in a situation regarding your online business or some other endeavor, where you were stuck and couldn’t move forward?

Did you keep postponing the thing that had to be done, while some other tasks were moving forward with no problems?

For example, I got stuck with a logo design once. I was ready with the content and general design of the site, and yet I still didn’t get the logo done.

Once a small lever was broken in my bathroom; it was the one that changed the bathtub faucet into a shower.

At first I wasn’t really aware of what was going on, but eventually I realized what the reason was. I had to use the pliers to switch between the faucet and the shower head, and even though that was a pain, I still didn’t fix the problem for quite a while.

Why We Get Stuck

In the first case I had a website designer, but she wasn’t really a logo designer. I knew I could get a logo done on freelancer.com, but I didn’t like the fact the even if I didn’t like the logo, I’d probably have to pay.

So I wanted to get my logo done, but I didn’t know the exact path I should take to get it. And somewhere deep inside, I knew (really?) that finding the right way would take a lot of time and effort.

And on some level I was avoiding that.

The same goes for that small lever in my bathtub. I couldn’t fix it myself, and I didn’t know exactly how to fix it, or what things I had to buy to fix it.

And calling a plumber for just that small lever seemed like too much trouble. So I was stuck again, and things didn’t move forward.

So if you see that in some area of your business (or even your regular daily life) things are not improving or not moving forward, check with yourself to see whether it’s the NOT KNOWING THE RIGHT PATH TO THE SOLUTION that’s holding you back.

And of course, we know that finding the path takes time and effort – which we unconsciously or consciously avoid.

Once you become aware of that, half the battle is won.

Now you can actually make a conscious choice about what to do. You realize that if you don’t do anything, your problem will stay with you indefinitely.

And that thought usually has enough power to move you off your butt and make you do something.

Ask And You Shall Receive

I was once interviewed about my journey online, and one of the questions was: What would you do differently if you started again and you had some knowledge about how this business works?

I said that I would ask more questions. I wouldn’t try to figure out everything by myself.

Asking questions saves you time and effortβ€”so much so that I can’t really put it into numbers.

Just a five-minute talk with someone who knows their stuff can save you 100 hours of time and hundreds of dollars.

I recently saw a video of my friend Goran’s website:

It seemed really cool, so I asked him to write something about how he got that video made, as I didn’t really know how to have such a cool video created.

Here’s what he said:

Just recently I wanted to have an introduction video for my new site BrokersWiki.com, which is helping visitors to find the best broker for their needs, regardless of whether they would like to trade stocks, options, or Forex, whether they are passive investors or active traders, etc.

BrokersWiki is the largest database of brokers in the world, and includes online broker reviews, ratings, and comparisons.

I went on Fiverr.com and started to search for ‘video promotion’. I sorted the results by rating to print the best-rated results at the top of the list. Then I checked a few gigs that looked promising, and finally found what I was looking for.

Somebody on Fiverr is providing video promotions on standardized templates; you only have to select the template, and provide a high-quality logo image and some unique text which is embedded in the video.

The good thing with standardized templates is that you know exactly what you will get, while the main disadvantage is that one can find the same video type on many pages; but hey, there are millions of websites out there.

After I ordered the gig and provided all the required inputs, it took the gig provider less than 24 hours to deliver the video in HD format, and ready for upload on YouTube. The cost of the gig was only $5.

Although I have some knowledge about recording and editing videos, there is no way I could have completed this task in such a short amount of time, for such a low cost and in such great quality.

Check it yourself:Β http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y6PcWkW0VL8

Don’t forget to click the LIKE button if you find the video interesting.

I would never have thought that such a cool video could be mine for $5!

And all I had to do is ask.

Sure, not everyone will answer, but in my experience, MOST people actually like to be helpful. If you’re respectful of their time, don’t waste their time by explaining your whole life story, and have short concise questions to ask, then you’re very likely to get the answers.


A very likely reason why you’re stuck on some task is because you don’t know EXACTLY what steps you have to take to solve the problem.

At some level, you know that finding the solution will take time and effort – and so you avoid it. (In reality, you’re probably wrong and it will take less time and effort than you thought!)

But the problem remains, of course, and keeps adding that extra little stress and annoyance to your state of mind.

The solution may not be as difficult as you think. I suggest you simply find someone who has solved that problem and ask him HOW (s)he did it.

You’re very likely to get an answer that will save you tons of time and money in the process.

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  1. Great post Tomaz. This is exactly what I have been experiencing lately with my website. I’ve been delaying working on it and I know what needs to be done as I can visually “see” how my website is supposed to be but I just can’t figure out the steps necessary to get there. This just delays the decision further so I think it’s sometimes best to act first, think later. If it doesn’t work out, change it on the go.

