Worried About the Competition Online?

Posted by on May 4, 2008 in Blogging advice

I recently chatted with a friend through Gmail, and she was slightly worried.

She was building a site in a certain niche and found out that other people were building their sites on the same concept. She used SBI and actually found a couple of SBI-ers building their site in the exact same niche.

Should I continue? Do I stand a chance now that even someone using an SBI system is going for this niche?

Here’s my answer: When I bought Andy Williams’ niche blueprint on vacuums, there were eventually 100 sold.

Where are they? Where are these sites?

I also bought a juicer niche and made a smaller site for my girlfriend. It ranks in the top three in Google for many in-demand keywords in the juicer niche.

There were also 100 juicer niche blueprints sold. Where are these sites? I can’t find them on the first three pages of Google…

That’s the thing with people, they just don’t stick to something until it’s done. This is especially true when it comes to making money online.

People are greedy, impatient, and have no real working discipline.

If they were focused, disciplined, followed a system, and were patient, they would be successful OFFLINE TOO!

Maybe not at the same level as the internet allows you (since it works for you even when you are asleep), but successful enough not to be in debt or have financial problems.

But this is rarely the case (in my humble opinion) when it comes to making money online.

So 90% of your competition will not be disciplined enough to follow the process through, will eventually jump on some other GRQ idea, and their site will never become an authority site.

They’ll earn $3 per day and then they’ll say: “Bah, this doesn’t work, let me try something else…”

The point is this: Suceeding online or offline has very little to do with your niche or the system you use. It’s all about YOU.

Google really doesn’t like to place newly registered sites high in the rankings, and it will take more than nine months (probably more than a year) before you see some nice income.

Stick to your plan, put your blinders on, and invest everything you’ve got into your project for a year.

You’ll also gain tons of experience and, even if this project is really not a winner making $100 per day, you’ll know how to make one with your next site.

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  1. Your right Tomaz,

    Many people buy products and don’t follow through
    enough or they have been taught the wrong mindset,
    about what it takes to succeed.

    Competition is becoming less and less, because it takes real work and quality to succeed now.

    I found the juicer site, looks very good, like how the adsense and Chitika are combined.



  2. I Agree with you Jeremy, Competition is becoming less and less….


  3. Tomaz,

    I also found the juicer site. Excellent job! What program/software do you use for your website creation? I’m a current SBI owner, but want to upgrade to a better type of software. Hopefully a free or relatively cheap one.



  4. Hi Tomaz, some great advice here. I realize you worked hard and consequently do well with your vacuum site. What about the juicer site, do you earn similar amounts to the vacuum site or have you found that some sites you come across are simply $5 per day sites for example?


  5. Hi Jaime,

    There is a lot less demand for juicers than for vacuum cleaners AND my main competitors are both listed in DMOZ and are quite old sites so I cannot beat them in the short term.

    The juicer site earns about $20 per day. I learned that if you want to build a successful site, you need to tap into a niche with LOTS of demand.


  6. Hi Allen,

    I use SBI too, but I had the template outsourced for $100. Good deal, ha? 😉

    Not sure if you can find a better software than SBI… What are your needs?


  7. Tomaz,

    Template outsourced huh, nice idea. Did you use the “SBI Template Design” site you list in your blogroll?

    Are you able to edit that template using the SBI “block style” site builder, or do you use a separate html writer?

    If you use a separate html writer, which would you recommend for someone making the transition away from SBI “block style” building?

    Also, in reference to your answer to Jaime . . . what would you consider to be “LOTS of demand” in a niche . . . 500 to 1000 visitors a day?

    Thanks for the advice!


  8. Hi Allen,

    I’ve been using frontpage 2003 for many years,
    I just buy a template and outsource the header
    or I make a simple one myself.

    A free editor is nvu.com and free ftp
    is smartftp.com

    Templates from http://www.goldenpinecone.com/



  9. @Allen: Yes, I used the main SBI template from AJ and had it modified slightly.

    For editing I use a simple Notetab editor (Google for it).

    Lots of demand? The combined searches for your niche in Wordtracker should be over 6000.


  10. Are you talking of Tifanny in your article.
    We both SBiers and i have been trying to contact her,maybe she’s scared of taking to the competition cos she neva replies.
    Well you right.There is enough space for everyone o make so much money.Long Tail principle


  11. It’s not the number of competitors, its the number of worthy competitors that know what they are doing.


  12. I couldn’t agree more. When you write blogs or build websites you are usually doing it to provide useful information for the reader.

    You also want to make money – who doesn’t?

    Most people however, give up too early because they feel they’re never going to achieve what they are working on doing and therefore leaves room for you if you put in the effort required.

    You may wonder how much effort IS required and only you can honestly answer that question.

    Do whatever it takes and learn from your mistakes and never give up. After all, failure is one way to success in anything in life.


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