    Anyway I love that you keep posting even though your already financially free and have succeeded with SBI. I have a long way to go but you give me hope. Its just a question of how long it will take for me to get there…

    Hope Slovenia is treating you well.




    Tomaz Reply:

    Hey Sve,

    What’s also critically important to keep moving forward is having tasks that are manageable. Which means you need to break down bigger projects into smaller tasks.

    We often postpone starting big projects because we see how much effort it will take and if you’re not super motivated (meaning having little income and being responsible for kids for example), then you’ll be too comfortable to engage in such massive project that you see before you.

    But if you break it down into very small parts, you’ll see that each can be done.

    I actually have a sticky paper on my external hard drive on the desk that says:“Break it down.” πŸ˜‰ It keeps reminding me to do that with everything I plan to do…


    Sve Reply:


    That is such a great idea Tomaz. Ive thought of this but It’s funny I haven’t implemented this before. I actually work in project management and this is exactly what we do. I might even consider creating a high level schedule in Microsoft Project to track all the tasks.

    One of my other issues is that I find I don’t have enough time to work on my website after work. I have maybe 1-2 hours at most each day. I’m always trying to create more time but it never feels like enough.


  2. Hi Tomaz,

    Great post and very timely – I might say. Especially for website owners who are dealing Google Penguin, which came on the heels of Panda.

    I’m going to take your advice and keep a note that reminds me to “break it down” because I tend to look at projects from the “big picture” point of view and often feel overswhelmed……then I get stuck and nothing gets done πŸ™

    Thanks again,


  3. Tomaz, Great post! I’ve been treading your posts for a few years now and your thoughts make so much sense sometimes, you scare me; as if you’ve been watching me and know what challenges I face. I imagine there are many other readers who feel the same.

    Not knowing the right path paralyzes me from taking action on many different levels. Also finding out what to do from someone else who has already gotten the desired results we are looking for make obvious sense.

    Many of us are reluctant to do so even though it will save us our most precious commodity which is time.

    Great advice. Thanks, Keep it going!


  4. Timely post, Tomaz.

    With Google’s recent algorithm changes affecting a lot of niche site owners, I am sure a lot of them have given up on the “IM dream”.
    How have your sites been affected by G’s updates and are you exploring other traffic sources?

    Best wishes.


  5. Hi Tomaz,

    Yes, quite curious as how you are doing with your SBI sites nowadays because I have been following your blog for years. My product review sites have gone down the drain and I am spending money on 1 on 1 coaching. So in a way, I refuse to get stuck and wants to move forward, even though I am paying a heavy price to reach my dreams now.


  6. I sold most of my product review sites and just working with my vacuum site. Looking for ways to rank better in Google…

    My long term plan is to create more tennis products which I can sell in many different ways…


    Sve Reply:

    @Tomaz, Tomaz, are you saying not to build anymore product review sites? Why did you sell them?

    Have panda and penguin made it more difficult to suceed this way?


    Tomaz Reply:

    Well, you can build them but if you do, I suggest you actually test the products or even better, find an expert who knows something about those products and pay him for the reviews.

    That can work in the long term, everything else is just a temporary thing.

    Panda and Penguin have nothing to do (in my opinion) with the theme of the website, rather they have to do with how to webmaster manages the site.


  7. Thanks Tomaz,

    Do you have an article or guide on how you create real product review sites? Are the manufactures usually willing to give you their product for free or do you have to put Hesse them yourself?

    I’m interested In creating a product review site on the future and would appreciate any insight.


  8. Tomaz,
    I just wanted to write that your post made me laugh out loud, the part about not fixing the spout and just using pliers instead. I’m doing that right now! Every day I look at and think I SHOULD call someone to fix it but it’s just such a hassle for something so small. Well your post started me thinking… small rolls into big.

    a little work every day chips away marble into beautiful statues. More work on your site, no matter how small daily, builds it out.

    Thanks for the motivation. I thought I was the only one who would do that with pliers for months rather than call someone. Now back to “wrenching’ on my site. πŸ™‚

    ps – I enjoy your posts. I actually have a page printed out of a bunch of tips of yours I compiled from TnT articles, stuff I found on this site and note from reading your tennis and vacuum sites. Thanks for being a role model. And for fixing your shower.


    Tomaz Reply:

    Yeah, we all have to deal with life’s curve balls. As for shower, I asked my friend to fix it and do some other technical things at my place and in return I taught a few tennis lessons to his kid.

    Simple value exchange – we should do it more. It’s a win-win. And no tax has to be paid. πŸ˜‰


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